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My thoughts on the MGS4 demo.

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I just came back from playing the MGS4 demo. I am not a fanatic about MGS because i find action too scarse. Also, i find MGS's speed too Toyota Prius against say, Battlefield Bad company's BMW M3, or Syphon Filter's Vovlvo S60R. (Little car talk for ya, dont ask) But after playing the MGS4 demo, i am impressed, but not enough for me to go out and rent it. (Besides, im too busy playing Midnight Club LA, more on that later)

Another reason why i also did not like MGS was because of it's story. You needed a PhD in order to understand every goddamn thing they refrence. But in the time i played the MGS4 demo, i found the story easy to understand.

The graphics were well done, and there are explodable enviroments, but not enough to match Bad Company's Frostbite engine in my opinion.

I found the soudn to be slightly above-average, but i found Otacon's voice too creepy (He sounds like a stalker) and Snake's WAAAAAAY too gruffy.

Of course, there is MGS well known sense of crude humour. (Remember the guy taking a crap in the barrel in the TGS '07 trailer? That was as funny as feck I found some in the demo. My fav was when Snake started petting some dazed fat guy, but i found out i was trying to drag him while crouching. :lol: My bad. :P

All in all, i found MGS4 very enjoyable, but after witnessing the fast pace of Bad Company and Syphon Filter's mix of action and stragey, i found MGS4 at some parts to be terribly slow.

As i said, i would talk about Midnight Club LA. Guess what? I am WHOLLY impressed, unlike MGS4. *points to MGS4* I found the car choise stellar, albeit very limited (Only 3 bikes and 4 luxury) the car customization fantastic, and online features very well done. (Rate my ride is one of my favs, you HAVE to check it out) MCLA is not only the killer app of the Midnight Club series, but it also shows that R* spent alot of time and quality into MCLA. Unlike GTA4, which was a dissipointing (To some people i know) fourth game, Midnight Club's fourth game (I dont count MC3 REMIX as a offcial game) is a home run.

Some crap you dident know about Skate It and Skate 2

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You all know that Skate it is the Wii version of the first skate, and Skate 2 being the sequel to the ones on the 360 and PS3. But here is some stuff you dident know about it. (I used Wikipedia, so dont kill me :|)

Fact 1: In both titles, mysterious diasaters (Wiki says earthquakes) rock San Vanalona, causing mass evacuations, and lets the player roam where ever he or she pleases.

Opinion on fact 1: :?

Fact 2: In Skate It, you will be able to travel to other cities later in the game.

Opinion: Ok, cool.

Fact 3: You will be able to get off your board in Skate 2.

Opinion: Thank you god!

Fact 4: A shady (Lets just call it that.) coporation called Mongo Coporation is really pissed about the amount of skaters in New San Van (What San Van will be called from now on), and sent security guards to control the situation. This will have a larger impact on the player.

Opinion: What the hell is EA doing?

Fact 5: You have much more in your arsenal when it comes to customizing your board and clothing.

Opinion: Sweet!

I hope you enjoyed this presentation.

PS: I going to be in a video! When were done filming and it is posted, i will send you the link.

I got teh Wii!

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As the title says, i got teh Wii! It was 200 bucks, but we got Super Mario Galaxy and Wii Play (And i think you know why....for the free Wiimote :P) and we havent set it up yet. Praobly in the next couple of days youll see my Wii Freind Code on my GS profile.

I tried Rock Band...

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....and i love it. I tried drums, but i sucked, so i tried singing. And i pretty much rocked. (Maybe not...) Me and my buddy Chuck (Who is a member of GS) tried Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones, The Hand that feeds by Nine Inch Nails and Go with The Flow by Queens of The Stone Age. It was fun. :D

Gran Turismo 2-Should i get it or not?

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Ok, so i am seriously thinking about gettin Gran Turismo 2 for Christmas. But, GT2 is nortorius for having some of the worst bugs in the Gran Turismo series. Lets run down the bugs that concern me the most.

*I used an old guide from IGN to write and copy the folowing, if anyone cares.*


Yes, it's true -- there's a bug in GT2 that deletes your entire car collection. It seems to have happened to a large number of GT2 fans, judging by the amount of mail we've had about it -- and it must be said that we think it's an absolutely appalling bug.

It occurs when you're racing on the Test Track, selected through the Machine Test menu. Once you've raced and saved eight top speed records, the ninth save will entirely delete your garage. The safest thing to do is obviously NOT SAVE YOUR TEST TRACK RECORDS. It doesn't mean you can't drive on the test track. You just must be very careful about saving -- and always, always, always make a backup copy of your game.

This scraes the **** outta me just thinking bout it. Why? Because, the simple fact of having the game delte your hard work and your pride and joy is shocking. If i get it, i aint gonna even TOUCH the Test track.


Although the power restrictions work correctly (for example, you can't race a 593 horsepower car in a race with a max rating of 591 horsepower), you can race the "wrong" cars in a race. For example, you can race in the '80s race or a Wagon race with any car you want, as long as it doesn't exceed the maximum power for that race. This annoyed us, since it's possible to breeze through the game with only a couple of cars. Indeed, we only bought one car for most of the game (the incredible Lancer Evo VI with all the different turbo stage tunes), and instead used the Spoon S2000 that we won by getting Gold in the B license and sundry prize cars to win virtually all of the non-manufacturer races. Why the developer didn't go the extra step and ensure that you couldn't enter the "wrong" kinds of cars in a race is beyond us. It would have made the game more challenging, and seems like yet another oversight to us.

Now, although it is fun to use the wrong car in a race, the ability to use the any car as long as it dosent EXCEED the horsepower limit is upsetting to me, because it makes the game to damn easy.

And Finally....

Something you might have noticed is that in some cases, when you buy a car and then look at it in your garage, its power often differs from the figure originally shown at the dealership. Sometimes it's an increase (for example, most of the special model Rally Cars actually have much higher power output than is stated on the manufacturers figures, although one in particular (the Daihatsu Rally Storia) loses nearly 100 horsepower when you check it in your garage (gyp!). The Golf Gti VR6 drops from 201 horsepower (quoted in the dealership) to a feeble 141 horsepower when it's in your home garage. Which is crap, considering the real thing actually bangs out 174 horsepower. There are a large number of cars that this happens to -- our recommendation is to always save your game whenever you're about to buy a new car. That way you can always go back to your saved game if the car turns out to be disappointing.

Oh boy. This one i will have to keep an eye on, because, if i bought the VW Gofl GTi VR6, i would have to fork up even MORE money to make up for the lost horsepower. And sometimes in the Gran Turismo series, money will have to saved in order to buy a car you like or the part you want.

That is the edn of this blog, read and comment about this *Lets say delimmea* of mine.

My Life and Burnout Paradise (Now with 100% more Cagney!)

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So yeah, i been wasting my time BP (What i like to call it.) I am masturing the Nakamura Rai-Jin and the Hunter Olympus, but the Rai-Jin is becoming the better car. I am also downloading alot of sogns just for Paradise. I hope to see you in Paradise City! ;)

UPDATE: I scored my first carbon car! The Jansen X12! I am so happy right now :D

UPDATE 2: Scored The Montgomery Carbon Hawker. I'm happy again. :D

UPDATE 3: Scored the Carson Carbon GT. Im ecstatic with happiness right now. :D

So, three carbon cars nailed in one day? WOW!

I was in the 24 Hours of Le Mans!

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Well, more like the 20 Minutets of Le Mans :P

I was playing GRID, and i bought a Spyker C8 and competed in it. My team, Swatch Racing, our (My) team won the GT2 division and i experienced the funnest 20 minutets in my life :)