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Leaving gamespot.

Well I recently Joined HCunion.com since I have more time now. I always told SentialRV (sorry about spelling 8 am) I would "help" with the union I can do that now so I am supporting this site and posting the hell out of everything. Goodbye peoples see you on Games.

GTA 4 - Referance - Jack Thompson - HOPEFULLY NOT REMOVED

Reference that Jack Thompson is in GTA 4 and will sue unless removed (This is an assasination misson which is LMFAO worthy)

On 18 September 2007, Jack Thompson filed a document[52] with a federal court in Florida that claims that the assassination target of a mission in GTA IV is a lawyer character based upon himself. When the main protagonist enters his office and pulls a gun on him, the lawyer yells "Guns don't kill people! Video games do!" . Thompson has threatened that unless the similarities to himself are removed from the game he will "take necessary and proper means to stop release of the game

WTF Crysis

Supouse to be the best game in the universe but people have to spend 10,000 to play it at its best really WTF aswell the bad comments from gamespot are jokes! seriously this game (besides Half-life) is the grail of shooters.

Halo 3

I would Have to say halo 3 is going to be beyond halo 2 it is going to kick all!

(except Half-life because half-life all ready did it in 1998)

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