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Zatch bell?

I'm a huge fan of Zatch bell and I'm looking for a good ZB game to complete my obesion. I've look at my options, Mamodo battles, Mamodo fury, and electric arena. Electric arena was soon elemanatied but not it's sequal, If i can find electric arena2 (it's only in japan) I'll definatly get it but I can't find it! So that just leaves battles and fury. Mamodo battles looks like its a much better built game but with much less content and vice versa. So what should I do? if you have any segestions please let me know!

The longest wii games

Here is a list of the longest games I have ever played.(keep in mind that I am mostly judging these by story mode)

Fourth place goes to Super Smash Bros. Brawl because it has a average story mode and LOTS(!!!!!!!1!!!) of unlockable content.

third place goes to Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3. It to has an average story mode ( maybe a little longer then SSBB?) but it has more modes and things to do with plenty of unlockables to keep you entertained for years to come.

Second place goes to Okami ( This game is long!) with about 40-60 hours to beat with tons of bosses, lodes of areas, heaps of unlockables, and 30 save files!

FIRST PLACE goes toooooo (insert dramatic drum roll here) The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess. Why do you ask? It's simmple! This game takes 60-90 hours to beat! (maybe a little more) Not only because of the time to beat the story but because there is a hole humongous world out there to explore.

( this was NOT rateing the best game but the longest)

This concludes the longest wii game contest! Please keep reading my blog posts!


The Downloadable game Aether from Armor games is pretty good except on the red planet. To clear it you need to swing from all the crystals quickly. But you can't get out of the pit that you have to fall in to clear the planet!