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I don't get cross-over games.

I've been tracking some of the MvC3 news and the thought occured to me, "What's the point?" No really, why a3rd MvC game? The only reason I could think of was profit. That's pretty much what I don't get about cross-over games. These companies cross franchises that don't have jack to do with each other to milk fans of both series into buying a single product. I mean why does Marvel vs Capcom have to be MARVEL vs Capcom anyway? There's plenty of Capcom characters out there to make a game revolving around Capcom-exclusive fighters. This is also why I hate see stuff like Sonic & Snake in Brawl, Lars in Ultimate Ninja 2, Darth Vader & Yoda in Soul Calibur 4, and so on.

They only do this so people will say, "OMG, so-and-so is in it!?!? I gotta buy this." It feels really underhanded to me especially since this ensures a game can sell copies even if it's broken beyond belief (MvC2 comes to mind). I really wish fighting games cared more about the fighting mechanics instead of the character roster. Out of say every 30 characters, only 5 of them turn out to be useful anyway so what's the point in putting so many characters into one game? Oh right. I almost forgot. It's about profit. -_-

So I played Sonic Unleashed for PS2 and PS3 back-to-back the other day......

I still have a hard time believing the PS2/Wii version is "superior" to the PS3/360 version of this game. I mean graphics aside, there just too many things missing or nerfed in the PS2/Wii version to make me believe that it's honestly better.

For example, the Ps2 version has the most outragous tutorials. Seriously, they devoted a tutorial to every feature in the game, even jumping. Yes, jumping because pressing the X button to jump is something I've never done before -_-. I appreciate them making the game more accessible but, something is wrong when the game gives me a tutorial on how to perform the Light Speed Dash AFTER I've already done it. What's that about?

I also wanna punch myself for writing a review about this game and not noticing that the story is actually out of order. You can restore the Third continent before the Second continent. That makes no sense and contradicts the plot. This same mix-up happened in Secret Rings if I recall where Sonic could access certain rings before he was supposed to according to the plot. I guess this isn't a big issue but, it shows how rushed this version is compared to the PS3 version.

One thing that truly puzzles me are the hub worlds between both versions. In the PS3 version, you get actually walk around town and interact with the townspeople. Some people have extra missions for Sonic or ask him for favors that involve interacting with othet people and transferring certain items to different people. It was basically like a town hub you'd find in a lot of RPGs and it wasn't mandatory to talk to these people if you really didn't want to. In the PS2 however, there is no main gate so you pretty to go door to door through a text only hub to get "directions" to the Sacred Shrines (or Gais Gates) in order to progess through the game. No exploring. No challenges. Barely any dialogue form the townspeople. The only thing they do is give you occasional items. That's it. No animations. Nothing. Oh, and since Empire City isn't in this version, Brenda, Big Def, Lil' Kate, and Boss are no where to be found. Neither is the Quiz Lady or Wentos for that matter. The Ps2 verison might as well not have a hub world at all seeing how much they half-assed it -_-.

Speaking of missing content, I see little reason why the Tornado sections, shop, interactive hubs, and two whole stages were removed from the game. I mean why? What real reason is there besides maybe sheer laziness? Way to miss the mark Sega. It's gonna take more than "different" level design to justify gimping a game like this. Heaven forbid Sonic Colors on the DS is considered the "superior" version of that game -_-.

I also find it strange the the Ps2 version has more Night stages than Day stages. Each continent had like one Day Stage plus a few Daytime missions like collecting rings or time attack. The Night Stages on the other hand, had like 3 to4 acts. 3 to 4 MANDATORY acts. I don't know what to make of that.

The Werehog in the Ps2 version is ridiculously gimped as well. He has only 2 different 5-hit combos after being fully upgraded, a "special" attack that can be used to do 1 (just 1) different combo. Since I'm comparing the Ps2 and Ps3 version, I'll use that button set as the example. Basically the Were-Hammer (Were-Tornado if in Unleashed mode) is performed by pressing square/circle x4 + triangle. That's it. He can do a few fancy things in Unleashed mode but, nothing he couldn't do better on the Ps3. He can't even charge his attacks. Also Unleashed mode doesn't give Sonic increased speed or invinciblility. Oh, and no infinite combos either. The enemies are easier to kill and there's less of them. Hell, this version doesn't even have the Eggbots in the Night Levels. Wizards don't use spells. Enemies don't block as often. The only "superior" things about the Werehog on the ps2/wii version is that he can seemingly jump higher and deep nightmares kinda attack more frequently but, it really doesn't matter when all you need to do is mash square or circle to destroy them. Also he moves slower and you have to hold R1 to hang onto ledges instead of just pressing circle which isn'ta good thing.

