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Trying to find a copy of xenoblade :( and more updates

Well guys i've been trying to find xenoblade chronicles but having zero luck im really sad that i missed it, its like it dissapeared from the shelves or something like that if anyone knows of a way to get a copy please tell me!!!. also im getting possibly dark souls just cause i want a challenging game that will keep me busy till skyrim comes out i know i will probally cry and controller smash many many times probally but it will be worth it once i finish it :D

another annuel blog or something there of and starcraft II release

Well i guess its time to blog once more! i mean like its not like im doing anything so um yea. Well im excited cause of starcraft 2 release though im really hoping to get my hands on a collectors edition some how so i can have the freaking awesome sound track also for like seven days uptill the night of the release i will be playing the original starcraft playing ever mission and all WITHOUT CHEATS well....ok maybe one just one and no more! thats pretty much it i guess see ya in my next blog :D

Posting my once a year blog.

Well its time for another yearly blog i guess even at 1;40am at night. so whats new you ask? well same old stuff expect im graduating next month from the university of calgary and yes i did buy a grad ring. and then there is otafest this week and im in abit of a panic cause my costume that i ordered off the net has yet to appear and im upset bout that but other then that lifes good! see ya next year or i maybe posting again soon if my life has good things happening to me

nearly a year!?

geez i need to blog more*Laughs*Anyway whats new you may ask oh i went to otafest this year back in may durning the 3 day weekend of heck as i call it but anyway what otafest is, is a convention for fans of japan animation and people dress up as their favorite charaters or what not. i tried to dress up as guy cecil from tales of the abyss and failed XD. but still i had an ok time on the first day i went i had an epicly awesome day. why was it epic you may ask? well let me tell you why after i registered i went to this event that was like one door over and i dunno what it was called at first but someone told me it was otafest tactics. its kinda like you chess game but you and your team mate have health and speical abilites. I was a fighter class the others in my group were a healer, a rogue and another fighter. we all had a name believe it or not. THE MOTH REGIME!!!! so anyway i went with these guy and had alot of fun and we actually ended up winning the event entirely by luck. and its one my most proudest achivements hehe.

Whats new in life.

Well all time i started to blog again and alot of good things have happened, i won a jinxed tshirt from xplay when i played burnout paradise quite some time ago by taking down mr. sark if you wanna look it up got to and search burnout paradise challenge. and just to let you all know i have a wii now so go ahead and add me to your wii.

excitement and new things to know

Well im excited cause next week on the 10 im going to music games live and for xmas im goint to mexico with my family hopefully gonna get a good tan and all. plus tomorrow im getting my new naruto game and whatever else i perorders.

halo 3

hey all i've got halo 3 please respond to this blog if you got halo 3 telling me your name, and i'll add you and we can play.

dentist, 360 and other news.

well today is finally the day i get my wisdom teeth out so please all wish me luck but in turn there is a good thing about it, today as of i got home i got a 360! halo style and im super pysched when i can get my copy of halo 3 i've already gotten my account up but i need a good name...well i've two im mind Rifter or OverKnight what do you guys think is better please do tell. and on the other news im doing well in university lol and as to why i am last time i chickened out to getting my wisdom teeth.