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Some People Aren't Good At Games

I am fairly sick of people who rate games poorly or say games "suck" only because they are bad at them. Just because you aren't good at a game does not constitute the game as being bad. Now if you can provide me with objective reasons as to why the game is bad and they are objective truths, then I might just agree. But when I hear people tell me that a game is bad to which I ask "why" and only recieve some mumblings about how hard it was, I feel like I'm talking to a child who doesn't want to try riding a bike for the first time because they are bad at it. Like everything being good at a game takes some effort, not everything is going to be handed to you in this world. I just don't like people who's only arguments are their subjective views. That is all.


The kinds of people I'm talking about should not become lawyers or participate in professional legal careers in any way.