Really though, the Night Stages even the real problem. It's what Dimps did with those Day Stages that I have real problem with. I don't see why these levels have to be so vacant on the Ps2/Wii version. There's barely any enemies or obstacles. I appreciate the lack of pits but, they took everything else out to. Not having anyskydiving sections just doesn't feel justified. Then there's the controls which are supposedly better in the Ps2/Wii version when they're actually a lot worse. For starters, Sonic can no longer do a constant boost. His boost gauge is split into segments that determine how many times he can boost. This wouldn't be all that bad if he could still tap-boost. He can't -_-. Let me explain. In the Ps3/360 version, the player must hold the boost button to have Sonic boost. The second you let go of the boost button, he stops boosting. The Ps2/Wii version doesn't do this. The second you press that boost button, he just flies off which makes boosting a real pain in the @$$. This problem is made worse when trying drift and boost at the same time. Now I understand why there's barely any obstacles (especially pits) in this version. The Ps2/Wii version would be frustrating beyond believe if you actually had to do actual platforming and jump over wide gaps of death. This version just wasn't built for.....well....gameplay. Also, there's a problem with his speed. You can walk by tilting the analog stick in the Ps3 version. On Ps2, I could swear he tries to run at full speed with the slightest tilt of the stick. It's just stupid and makes it harder to play the game with any accuracy.

Not like that matters. This version is insanely easy so S ranks take only the most basic of skills to get. In fact, Sonic has all his Day Stage abilities from the start. Remember when I said I was doing Light Speed Dashes before the game told me how to do them? This is why. You don't have to actually earn those abilities. That really takes away from the whole adventure theme of the game. You can't even upgrade his speed or anything. You don't actually find medals, the game just throws them at you for completing a stage. That's fine and all but, it really takes the sense of accomplishment away that I got from the Ps3 version. The bosses are all gimped too. Really, the Ps2/Wii version of Egg Dragoon is just painful to watch. Imagine how I felt playing it. He's the semi-final boss yet, he's the worst one in the game. Every other line was "You Little!!! You little what? That's what I wanna know.

Really though, on its own, I don't consider the Ps2/Wii version be all that bad. Both versions have their ups and downs regarding glitches, game design, etc. but, it makes no sense to me that Ps3/360 versionis considered to be so bad when the Ps2/Wii version is inferior to it in so many ways beyond the graphics. It's a shorter, easier, and down right uglier version that is pretty much weaker in almost every way compared to its HD counterpart. It's truly mind-boggling.

Did people play Sonic Heroes?

After hearing crap for ages about 3D Sonic not being "classic", I thought for a while and realized, Sonic Heroes was the closest thing to "classic" Sonic and people bashed that game too. It's like being "classic" doesn't mean anything.

Anyway, one of the things that really made Heroes a true 3D successor to Sonic was the design. 7 zones with 2 acts, no hubs, and even special stages. Just like the older Sonic games. In fact, Heroes is the only 3D Sonic game where you had to collect emeralds through special stages. They have yet to bring those back which I think was a mistake.

Another thing that made the game great was the focused gameplay. You had four teams, which were like four different characters in a sense, and each team had small variations but, the same basic functionality. No shooting, no treasure hunting, or anything for that matter. It took all the good parts of the Sonic/Shadow levels from the adventure games and just enhanced it with some old concepts from Knuckles Chaotix. In a way, Heroes was the "just Sonic' game people have been asking for but, since there were 12 characters, the game had "too many characters" despite the fact that each group was more or less identical to Team Sonic. If that's the case then Sonic 2 and 3 had "too many characters". After all, Tails and Knuckles aren't Sonic and all Sonic games should be Sonic only right?

