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Unions Boards have returned!

After the site has gotten a major redesign, they've finally added the Union Boards to the forums.

However, they're still adding stuff so the Union Forums may be a little buggy. Also, I'm not sure which Unions were transferred.

All I know is that SonicSpot is back. :D

If you were a Officer or member of SonicSpot, post and give me a reply. :)

Pokemon Black/White 2: First Details

From the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Coro Coro.

Note: I wanted to post some names, but one of them is being censored for reason.


  • Pokemon Black/White 2 takes place 2 years after the events of Black/White, in the Unova Region
  • parts of the region are covered in ice
  • players will start the game in a new area, which has a trainer school


  • the main characters are new
  • there is only one rival, who is a male
  • there is a Poison Type Gym Leader who carries a Scolipede guitar. It's said she will appear in the anime later.
  • there is a new Water Type Gym Leader
  • there is a new researcher, who studies the strength of Pokemon


  • the Unova Pokedex has been updated to 300 Pokemon, adding older ones with the Unova ones
  • Psyduck, Arcanine, Lapras, Eevee, Tyranitar, Mareep, Metagross, Riolu, Weavile, and their evolutionary families will be obtainable in these versions
  • Psyduck is #26 in the Unova Pokedex, while Riolu is #33 and Metagross is #254
  • Black Kyurem knows a new move called "Freeze Shock"
  • White Kyurem knows a new move called "Ice Burn"


May 'CoroCoro' Leaks in Full – Exciting New BW2 Details!

Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2

Ok, you know how we normally get a third version that acts as a remix to 2 other versions of a Pokemon RPG game?

This time, both versions are getting remixes.

Yeah, get ready for Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2!

"Pokémon fans, get excited for two incredible new adventures! Announcing Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2, coming soon for the Nintendo DS™ family of systems. The games can also be played in 2D on the Nintendo 3DS™ system."

Now on the original games, Reshiram was on the cover of Black Version and Zekrom was on the cover of White Version.

On the cover of these games will be either Black Kyurem and White Kyurem.

Black and White Kyurem

Who, what, where, why, and how? To be continued.

What do you guys think about this? What do you want to see in these new versions? Type below in the comments.

Sonic Generations HD Sonictrainer Edition

When asked "What would you have done differently with Sonic Generations?"

After brainstorming and coming up with some more ideas, here's what I would have changed in the HD Version.

The Playable Characters (HD Version)

There are 6 Playable Characters, each with their own set of Skills.

1. Retro Sonic

  • this Sonic is from the year 1997 and got sent to the year 1991 via Warp Ring
  • he can talk
  • his basic moves are the Spin Jump, Spin Dash, Super Peel-Out, and Insta-Shield
  • has a better memory of the years 1991-1997 than Modern Sonic

2. Retro Tails

  • an optional playable character unlocked after restoring Green Hill
  • this Tails is from the year 1997
  • got thrown into the past by Time Eater
  • he is playable in Act 1 of any Stage and against any of Retro Sonic's Bosses
  • players can choose to play as Retro Sonic and have Tails tag along either as a computer controlled power-up partner, or in Co-op with 2 players (Sonic 3 and Knuckles)
  • flies the original Tornado
  • has a better memory of the years 1991-1997 than Modern Tails
  • when you have all Emeralds, you can activate his "Super State", Turbo Tails, Flickies and all

3. Retro Knuckles

  • unlocked after clearing Sky Sanctuary Act 1
  • this is Knuckles is from the year 1997
  • he is playable in Act 1 of any level in the game and against any of Retro Sonic's Bosses
  • he can break objects just by running into them
  • when you have all Emeralds, you can activate his "Super State", Kinetic Knuckles

4. Modern Sonic

  • can replace the slide with rolling or the spin dash
  • can change the Grind Step to LB/RB

5. Shadow

  • an optional playable character unlocked after defeating Titan Eggrobo
  • he is playable in Act 2 of any level in the game and against any of Modern Sonic's Bosses
  • has a Chaos Gauge, which only fills when he destroys enemies.
  • when you have all Emeralds, you can activate his "Super State", Super Shadow

6. Silver

  • an optional playable character unlocked after defeating Neo Metal Sonic
  • he is playable in Act 2 of any level in the game and against any of Modern Sonic's Bosses
  • can't Spin Jump but has a higher Jump than Sonic and Shadow
  • has a Psychic Gauge. It is full at the beginning of every level and it automatically refills itself, but at a slow pace.
  • instead of a Homing Attack, Silver throws Psychic Knives
  • when you have all Emeralds, you can activate his "Super State", Super Silver

