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Just dropped $1700 on the car.


Yeah, I knew it was coming. I have a nice car - it's 7 years old with 110,000 miles on it. Never had any major issues with it. But with all good things, eventually the parts will start to wear out. Nothing boroke on my car, it was just time for its first major maintenance. Timing belt, water bump, spark plugs, and several valves all have to be replaced at 110,000 miles. Plus my back brake pads and rotors were shot, so add those to the price.

Still think it was worth it. The car has been running perfectly and I still enjoy it. At some point, its better to buy/lease a new one then keep putting money into an old car, but I figured I can still get a lot of miles out of it. 1700 dollars is still cheaper than having to buy a new car. At least I hope. Nonetheless, it always a shocker when you have to pay out that much.

I hate bugs.

No, not insects. I'm talking video game errors. I hate them. Nothing beats playing hours of a game only to find out you can't go further because of some stupid game bug. I've been doing a fair amount of PC gaming recently and thus have been dealing with bugs and game errors and a daily basis. Thanks Neverwinter Nights 2. I cant get my holy avenger sword because of your stupid bug! Well, I suppose I can, I just have to use a prior save and lose 8 hours of gameplay . . . . Awesome!

By the way, I'm not raging or venting here. LOL.

Football Season

Finally. Got nothing against baseball, but I just can't get into it. Something about college and pro football that I just love. Love the atmosphere, the fall weather, and the spirit at the games. My pro teams are horrible, but it's still fun to root for them. Can't get much worse than the Browns and the Lions, but at least I'm loyal. LOL.

Going for the Marathon

I've run a couple of half marathons, but I've never done the full run. I've never been better shape than this year, so I think this is the year to do it. Just did an 11 mile run yesterday with ease. Kind of funny how some days I can run forever and other days I struggle to just run 6 miles. The oppressive heat and humidity aren't helping, but I usually try to run in the evening when its a little more bearable.

Got a Garmin asa gift last year and its been invaluable. I can basically run anywhere and it will let me know the distance. Nice, so you dont have to map out your runs prior to doing them. I would recommend one for any hardcore runner.

Game Review Done

Bleh. I'm losing my writing skills. That one took a while, but I figure it's good exercise for me and my brain. Figured I would write my Final Fantasy 13 review after getting 5 stars on every mission. That's a trophy I'm proud to have gotten. I would have liked to have said, "That's a trophy I am proud of" but you can't end a sentence with a preposition. Don't ask me why, it just seems so natural. Oh grammar, I'm glad I was a science major. :)

Vacation Time!

Got the next week off. Need a break from the wear and tear of work. Thinking of heading up north and going to Traverse, City Michigan. Nice pseudo resort town in the lovely state of Michigan. Can enjoy some nice rest and relaxation.

Why do teens always honk/yell at joggers?

I swear this annoys me. I run almost every day. 30% of the time, I'll have a car load of teens drive by that screams at me or just blares the horn. Don't know why they find that so entertaining. It's annoying and somewhat startling. Usually when someone honks, it's to alert you of something - so obviously it can be disconcerting.

And it's always teens. I've never had any other age group harass me. Is this some rite of passage or is it merely a lack of intelligence?

Happy 4th of July

Going to fire up the grill later on today. Can't be a true 4th without grilling hamburgers and hotdogs. Enjoy your holiday.

Update on the tests

So my needle stick won't killme after all. Negative on everything. I'm going to start wearing chain mail gloves to prevent this in the future. :P

So I just got tested . . . .

First let me clarify, I don't lead a particularly high risk lifestyle. However, I do work in the medical field. A few weeks ago, I got stuck with a needle from a relatively high risk person. :( Which of course, made me freak out. I was worried that I may have gotten some bad viral disease like HIV or hepatitis. Nice thing is that they have this medical risk committee thing where I work. Basically they assess your risk and treat you accordingly. They drew blood from the person - apparently they don't need consent for this as it is done to protect the other person. Then gave me the option of taking some antiviral pills.

It's been 4 weeks since the stick, so I got my obligatory blood test today. In the interim, I've been reading up on HIV and hepatitis and apparently the risk of transmission of HIV from a needle stick is incredibly low. Especially if it went through a latex glove - like mine did. Hepatitis is worse, but i've had that vaccine and I'm an adult. Supposedly if you get it when you are an adult, your body will more likely than not fight off the hepatitis and you get better. So that makes me feel better. Not sure how long it takes to get the results back, but I'm eager to see them. Hopefully, I won't be dead in 10 years. :P But honestly, after doing all this reading and talking to the docs, I feel a lot better.