What I thought was cool about Heroes is that it was modern but, still felt true to the series. This is the main reason I'm not a big fan of Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog. They felt completely out of place and out of touch with the theme of the series. Sonic had evolved in many ways by that time and of course the Archie comic series isn't really identical to the universe the games take place in but, all that stuff felt true to the series. The minute the story geared towards Eggman's Grandpa, something went wrong. With Heroes, it's almost as if none of that happened and none of that mattered. It was about beating Eggman again and confronting the real villian, Metal Sonic, and saving the world. That's what a story in a Sonic game should be like. I don't mind adding some depth to it like in Sonic Adventure 1 but, 2 and Shadow had ridiculous plots. Heroes also had some of the best (and ironically, some of the shortest) cutscenes in any Sonic game I can remembered. Sonic's world was never this pure.

What really made Sonic Heroes feel like a real Sonic game brought into 3D was really just how surprisingly well made the game was. Yes, you aren't dreaming. I just said Heroes was a well made game because really, it was. The gameplay was fast but, not too fast or automatic to the point that it felt that you weren't really playing it. Alternating between each of the 3 formations created a type of gameplay that captured the frantic speed of Sonic without compensating variety. One of things that hurt the otherwise fine Dreamcast Sonic games was the fact that Sonic's gameplay was, simply put, shallow. It was pretty much homing attack this and homing attack that while jumping past what ever obstacles got in the way. Heroes added depth to this type of gameplay style and improved it instead of just adding in a bunch of extra game modes to compensate for the shortcomings of the Sonic levels, the main part of the game.

Sonic Heroes also had the best ranking system in the series by far. Defeating enemies quickly earned you bonus points and of course collecting tons of rings and power ups while racing to the finish line increased your score. This score is then recorded and ranked accordingly. Not only did this give the game some challenge to work towards after just beating the level but, it also gave you a reason to keep playing. I always find myself trying to be my old high scores. Sonic Adventure 2 technically had this but, it wasn't as engaging in that game. I kid you not when I say I spent countless hours on Heroes ever since I got it on launch. Let's just say that if you reach over 100 hours on your save file, the file just recounts the last hour over and over again.

They even rank you on the bosses so even though they were easy, the game encouraged you to defeat them as fast as possible. Heroes pretty much had everything going for it. 4 stories which represented 3 difficulty modes and a mission mode, a nice variety of enemies, old-school Sonic look with a modern twist, good graphics/animation, replay value, nothing distracting players from the main game (chao garden, hub worlds, etc.), special stages, and even all the good voice actors form the adventure games plus some new voice actors which were actually pretty good. Vector used to sound cool before 4Kids brought us the dreaded "Find the Computer Room" joke.

But alas, I seem to be one of the few people who recongnized this. Thus, Sega and Sonic Team seem doomed to try and fail at making that one Sonic game that "works" despite the fact they've already made that game and it got bashed too. Come to think of it, maybe that's why Shadow's crappy game came out after Heroes. As if it was their twisted why of saying "Hey, we could of given you Heroes 2 but, Heroes just wasn't good enough for you. You know what? You guys don't deserve Heroes. Now we're going to make a crappy game about Shadow and give it one of the worst storylines in gaming history just out of spite". I guess it can't be helped with all the hivemind mentality these days. Maybe people just don't like Sonic anymore. To be honest, I really don't care anymore.

Devs keep cranking out this "art" crap.

When I heard about this game called "LIMBO", I already had doubts but, I got the gist of the whole game, it doesn't even sound good yet' it got good scores. Yet another reason why I don't take scores seriously. The logic is horrendously flawed. Basically LIMBO is 5 - 6 hours (kinda understandable for a downloadable game) with trail and error game play (I've read reviews for other games that blatantly say that T&E is bad) and little replay value (could of told you that just based off the concept).

So what's wrong with this picture? Well for starters, saying the game is "gripping" is the biggest load I've heard regarding video games period. I could really care less about being "sucked in" to a game with basic game play elements dating back to the 90s. It's that Flower BS all over again and we've been going down this "artsy" game road for a while now. These aren't really real games and some only last like 2 hours. I've played Mega man games that are longer than that. Then again, MM is an actual game with actual objectives.

