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Play moar board games

So this is made for people who just overlook board games now because it just doesn't seem fun... SHAME ON YOU!

Descent: Journey in the Darkness

This game is probably mostly compared to a quick and easy version of D&D if you want to get really basic, however it is quite fun. Basically you have the Dungeon Master who of course like DD kind of leads you along your story, which can be different each time you play. You have tiles that make up the board and monsters that lurk in the darkness. Goal of the game? Get whatever the hell you are getting in the dungeon before some insanely powerful monster makes you into its next lunch. As the DM your role it to make every one elses life a living hell. Spawn monsters, then spawn more monsters, play trap cards, and spawn more monsters to make it seem like the odds are near impossible. Pretty fun game for those looking into a dungeon crawler boardgame with friends :p


This is probably one of the more complicated games in my recent history of games, it is basically an adult version of clue where you are trying to convict your suspect while at the same time make another suspect innocent. Everyone gets their own suspect as you try to unravel to mysteries of the murder and screwing over the other detectives that feel it is their suspects that are guilty/innocent. A lot of rules but one you understand it it is one of my favorite games out there, just have to have other people that understand which is a downside.

Last Night on Earth

Okay switching it up now, this is a really easy game to understand and can be played within an hour or two. It is zombies versus humans, sounds great already huh? 1-2 players play as the zombies while 2-4 players play as the humans. You pretty much have to run around killing zombies and getting things done before you leave the town. Whether it is running around looking for gas tanks to fill up the broken down truck or saving the important town folks, the game can be a lot of fun and because of its short game times and accessibility this game is a must in my collection.

Arkham Horror

Based off of Lovecraft's stories, this game puts you and 8 friends up against probably the worst odds you could ever have in a game. You play against the board in what could be countless hours of teamwork. Why do I love it so much? Because of how ridiculous this game can get. You could literly be screwed from the first card you draw and still manage against all odds to beat the game. Or the game could be over in a matter of turns if you keeps getting the wrong cards. My win ratio is probably looking around 6 wins and about 18 loses, however everyone has enjoyed this game no matter the outcome.

The flavor text of the cards really make the game what is it, receiving card like "You walk into the grocery store and there is a surprising amount of fish, you will need to make a horror to check to see if you stay in the store" bring many laughs around the table as you read it out loud. Or perhaps you rolled a Astronomer as a character then you draw the card "You gaze into the sky and you witness there are two moons, loose two sanity" just don't make any sense but it doesn't need to because you are seriously laughing at your current situation. Anyway Arkham Horror is really hard to describe how fun it is unless you are actually playing the game, if you ever try any board game though make sure this is at the top of your list.


Setting up a new tank!

So I am setting up a new saltwater fish tank. This is my very first fish tank ever and I decided to go for a really nice saltwater tank. I have decided to start small with a 20gallon long tank to see if I could get things going first. Been two weeks of letting the water settle and the salt displaced evenly throughout the tank. The other day girlfriend and I went out to the pet store to get out eco system started. To get a tank started you have to purchase what is called live rocks. Now everything so far was pretty cheap... tank 25$, filter 40$, salt 30$, substrait 35$. Then these damn live rocks... so for a 20gallon tank you need 10-15lbs of live rock. Little did we know that these rocks are about 15$ per pound! Well we are a little poorer but damn does the tank look good now. We have to let everything set for awhile before we add anything. Anyway we are very excited to add fish and coral soon. I will take pictures once it is all finished.

We are also working on a vivarium which is a project that will take many months to do. I will post many of that project because it is going in a huge 75gallon tank that we are converting. At the end it will have frogs and gold fish though.

I need to get out of Kansas!

I am quite tired of where I live, there is really nothing that ever happens here that interests me. I feel like I'm surrounded by people I despise. The rich people that through there money around at me like I owe them something because they have more money then me, the hicks that have 8 cars in their driveway because they are working on all of them, and old people who refuse to listen to what I have to say at work.

I don't really fit into any scene around here, mainly because the scene I am apart of is the industrial scene but no one is really into it in Kansas City. We are lucky to get two concerts a year the interest me, and when I go the shows are barren and never packed. I see pictures of shows in Denver, Vancouver, Seattle and their shows are packed beyond belief and it is just so much more intense! I want that but can't get that in Kansas City.

I also dress with shiny buckle/zipper pants, where creepers for shoes, and always change my hair style. What do I get for being myself in a place where you don't see people like this? Get people poking fun, and cracking jokes. I usually go along with it and say something like "I'm comfortable wearing whatever I please" but I am generally tired of it.

Only a couple more years until I am done with college then I can move...