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"doesn't even care whether there are franchises undergo modernization or what,everything is the same as it was before."

Yeah, no. 


does JRPG evolved? not too much,they retain their old recipe


I see that you have never played an RPG before. If what you said was true, then I would find no problem finding good games in my favorite subgenre, turn based JRPGs, yet there is not a single proper turn based JRPG this gen, like Final Fantasy 7-10 or Xenogears, etc. You might want to state what you mean since turn based JRPGs are pretty much dead. The only good one in the last gen was Lost Odyssey. Hell, not even modern Final Fantasy is like Final Fantasy. So, please learn what you are talking about before putting in your literal 2 cents worth next time. 

not too much,they retain their old recipe,modern franchises like Disgaea does not need modernization or casualization,because it's both modern and casual also...


Disgaea is an SRPG, and not a genre I really like much, but it shows how flat out ignorant you are when you call it casual, because it is anything but. 


please be respectful and you'll be respected in return.


I have already been severely disrespected since my favorite types of games are dead (turn based JRPGs), and my favorite VG franchises have been ruined. 

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It is called innovation. You see ideal and you work off those ideal and then someone will take you ideals and work off of that.


You say innovation, yet all I see is degradation. 

Yes, letting good ideals die is not degradation.

What is not degradation to you?

You basicly just said that every game is not as good. 

Anything that has not lowered in quality, is not degradation. If something has become inferior in time, it has degraded in quality.

Mortal Kombat 9 is just as good. Deus Ex Human Revolution brought back Deus Ex in good form. The Tales series is still wonderful. Those are a few examples of what I mean when something has not degraded. They have stayed true to form and quality. 

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[QUOTE="speedfreak48t5p"] Stop posting Seriously Anyway, Far Cry 3 is by far my favorite shooter.speedfreak48t5p

No, make me. You stop posting.  


Your FPS and TPS have ruined modern gaming. I am sick of it, and I want turn based JRPGs back, and RPGs in general. Nothing special about shooters.

I wish RPG's would die entirely and never come back. Nothing special about RPG's.

Yeah, no. RPGs have always been at the forefront of gaming and are still super popular, just not turn based JRPGs anymore. 


Know what, I just tried a shooter yesterday since it was free with PS+. Spec Ops The Line - linear and meh story like the rest of the shooters. No puzzles no exploration, linear, WHY ALWAYS THIS SAME EXACT FORMULA??????????????? WHY NOT SOMETHING DIFFERENT FOR A CHANGE?????!!! WHY THEY ALL THE SAME???! You flood the industry with these things and then you don't even try to add any depth/substance and extra stuff in them. You just put in a 4 hour campaign and multiplayer and think it's enough and expect it to sell, which they do not always do. I mean, FPS were much better in the 90s since they actually had stuff in them other than pewpew.

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You talk about games being too easy but can't be F'ed to look up the Donpachi series. You're just a troll. If you actually wanted to find interesting, hard games, you would. Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu is harder than your favorite game, and it's on the 360.


Already looked it up like 10 minutes ago. 


So it's a shmup. Oh and I do not pay attention to the console you mentioned.

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I don't think Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, or Castlevania have been ruined at all. Personally I'd rank FFXIII and FFXIII-2, RE6, and LoS very high in their respective franchises. Loved the DmC demo and Tomb Raider looks awesome so I'll certainly get those and would say that those games haven't ruined anything.Archangel3371

Does Hallway Fantasy XIII even have gameplay?

Does Final Hallway XIII even count as an RPG, at all?

Does Final Fantasy XIII series even have anything Final Fantasy-esque in it? 


Wow, you're way in the minority with your opinions on DmC and RE5 / RE6 / RE ORC. Too bad that RE has been changed into pewpew and fighting unscary stupid majini ganados las plagas or whatever the hell they're called. Oh and RE6 is completely ruined by the gross abundance of QTEs. 

DmC is made by a very mediocre dev who have never made a good video game before, and never will. Only crap like Enslaved and Heavenly Sword. 

Tomboy Raider is full of QTEs and is watered down for new gamers. 


