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Level 20 : ( oh no!

not this level. I heard about this level, not fun to be at since it takes forever to get out of it. oh well, better enjoy it.

Who getting Galaxy?

I preorder that game, I wish I could play it as soon as I get it but my bro has to sell it with another wii to earn more money off it. Who also getting this game next week?

Crazy week in gaming

oh man. This weeks has been full of stuff. Fall break next week for me, Brawl getting delayed, Sonic for Brawl, Playable demo of Brawl showed, gamespot player ball and Gfaqs Super Smash bros Brawl board just reaching over 9000 topics.

I will make a deeper blog later, right now, IT OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!


Finally, some good on gamespot is going on. I know I will be watching TGS after getting bored with PAX.

Penny arcade expo and i got a new game

I don't want to make a long blog but i was not that happy with the penny arcade expo. oh well, maybe Tyoko Game show will be better and i got Mega man Star force Leo. I only try the first 5 min of the game so i hope it gets better and I finally finish the 100 pokemon battle in PBR. I had to pull an allnighter to do it and most of day but the end score was 1 0. Lucky me so i will see all of you guys later. goes to play Star force :P.

So bored

School is boring. Video gaming is pissing me off thanks to PBR. In baisc, not been a great week. I will make a another blog later with my though of the penny arcade game festival day 2 since I did not get to see day 1 on friday.

A day Playing Japanese PS3 Demos

As some of you already know, my brother has a Playstation 3. I gotten bored of playing the game I own and the American demo were not helping at all so I said hey, I might as well make a Japanese account to see the other side of gaming and trust me, it was like going to heaven for a day in 6 hours and back.

I made my account in Japanese (which is a pain in the ass because I can't read what it telling me and I had to follow along with my bro laptop) and with luck, everything went great.

First, only new thing I could do with a Japanese account was check out the PSN store and I downloaded three new games that were not here in America at all.

First was Blade Storm: Hyakunen Sensou(The Hundred Years' War): Coming from Koei I was thinking, Dynasty Warriors, oh great, another one this time with a different name. and guess what, I WAS RIGHT, kind of. I can't understand Japanese but I will try to tell you what it was about, You are a rogue commander with a group of mercenary units who can align themselves with the French or English sides.

You start the demo making a character (boy or girl) then you make the name (can be in Japanese or english letter). You do a mission for ether Fance or England.

Once you start the mission, you will be able to grab a group of people with the weapons ether being Swords, Horses, or Arrows. You then go and attack the other side and deafeat them in a awesome battle. You have two main attacks, A weak(triangle) and powerful attack(square) and oyu also have a graud button(circle).

When you attack a grip load of enemy at the same time and they are killed, you get bladestorm in which you are your army go crazy and your attacks become way more powerful and it will start that way for a while.

Overall: I got to play about 2 hours of this demo (yes, it like that long) and it was great, the text did get in the way of battling and the far away camera angle that would appear sometimes suck but I would give the demo a 6.5/10. It was better than I though it would be coming out from it. That game is coming out this month in Japan, Oct in EU and sometime in 2007 in the US. Do not import it, too much japanese text.

The second game I saw there was Tekken 5 Dr online, since I did not have japanese yen or japanese playstation point, I could not download it, oh well but I did check out some videos for it, from what i seen, the game lag, A LOT sometimes. I might get it in the future but your better off waiting for Tekken 6 then getting Tekken 5 DR online.
That game is out in Japan and Honk Hong. It will come in mid Aug in the US and we have no EU date as of right now.

Second game I t was Folks Souls (Folk lord for Us and EU people). The game is very heavy text base so first, I would not recommened importing it at all. wait for the US version or if you really want to play it, there a Asian version coming a little sooner than the US version and that will have mix English and China text. In any way, back to the game, I don't know anything in the story but going what I saw in the demo, you could choose from two character, Keats(guy) and Ellen(girl).

The game was action game with little RPG in it. I will make a video showing it off later. You use monster that you would a little bit into the game, using these monster, you could get new ID(or monster) to use, To get this new ID, you have to attack them first, once a red color was coming out of them, you have to suck up there soul. To do this, you have to hold R1 and jerk (not like that sicko) your SIXAXIS (PS3 controller) down to suck the soul. During bosses, once they were in the red zone, you had to suck they soul also but the way you did it was that once you saw the redness come out of them while you were sucking there soul, you gave the SIXAXIS a good jerk down and the red bar would go up until it was full and you got the powerful ID.

Overall: This game is more story base, it has good game play and I can see this game selling some copy in America. I giving it a 7.5. Maybe it will be better if I understand the story.

Last thing i downloaded was a japanese thing called Mainichi Issho. It not a game at all. It a NEWS channel for your PS3

Yeah, I am serious, it would give you updates on the PS3, let you play mini games and all that stuff. I can't really rate it becsause i did not give it time and it not a game.

Overall: IT was a pretty fun time with the japanese stuff on my PS3, yeah it was confusing but it was worth the time.

If you own a PS3, make a Japanese account and see a whole new different world of gaming.

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