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Always Sunny

Been away for awhile.

Nothing new to report... of any intrest really... What about you then eh?

Peace out.


Is it bad if you wake up with your hand down your undies? I mean, not all fully in there but kinda Ted Bundy style. Ya know, the four fingers in, the thumb out type submersion....... Just wondering.... is all..... OTHER THEN THAT lil tid bit, uh, nothing to report >.> Other then TF2 updates for pc!!! Kinda old news but still worth a mention. :D

School is so cool ._.

Just finished registering for fall semester and WHOA!!! Taking nothing but english courses... I can feel my head expanding and threatening to explode with all the wordy information I'm about to receive... Spelling skills dont seem to be improving any..... hmmmm...... me thinks me have a problem.... DOES ANYONE EVEN READ THIS?!