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me and my wii

Its 10 in the morn here on the east side of the U.S. and as everyday goes by my Wii collects more and more dust. I find myself tiring of old content with a new coat of paint on them. I mean i gave smash bros. a great review, and it is great. Although now i find myself not wanting to play that or mario kart, and i haven't even completed mario kart yet. I just feel as if Nintendo is cashing in on it's big franchises without making any significant changes. I mean bringing in the old tracks was cool, but shouldn't we be able to get those along with a "complete" set of new tracks. I would pay for those old tracks like i did for the revamped version of lockout for halo, but it seems like Nintendo is wanting to innovate is would do more than just make everything compliant with the Wii remote and nunchuck. If we all can remember games like mortal kombat keep their same basis, but change up the gameplay to make it a complete new game. The latest burnout series also gave us a new way to play burnout. I just feel like people sometimes give up on original content because there are so many games, but really some of the best selling games are original. I mean Army of Two sold quite a bit, and so did Assassin's creed

upcoming releases

so im wondering with the upcoming release of mario kart wii and GTA 4 all in the same week, who will make more biz? i can see that mario kart will make tons of money off of casual gamers, kids, and mario fanboys, but then i see that GTA 4 is on two systems and has an enormous fanbase, even casual gamers love to just jump in the city and start killing random people. As for me im going with nintendo on this. Ive never been a big GTA fan. I loved three, but i just felt that the action did not have a lot of depth to it. I felt like i had a bunch of games thrown into one huge mess. I have always been a Mario Kart fan and for some odd reason i just can't seem to get enough of it. However my favorite "open" game such as GTA will always be True Crime: Streets of LA. I always admired how the cars drove fast and the action was faster. It didn't bother me about the out of this world storyline, (spoiler alert) i think its great to be able to take two handguns and shoot a dragon under the streets of LA.