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The Key to Bethesda's Success

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After playing the newest installment in the Elder Scrolls series, I find myself asking a complex, yet simple, question.


How does Bethesda take an amazing game, pound it full of new stuff, and turn into the next Game of the Year. Of course, every company has their disappointments. (I'm looking at you Fallout: New Vegas) In fact, I don't think I've spent more time playing games from any other company. Ubisoft, I still love you.

After asking the question, I become distracted with a new quest/mission. Finally, it hit me harder than a Daedric Sword to the face.


All classic Bethesda RPG's have a choice practically every other minute. Where do I go? Whose side am I on? Should I NUKE this city for no reason what-so-freaking-ever? Hell, usually the main story line is the least of your concerns. Your too busy killing a dragon or getting rid of those pesky coyotes with sticks of dynamite. And these choices are more fun than stabbing a troll in the face, unless of of course, that's what your already doing.

A Review On First-Person Shooters

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Why do we torture ourselves with these things?I mean come on,giveme a break I'm over here trying to beat Modern Warfare 2 and all of the sudden you rich jerks come out with another huge blockbuster,BlackOps.I have an opinion on FPS's and it is,"They are way too addicting."When you are in first person view it's almost like you're really fighting on the frontlines of Afganistan,or assasinating some randomVC.HDsound effects andplasma TV's help too.

First they get you with awesome graphics or intense firefights,then comes the story mode which always seems to have some sort of twist ending,finally they package it up with multiplayer meaning you can take out all the anger that you've stored up on your friends/crappy neighbors.I myself am waiting on the next Call of Duty.

Thank God For Nonrealistic Video Games And The Nerds Who Make Them!!!

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I just killed a giant eyeball with my charge beam!

Monkeys are purple god dangit!

Master Chief just lifted a tank of my stomach!

I think we can all agree why games like HALO,METROID,or ZELDA are instant favorites.Because there is no way that any of them could be real!Take for instance Link from ZELDA.So the guy runs around the world breaking people's stuff looking for Rupees!Yet,that didn't stop people from enjoying it.Take Master Chief from HALO.He can lift a tank off you with his bare freaking hands!Yet,HALO is probably the most popular game franchise ever.Take Samus Aran from METROID.All she freaking did was kill aliens and regenerate her sheild every five seconds!Yet,the people who designed the game are billionaires.

The point of the matter is not a lot of people line up outside of stores at three in the morning to buy the new SIMS.If you haven't noticed this blog sounds a lot like I'm ranting on nonrealistic games.I'm not.I'm applauding the creative minds who make them!What would the world be like if there wasn't any nerds?For one we wouldn't have Ipods,Xboxes,PS3s,TV,Dungeons&Dragons.(Actually I could live without D&D)

Anyway,if I had a million dollars for every time realistic games got a 10/10 on their game reviews I would be extremely broke.I'm not saying realistic games are terrible.I'm just saying nonrealistic games are actually worth buying.If you were able to jump 50 feet in the air or fly on nothing but electricity you wouldn't be playing video games,but you can't so you are.