Some people just have terrible taste, but it is just something you will most likely have to live with for the rest of your life. 

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[QUOTE="soundcellx"] Keep it up and let's see who gets banned first.JustPlainLucas

You think that moderators are not corrupt? Hell, even many police officers are corrupt. I will not care much if you guys make a martyr out of me. 


What you do not get is I will stand up for what I believe in, no matter the consequence. Bringing back quality to video gaming is far more important than having an account on a VG message board. Hell, I post this kinds of stuff on the PlayStation Blog, Capcom Unity board, etc. because I am standing up for what is right, unlike you, so that makes you the bad guy.


You sullied up my games, which is far worse. You bring current modern video game standards in quality back up first and then I will stop. 


Exactly what I'm talking about. They aren't "your" games. Gaming doesn't "belong" to you. They belong to the people. The majority of the people will determine how gaming evolves, and if people like us continue to enjoy it, then that's how the games will be. If you can't seem to adapt your frame of mind to enjoy what is good out there, that isn't our fault. All it turns you into is a hate-mongering relic of a gaming prospector. You have no influence in this forum, or the gaming world in general. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back to enjoying Tomb Raider, and I'm telling you that because I know it pisses you off.

Have fun finishing that casual game in two sittings. Too bad it doesn't present a challenge like the classic ones do. You and your QTEs, cutscenes, setpieces and linearity, oh and easy puzzles and easy platforming, I mean, games these days have to be so easy that even grandma can beat them!

Yes, gaming does not revolve around me, but it should revolve around me and the millions and millions of other people who feel the same way about gaming that I do.


And sorry, when games become inferior than before, i refuse to embrace them. Hell, just look at the JRPG genre, all shot to hell.  


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[QUOTE="soundcellx"] Every one of those franchises listed are far better than they have ever been, with the sole exception of Final Fantasy.GodModeEnabled

Splinter Cell being turned into a pewpew with no stealth

RE turned into a mindless dudebro QTE fest

DmC turned into the mess it is

Castlevania - Lords of Shadow and Mirror of Fate are not highly regarded. I miss IGAvania

Tomboy Raider - same as all current gen games. Oh and it's filled with QTEs and you can finish it in two days.

So no, none of those are nearly as good as previous ones. 




This is a list thread that will end up locked. I won't make an elaborate post in it. Google is your friend.


Actually, every thread he makes needs to be locked, because it's all the same trollish behavior.

Nope because I follow the rules.

You are the troll for rubbing it in that classic franchises are ruined and you support things like Tomb Raider being ruined, so that means you are the troll. 

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Since you are unable to enjoy today's modern games, you have to try to get everyone else to hate them too.


Millions of other people feel the same way as me. You quit trying to get everyone else to love them. 


You're a jaded gamer that needs to stay off the internet and stay in your garage playing your old antiquated game systems.


Yoshi's Island / Super Mario RPG / SMB3 / FF7 / Splinter Cell Chaos Theory / Xenogears / Donkey Kong Country trilogy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> crap like Call of Duty / Tomboy Raider / DmC / Gears / Halo / Re6 / RE5 / RE ORC and whatever popular games you new casual gamers love these days


Quit sullying up this forum.


You sullied up my games, which is far worse. You bring current modern video game standards in quality back up first and then I will stop. 

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You Again ! Just cant shake the Nostalgia huh ? Its got you, its got you real bad.Lulekani

It has nothing to do with nostalgia. It has to do with current gen games lacking quality. 


Play Final Fantasy VII and then go play Final Fantasy XIII, and then tell me it's nostalgia. FFVII is infinitely superior over FFXIII. FFXIII took like 100 steps backwards and might have forever damaged the series. 


Quality (FF7) over crap (FF13), but there are many many many more examples where that came from. One more, for now. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Conviction

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The Donpachi series is a really good example of a franchise that improved over time through modernization.

This thread is stupid though.


Never heard of it.


How about looking it up instead of making a stupid post?

How about you have valid reasons before calling anything stupid. Your posts are all stupid.


I mean, you are the one naming a series that nobody has ever heard of.