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Level: 13 (85%)
Rank: Toobin'
Points: 167265

soopaaaa's Emblems

  • Greatest Game Villain Henchman

    Hey, everyone's got to start somewhere. These loyal minions created a bracket to guess at who is the most vile of them all. Let's hope they don't get caught betting against their overlords!

  • E3 2011 Sony Conference Attendee

    Demystifying rumors and speculation, one E3 at a time. I watched the Sony E3 2011 press conference during the week of E3, and am a better person for it.

  • EVO 2011 Secret Fighter

    Are they legendary as they say? Only few know the truth! This emblem belongs to those who have been chatting or commenting on a specific time while watching the EVO 2011 Championship Series. Created by SQUALL20XX