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Team Fortress 2

Hey guys long time since i blogged on here I've been pluged into my Orange box nearly all March break DMC 4 and Oblivon will have to wait cuase im having to much fun Scouting if anyone wants to take me on in the PS3 version of the Orange Box the name is HeirtoHell perpare to be BONKED

Yep im still breathing here

Ya im alive over here just haven't been able you get online my internet craped out on me just when i need it the most :evil: :arrow: Anyway i finnaly got a PS3 took me long enough :P see i knew Walmart was put on this earth for a reason the games im playing to date are Resistance FoM * total shotgun ownage* and Oblivion * i have now contracted RPG ADD * . The game im still waiting on are Valkyie Profile for the PS I never sould have sold it :cry: and Zone of the Enders Second Runner awsome mech game anyway that about as up to date of my life as i can share in 5 minutes later gamespot

Rock ON 


Oh for Christ sake!

Hey guys im kinda annoyed cuase i've just been deined a PS3 for ..i think it the 4th time.. damn best buy ....and  lv 20 is making me mad i get on today and i right there jesus christ if your gonna throw me into helll don't stick me at 99% while your doing it! that just rude ..anyway the hunt continues for my Ps3 i will have it ..but it really sucks that all of the amazing Sony exclusive like Katamari damacy and Assassin's creed (so want that game)  are going to be on the Xbox 360 when their ps3 exclusive  am i the only person that finds somthing wrong with that picture? Sony better shape up if they want to have a chance in this gen's console war.   Later guys

Abadox Inpossible

Hey Gspot community I just need to scream to the internet how inpossible this game Abadox for the NES freakin is its my way of fenting ..if you haven't heared of it good that good for you great cuase you do not want to play it you can't even touch the floor of else your dead ! if you already know of it and have it get rid of it now this game will kill you if any oh you out there know how to beat this game (no cheats) or just what to throw me a sypathetic comment you can go right ahead.   later guys and girls                                                                       

What would you sell?...

Sony really shot themselves in the foot with the PS3 but with supior graphics and an awsome game line up right around the corner sony might just hold its own in this generation oh the console wars but with the PS3 cost of $ 600 what would you sell to buy it?.......                                                                                                                                                                                 

Grimm Playground Issue 0 : Dark Genesis

God i love wordplay..

Hey guys i've come up with this concept while on cold medicine (it make people think in mysteious ways) Im gonna review whats new in the gaming world and mock it till i feel goodand satisfide about it this will be in text untill i get a webcam that acctually WORKS!! 

Dark Genesis:

...In the beggining there was Pong and for a time it was good then there was LoZ OoT and for a time it was awsome.. As the dawn rose the new systems began to emerge.. PS3 ,Wii and Xbox360 ...theennn they tottaly failed now wittness their failure..

Coming Soon ...i think



thx for the 1000 hits

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Thanks Guys and Girls  for the hit on my profile i feeel so warm and fuzzy inside and i about to go through the lv 15 glitch yah Later guys and once again thanks for for the hits     I also made a Sig Yahness ^^

Favorite & most Hated game in my collection

I'd thought i'd do somthing fun a put up my most favorite game that know on knows exests and my most hated game of all time.

Most favorite game : Kolibri

A odd shot em up that doesn't really make much sense i bought it by accendent really but i love it ^^ .. its for the Sega Gen if any of you wnat to know  i have no idea why i like it i just do leave me alone.

And my most hated game of all time:


Taking a leaf outta Mark Masoumi's book Abadox with its inpossible gameplay that i have yet to beat it ..10 years and i've only gotten to the 2 1/2 of the second stage and then its inpossible  ....i hate it till death anyone says its great i will hunt you down and gut you like a pig...

Thats all Bye ^^


New Icon Profile Glory

 Ok this is my new icon for my ever growing profile now and my profile has almost reached 1000 veiws  .. ^_^  later guys

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