I guess at the very least, LIMBO has puzzles and platforming in it. Plus, you can actually die unlike flOw or Electroplankton but, what really bugs me about these kinds of games is that the "art" matters more than the actual game. That's like a cheap way to get 9s and 10s without actually making a good game just because it's "artistic". That or gamers are just trying too desperately to seem "deep" by buying into these "breath-taking experiences" that come out every 6 months or so.

Yes, I admit to being a Sailor Moon fan. :P

I dunno what to say. When I was kid watching Toonami, that's basically when I got really into anime (not as much as games but still) and Sailor Moon was one of the shows I remember from when I was growing up. Weird thing is, Sailor Moon is obviously meant for girls and yet, I never cared about that. Then again, everything is considered gay when you're in grade school. Kids would be all gaga for pokemon and yugi-oh then suddenly, it'd be gay for some stupid reason. Anyhow, one thing I always liked about Sailor Moon was how oddly funny it was.

I remember all the sailor scouts thinking Uranus was a man. If there's anything I love about anime, it's the awkward situations a lot of the characters get into. One thing I never understood was how much Sailor Moon reminds me Goku. I know it's weird but, she's all about fighting for justice and she over eats the same way Goku does. Though, she did have one unique trait; her borderline-stalker obsession with Tuxedo Mask. You know that guy who only shows up at the last minute. He's like the White Power Ranger or something. I suppose being a Power Rangers fan as a kid helped to because Sailor Moon was very similar to that series. Anyway, this was more random than my other blogs but, I thought it would be fun to share that story. :D

I think it's funny that LastRambo341 got banned twice. :D

I come back here to GS like 2 months later after warning about respecting people and holding back on the insults and wouldn't you know, they threw the ban-hammer at him....again. Once as Pices and again as LastRambo341. What part of "respect" did he not understand. Whatever. GS is better off without him and tell you the true, I was kinda happy to see karma catch up to this guy. Anyone else who thinks they can just do and say whatever they want take note of this. :)

The whole "Derp, yous a Sonix FAn" crap is starting to get REALLY anno

I can't but feel like I'm a target for flaming just for being a Sonic fan. I'm pretty damn positive no one reading this even knows why I'm a fan of that series. I also find it strange people only notice the Sonic half of my user most of the time. I chose the name "sonicthemegaman" to represent 2 of my favorite game series I grew up on as a kid and everyone just ignores that I'm also a megaman fan, not just a Sonic fan. I also play many more games from many different franchises. Not just all Sonic, all the time like people apparently believe.

Maybe they're just doing to troll me but, I honestly get the feeling people have some sort of problem with fans of the Sonic series and I'm fairly sure that whatever the reason is can't really be justified. People just assume "this Sonic fanboy" has no valid opinions or just hates anything that isn't Sonic. That simply isn't true. I find myself ignoring certain events and game releases simply due to this nagging feeling of immense peer rejected and what's worse is that most Sonic hate comes from completely misinformed people.

It pretty much confirms what I already knew, it's "cool" to hate Sonic and not give any real reasons. "Oh but, the controls, the camera, the glitches,etc." I wasn't born yesterday. No one complains about the glitch in Super Mario 64 that allows you skip half of the damn game. No one says the sand bird from Sunshine is frustrating as hell. That was just "challenging". Uncharted 2 had trial and error gameplay yet everyone loved it. No one goes on and on about how bad the voice acting is Resident Evil 1 or X-Blades. People, just admit it, Sonic games are only bad because they're Sonic games. I know damn well they aren't perfect but, any other game could have the same issues and no one complains.

If you're gonna pretend to be fans of a series you truly hate deep down inside to the point you do nothing but complain about it, please be so kind as to not lump me in with all the madness. I had no idea that openly enjoying any Sonic game after 1999 could lead to this type of backlash. And people wonder why I'm so apathetic about all the "great" games coming out today. The game community is apparently all hype and trends. Deviate from the folk of sheep and prepare to be roasted. That simply isn't right and I'm starting to not tolerate it anymore. This is out of control now.