White World Changes

  • when you clear an Act Gate, not only do the colors in the foreground return, but in the background you can see objects and features from that level, instead of it just being white
  • there is actually a sky in the White World, that shows the Sun and Moon. The White World as well as a few levels will change visually while playing. You can choose this setting after fixing the Clocktower.
  • there will be a new area to the left of the Genesis Era called "Timeless Town"

Timeless Town

Timeless Town is a 3D expansion of the Collection Room. This is basically a hub town that starts out as White and empty as the White World. As you play through the game, however, the area will become colorful and populated by the Sonic characters you've found and rescued.

Techno Base

  • here you can use a giant sized version of the computers from Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure 2 that acts as Information Pod
  • there is a function where you can add new Item Boxes to the Acts...
  • there is an Airplane Field behind this
  • Modern Tails will be here, working on gadgets that will help you out
  • Omega can be found here and will give you information on enemies
  • Jet, Wave, and Storm can be found here and will challenge you to races for the Chaos Emeralds


  • Here Sonic can use the Skill Points he has collected to buy extra lives, new Skills, Item Box CDs, and other items
  • the Skill Shop is still run by Omochao, where you can buy new skills and extra lives
  • the Black Market is owned by the Chao from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and sells different items
  • there's a Hot Dog Stand run by Mighty and Ray. The hot dogs act as power-ups, that can be activated during the levels


  • one room contains the game's unlockable artwork
  • there is Statue Room that shows 3D models of characters that come with detailed profiles
  • Retro and Modern Espio can be found here


  • this is an area where you can watch the game's cutscenes, as well as the CGI movies featured in the trailers
  • Retro and Modern Amy can be found here

Music Plant

  • a dancehall, where you can listen to music you've unlocked
  • once you have cleared an Act, you can listen to its music
  • once you have cleared both Acts of a Stage, you can listen to the stage's original soundtrack
  • Retro and Modern Vector can be found here

Game Land

  • here you can play the minigames "Casino Night", "Mystic Cave", and "Sky Chase"
  • Retro and Modern Charmy can be found here

Sonic Suite

  • this is a hotel, that has 3 floors
  • each character can has their own hotel room
  • in the master bedroom are game consoles and 2 Storybooks with new chapters...

Chao Garden

  • the Chao Garden can have up to 20 Chao
  • Cream, Cheese, and Vanilla can be found here
  • Yakker and the other Wisps can be found here

Emerald Shrine

  • is guarded by Modern Knuckles and Blaze
  • Time Stones, Chaos Emeralds, Sol Emeralds, and the Master Emerald appear here after being collected
  • after you find all 7 Chaos Emeralds, you will be able to turn on the "Super State" option

Green Park

The area where Modern Sonic's Birthday Party was supposed to take place...

HD Version's Levels and Bosses


  • 3 Eras: Genesis/Mega Drive, Dreamcast, and Modern
  • levels come from 11 different games
  • there are no missions
  • players can pick any level in each Era, instead of just going in chronological order

Genesis/Mega Drive Era

1. Green Hill

  • -From Sonic the Hedgehog (June 23, 1991)
  • Characters Rescued: Retro and Modern Tails

2. Chemical Plant

  • -From Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (November 20, 1992)
  • -unlocked after restoring Green Hill
  • Characters Rescued: Retro and Modern Amy

3. Ice Cap

  • -From Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and later in Sonic Adventure
  • -unlocked after restoring Green Hill
  • Characters Rescued: Mighty and Ray

4. Sky Sanctuary

  • -From Sonic and Knuckles
  • Characters Rescued: Retro and Modern Knuckles

5. Stardust Speedway

  • -From Sonic CD
  • -unlocked after Restoring Green Hill
  • -in Act 1, Retro Sonic can run through the present and the past.
  • -in Act 2, Modern Sonic can run through the present and future. If the machine gets destroyed in Act 1, the future will be good. If not, the future will be bad.
  • Characters Rescued: Retro Vector and Charmy

6. Death Egg

  • -From Sonic 2 and later in Sonic and Knuckles
  • -unlocked after Restoring Green Hill, Chemical Plant, Ice Cap, Sky Sanctuary, and Stardust Speedway
  • Characters Rescued: Retro Espio

Death Egg Robot

  • -From Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • -unlocked after Restoring 2 Genesis Era Stages
  • -Retro Character Boss Fight

Retro Metal Sonic

  • -From Sonic CD
  • -unlocked after Restoring 4 Genesis Era Stages
  • -Retro Character Boss Fight

Titan Eggrobo

  • -From Sonic and Knuckles
  • -unlocked after Restoring all the Stages and defeating Death Egg Robot and Metal Sonic
  • -Modern Character Boss Fight

Dreamcast Era-unlocked after defeating Titan Eggrobo

7. Speed Highway

  • -From Sonic Adventure
  • Character Rescued: Chao

8. Sand Hill

  • -From Sonic Adventure
  • Character Rescued: Big and Froggy

9. City Escape

  • -From Sonic Adventure 2
  • Character Rescued: Rouge

10. Final Rush

  • -From Sonic Adventure 2
  • Character Rescued: Cream, Cheese, and Vanilla

11. Seaside Hill

  • -From Sonic Heroes
  • Character Rescued: Modern Team Chaotix

12. Sky Fleet

  • -From Sonic Heroes
  • -like Seaside Hill, both Acts are a combo of Egg Fleet and Final Fortress
  • Character Rescued: Omega

Egg Viper

  • -From Sonic Adventure
  • -unlocked after Restoring 2 Dreamcast Era Stages
  • -Modern Character Boss Fight

Perfect Artificial Chaos

  • -unlocked after Restoring 4 Dreamcast Era Stages
  • -Modern Character Boss Fight

Neo Metal Sonic

  • -From Sonic Heroes
  • -unlocked after Restoring all the Dreamcast Era Stages and defeating Egg Viper and Perfect Artificial Chaos
  • -Retro Character Boss Fight

Modern Era-unlocked after defeating Neo Metal Sonic

13. Crisis City

  • -From Sonic the Hedgehog 2006
  • Character Rescued: Silver

14. Kingdom Valley

  • -From Sonic the Hedgehog 2006
  • Character Rescued: Blaze

15. Rooftop Run

  • -From Sonic Unleashed
  • Character Rescued: Marine

16. Eggman Land

  • -From Sonic Unleashed
  • Character Rescued: Team Babylon

17. Planet Wisp

  • -From Sonic Colors
  • Character Rescued: Yakker

18. Terminal Velocity

  • -From Sonic Colors
  • Character Rescued: Mother Wisp

Egg Wyvern

  • -From Sonic the Hedgehog 2006
  • -unlocked after Restoring 2 Modern Era Stages
  • -Retro Character Boss Fight

Egg Dragoon

  • -From Sonic Unleashed
  • -unlocked after Restoring 4 Modern Era Stages
  • -Modern Character Boss Fight

Nega Wisp Armor

  • -From Sonic Colors
  • -unlocked after Restoring all the Modern Era Stages and defeating Egg Wyvern and Egg Dragoon
  • -Retro Character Boss Fight

Regular Ending

???-After defeating Nega Wisp Armor and collecting all 7 Chaos Emeralds

19. Twisted Timelines

  • -Act 1 has characters running through a fusion of the Genesis Era levels
  • -Act 2 has Modern characters running through a fusion of the Dreamcast Era Levels
  • -Act 3 has both Sonics running through a fusion of the Modern Era Levels
  • -Time Eater appears in the background to fire homing shots at you

Perfect Time Eater

  • -unlocked after clearing Twisted Timelines
  • -Super Sonic Boss Fight

True Ending

Emerald Races

After seeing the regular ending, talk to the the Babylon Rouges in the Techno Base in Timeless Town. They will find locations for the Chaos Emeralds, but will challenge you to a race to see who can get it first.

Location-Chaos Emerald

  1. Ice Cap-Green
  2. Stardust Speedway-Purple
  3. Speed Highway-Blue
  4. Final Rush-Yellow
  5. Sand Hill-Red
  6. Kingdom Valley-Cyan
  7. Terminal Velocity-Grey


When I came up with the list, I set some rules for myself.

Don't take out levels that were already picked

So as of right now, there are 9 levels plus 4 that the boss fights take in.

Stick to 3 Eras

Originally, I wanted to add the Saturn Era in, but after a poll I did, I found that most people wouldn't cared for it.

Keep the Eras Balanced

In the current game, each Era has 3 levels, 1 Rival, and 1 Boss. So if I add a level to the Genesis Era, I need to add a level to the Dreamcast and Modern Era.

Give the People what they want

If there's something we would liked in the game, I added it in.

Any New Bosses Need to be final bosses, robots, and someone Sonic fought originally

Basically, any boss I add to the game needs to be a robot boss that appears after the last level or in the last story. I choose robot bosses because I wanted Retro Sonic to have more boss battles than Modern Sonic since most of the levels are chosen from Modern Sonic's games and Retro Sonic never fought ancient creatures or gods in his games. Also, the boss had to be someone Sonic originally fought against.

Pick stuff that could work Storywise

Anything that can be used to make a better story.

So from here I started with the Genesis Era. First off, Stardust Speedway and Death Egg would be made into full levels.

Second, since most people asked for it, I added Ice Cap in. This is the only Sonic game I added in.

Finally, since this was something else people asked for, I added in the final boss of Sonic and Knuckles, who I nicknamed "Titan Eggrobo".

So now, the Genesis Era has 6 levels and 3 bosses.

Now I need to go balance out the Dreamcast and Modern Eras.

First, Final Rush was made into a full level. Since Sonic Adventure 2 now had 2 levels represented, I decided to take another level from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes.

I chose Sky Fleet for a second Heroes stage, since that was the battlefield for Egg Emperor and Neo Metal Sonic and because that level is awesome.

I chose Sand Hill because it was an area where one of the Chaos Emeralds were originally and because it was a theme that wasn't already present in any of the levels.

For the bosses, I added Egg Viper, the last boss of Sonic's story in Sonic Adventure and Neo Metal Sonic, the final boss of Sonic Heroes. Perfect Artificial Chaos is a replica of Perfect Chaos created using data on the Artificial Chaos enemies on the SCA, which would explain why Modern Sonic can fight him without going super and he can maintain this form without all 7 Chaos Emeralds.

Then we have the Modern Era.

Originally, I did think about adding a level from Sonic Rush or Sonic Riders, but I decided to do the same thing I did with the Dreamcast Era.

The Egg Dragoon fight took place in Eggman Land, so Eggman Land became a full stage.

People asked for Kingdom Valley, so I added in.

Finally, I added in Terminal Velocity and Nega Wisp Armor, because it was the ending point of Sonic Colors, which leads up Eggman finding Time Eater. Also, some people asked for Nega Wisp Armor.

Sonic 20th Anniversary Blog #3: 20 Favorite Boss Battles

20 Favorite Sonic Boss Battles

Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis)-Star Light Zone Act 3

Star Light Boss

In this boss battle, Robotnik drops spiked bombs that explode after an amount of time. In order to defeat Robotnik, you have to use the seesaws to shoot Sonic up to hit Robotnik or send the bombs right back at him.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sega Genesis)-Aquatic Ruins Act 2

Aquatic Ruins Zone Act 2

Once you past the lastCheckpoint, you'll go into an area where 2 totem poles come out of the ground. Then Robotnik will appear and go to one side and hit the totem pole. Once hit, the totem pole will shoot an arrow from 1 of 4 random spots into the other totem pole.

You have to dodge and Jump onto the arrows in order to damage Robotnik.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3-Launch Base Zone Act 2

Launch Base Boss 1

Since this is the last level of Sonic 3, there were 3 bosses.

The first boss has a platform that lifts up to release bombs from the top or the bottom.

Launch Base Boss 2

The second boss flies up from the left and right and shoots lasers. It has a small spiked ball that floats around Eggman's cockpit so you have to be careful not to be hit.

Launch Base Boss

The third and final boss, which is now known as "Big Arm".

You have to carefully hit Robotnik without hitting the spikes on top or being grabbed by its hands.

Big Arm is a boss in the 3DS version of Sonic Generations.

Sonic & Knuckles-Sky Sanctuary Zone

Sonic/Tails VS Mecha SonicKnuckles VS Mecha Sonic

There are 2 versions of Sky Sanctuary.

The level for Sonic and Tails has them climbing up to the top, while destroying Egg Robos. Mecha Sonic will appear 3 times to fight you.

The first time you fight, he will use the Robotnik's machine used in the Green Hill's boss in Sonic 1. The second time you fight he will use the machine from Emerald Hill in Sonic 2. The third time, he'll fight you himself.

If you're playing as Knuckles you'll face Mecha Sonic twice, but the second time he'll use the Master Emerald to become Super Mecha Sonic. Although he is invincible in this form, he can't maintain it for too long so you have to hit him as soon as he changes back.

Sonic CD-Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic

The Iconic Boss of Stardust Speedway.

Well, it's actually more of a race than a boss battle.

In order to win, Sonic must reach the goal at the end before Metal Sonic. Behind Sonic and Metal Sonic is Robotnik fires a instant death laser on the track.

Sonic can touch Metal Sonic without taking damage but Metal Sonic can still attack. He can do a boost which allows him to destroy spikes and an electric attack that's similar but causes him to slow down.

I can't wait to play Sonic Generation's version of this level. :D

Sonic Triple Trouble-Metal Sonic + Robotnik

Metal SonicMetal Sonic 2

The Atomic Destroyer Bosses.

The level starts out with Rings and a Item monitor, which contains Rocket Boots for Sonic and the High Speed Helitail for Tails. After flying Metal Sonic will show up behind you and ramp into you, turning the item off.

To battle Metal Sonic, you have to Jump as he swoops down from the left and right. When he flies in the middle and starts glowing, you have to wait for 4-5 seconds and then Jump as he boosts across the screen.

Robotnik 1

After defeating Metal Sonic, you'll hit a Checkpoint, see Nack run away and then face Robotnik. The first machine just bounces around. You can Jump on the top of it to destroy it.

Robotnik 2

Next, the machine will break and he's flyaround. He'll stop to shoot fire at you.

Robotnik 3

After hitting him, a part of the machine will break off and explode. Dodge the fire and wait for Robotnik's machine to stop charging to hit it. This part of the machine looks like a Flasher.

Robotnik Final

Finally, Robotnik will fly over to an area with lasers firing periodically. You have to dodge the lasers and wait for Robotnik to slow down to hit him and finish the battle.

Sonic Adventure-Chaos 6 (Sonic and Knuckles)

Chaos 6

After collecting 6 Chaos Emeralds and Froggy, Chaos becomes a giant frog like creature.

Chaos 6 can attack with his tail, try to suck you in like Kirby, create shockwaves by Jumping, and turn into a giant spike tower that shoots needles at you.

You can't attack his head like in his previous forms but you can use Eggman's freezing robots to turn him into ice. Once he's frozen, you can attack him to do damage.

Sonic Adventure 2-King Boom Boo

King Boom Boo

Probably the most random boss fight in Sonic Adventure 2.

This giant ghost will try to bite you, throw fireballs, and finally breath fire itself.

To defeat it you have to hit the Boo following behind it,holding an Hourglass. The hourglass will open the gates to let sunlight to come in and force King Boom Boo into the ground or wall. Dig into its shadow to make him come out and then punch him.

Sonic Advance-Mecha Knuckles

Mecha KnucklesTrue Mecha Knuckles

The Angel Island Boss.

Mecha Knuckles has 2 forms: his pink form where he does the same moves as Knuckles and his grey form where he shoots rockets from his torso. He'll switch forms after getting hit 4 times. Although Jumping on him when he's on the ground works, he's most vulnerable after landing.

Sonic Advance 2-Egg Frog

Egg FrogEgg Frog Official Art

The Egg Utopia Boss.

All the Sonic Advance 2 bosses have the characters run from left to right as they try to jump and damage Eggman. However,the Egg Frog can hop and run on the ceiling as well as the ground. Fortunately, so can you if you Jump up. If you're on the ground while he's on the ceiling or vice versa, he'll drop a bomb towards you until you switch. Egg Frog will also stop on occasion to ramp into you. You have to jump over its long legs into to damage it.

Sonic Heroes-Robot Storm

Robot Storm

In a way, this is more of a trial than a boss fight, since the boss is really waves enemies you have to defeat until you destroy them all.

There's a larger variety of enemies than in the Robot Carnival Boss battle.

Sonic Advance 3-Cyber Track Boss

Cyber Track Boss

The Cyber Track boss is unique. Eggman goes left to right while firing blue balls at you. You can hit the balls, which will turn from blue to orange, and bounce them back at Eggman.

In other words, it's like a game of pong. However, the more damage Eggman takes, the more balls he'll shoot at you.

Sonic Rush-Carnival Night Boss

Night Carnival Boss

This machine has Eggman up in the air and a weight on the side holding down. The weight can be charged with electricity to shoot down on Sonic and it also has a instant death slam attack that sends 2 soundwaves around the entire field.

When the weight is not charged with electricity, Sonic can hit it. After hitting it, Eggman's cockpit will be lowered and Sonic can do damage.

After hitting the weight, an small enemy robot will roll towards Sonic. If Sonic Jumps onto it, it will send him up into the sky and he can hit Eggman again.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006-Iblis Phase 3

Iblis Phase 3

This choice was hard because I liked some of the bosses, especially when using the different characters. In the end, I liked Silver's telekinesis battles.

Iblis's 3rd and final form will throw fireballs, waves of flame, and smash parts of the ground Silver stands on. It will even try to throw a meteor sized fireball at you.

Silver can take everything it dishes out and throw it back at it. When it gets close, Silver can also Jump onto its head and shoot his energy through it to do massive damage.

You have to defeat it before it can destroy the entire platform.

Sonic and the Secret Rings-Ifrit


A robot with 2 arms that's being powered by the Red World Ring of "Rage". It releases exploding barrels from its shoulders and shoots lasers from its eyes. Also, the battlefield is above a pool of magma.

To defeat it you have to attack 3 sections on one of it's hands. Once you do, 3 parts of the field will sink into the lava and you have to carefully get over to its head.

You have to hit its head 3 times to defeat it.

One secret about this boss is that whenit's time to hit its head, Sonic can Speed Break across the magma.

Sonic Rush Adventure-Ghost Pendulum

Ghost Pendulum

The Machine Labyrinth Boss.

The boss swings a small pendulum around in a circle, that has spikes pop out after a certain amount of time. When it's spikeless Sonic can Jump into it and use momentum to knock it up into the air into the robot's core.

It starts out with a small pendulum at first but as its health goes down, 2 ships will fly in to bring in a medium sized pendulum and a big sized pendulum. The smaller the pendulum the easier it is to knock into the robot. The larger the pendulum the more damage it does when knocked into the robot.

Sonic Unleashed (HD)-Egg Dragoon

Egg Dragoon

After clearing Eggmanland in the HD versions, you have to face Egg Dragoon, which is a upgraded version of the robot Eggman pilots in the Intro movie.

You'd think that after beating Eggmanland that this boss would be hard but in fact it's more of a Warm-up.

To beat Egg Dragoon, you have to attack the glowing the green light in its center. After damaging it enough, it will activate a QTE where Sonic jumps onto the machine, Eggman shoots the drill towards him, Sonic dodges the drill, the drill does damage to the robot, and then Sonic tears off several important sections of the machine.

It's pretty hilariously, especially when you do the final QTE, where Sonic grabs Eggman andswings him around before throwing him into the sky.

[spoiler] Egg Dragoon will be a boss in Sonic Generations HD [/spoiler]

Sonic and the Black Knight-Dark Queen

Dark Queen

Kind of a easy choice seeing as the other bosses in the game are cheap.

Dark Queen has 2 forms of attacks. Shooting energy balls and swinging swords from one of hermultiple arms.

Her weakness in the eye in her torso. After raising the Soul Gauge, use Soul Surge and slash away.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4:Episode 1-E.G.G. Station Zone

E.G.G. Station

The E.G.G. Station Zone plays similar to Sonic Advance 2's XX level, where you face weaker versions of every boss you've faced until you reach a final new boss.

The final new boss here is a remixed version of the final boss of Sonic 2. In the beginning the robot just flying into the air while avoid the cursor, which is where it will land.

In last resort mode, electricity will protect it from harm and it'll hop around the screen. To take the electricity down, you have to wait for it to fire its arms at you. The arms can be hit in midair or hit 3 times after landing. Sometimes, it'll energy balls from its back.

Before the final blow, Eggman will fly into the air for one final shockwave. If you don't hitEggman after he lands, the platform will be destroyedand you'll fall into a bottomless pit.

Sonic Colors (Wii)-Terminal Velocity Boss

Terminal Velocity Boss

The final boss of the game.

This boss is powered by all of the Color Wisps and uses Frenzy versions of their abilities.

To defeat Eggman, you have to dodge the attacks, and then Home Attack him 4 times. As soon as you land you have to boost into him. This will release the Wisps from the capsules.

After all7 Wisps are released, you can use them to make a unlimited color homing attack.