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Hot Date this weekend

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Saw this very attractive women today at work - she had an appointment with me. Thought to myself, if only I met her someplace else and had the backbone to ask her out, I would be a happy man. I figured it would be unprofessional to ask her out since she was a client.

Get a call this afternoon from her, asking me out!!! Can't say no to that. I'm in heaven right now.

Back in the Saddle

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Finally got things straightened out at work and they will be treating me fairly. My last job at work is tomorrow and then I have a little time off before starting my new job. Glad things worked out - it's nice to not be cheated.

My boss has an especially warm place in hell reserved for him

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Thank goodness I'm leaving this group. There are just some people that are very bad people. My boss is one of them. He plays off like being this wonderful, church going person, but in reality he is a cold hearted, greedy, malicious person. This is really the first time in my life where I have been taken advantage of in a job. Really makes you angry. Especially since there's nothing I can do. Basically, my boss is stealing money out of my last paycheck, and there is no good way to go about getting it back. They are witholding money for supposed fees but they are bogus - I could take them to court but it would probably cost me more that way. Really annoying. I hope there is justice in this world because I would love to see him get his due.

Possibly moving back East.

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Looking at a new job. I'm currently working out west - in phoenix, but may be heading back east. There's a great job opportunity, good hours, good salary, great benefits. Plus most of my family and friends are back east. The only downside is that it is in a smaller town. Phoenix has a lot of young people and is a lot of fun, but I think this new area will a little boring. Tough call.

Baten Kaitos Thoughts

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Really starting to get into this game. Certainly has a couple of flaws, but they are easily overlooked. Don't know if I like the combat system or not, but it certainly is interesting. The cards you get in battle are randomly selected from your deck, so it can be frustrating at times when you can't play any combat cards due to a bad draw. You can pick which cards you put into your deck, but you can't pick which ones are in your hand during combat.

The story is decent, though very much in line with your typical jrpg. A group of teens, out to save the world. One with poor memory of his past. Airships. Spirits, and the recurrent them of when people die they return to the world or "ocean" in this case. The character development is a little shallow, but not as bad as I had heard. The only real annoying thing is the voice acting. It is just plain awful - they have these sound bits that sound as if they were recorded in a tunnel. The voices themselves aren't bad, but the recording is lousy.

Lots of hidden items and strategy - should keep me interested. At this point, I would have to score the game as low AAA.

Atomic Bombs

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I was watching the history channel the other day and they had a show about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Very interesting. They went over the events leading up to the bombing. Mainly the invasion of Okinawa. Apparently, that was one of the bloodiest campaigns in the Pacific. The Japanese army and many civilians were intent on fighting to the last man and the casualties both civilian and military were enormous on both sides.

An invasion of mainland Japan was being planned but unlike D-Day, the Japanese knew exactly where they would be attacked and were the landing would take place. The population was intent on withholding to the last person. The estimated casualties for a full scale invasion of mainland Japan would have been astronomical.

Thus, I do believe, that despite its horror, the atomic bombs saved lives - both American AND Japanese. The only way this war could have ended was with the unconditional surrender of the Axis. What people seem to forget is that millions of people died in WW2. Russian alone lost close to 20 million people. This war needed to end and the atomic bomb served its purpose. Fortunately, it has never been used in war since then and hopefully never will.


Playing Baiten Kaitos

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Just starting to figure out the learning curve. Never been big into card based battle systems, but this has been kind of fun. Starting to pick up on combos and such. Haven't pulled off any of the main or secret combos yet. Interesting game.

Lost my Job.

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Sort of. My employer gave me notice that they want me to look for a new job, but they also want me to stay as long as I can. Sound strange? It is. I guess they don't want me around for the long term, but in the short term I do make them a lot of money so they want me to stay for that. Kind of sucks. I was a little depressed for a while, but now that I have some strong leads I'm actually feeling a lot more hopeful and positive. I will have to move, most likely, and that will be a little expensive, but it won't be the end of the world, either. I don't wish this on anyone.

To build or not to build

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That is the question regarding my PC. And the answer is easy - yes I am going to build one. I've slowly been formulating a plan of attack to build a high end PC without having to pay high end prices for each part. Figure I'm going with an Athlon 64 CPU - likely 3600+ or 3700+ 939 socket unless there is a substantial price drop in the higher end ones.

Don't know if PCI-Express is the next best thing or just a faulty gimmick. Have to wait a little on that.

If anyone has good ideas on GPUs, let me know. Thinking about going with Nvidia but ATI is also up there. I don't think I want to try my hand at dual/SLI cards yet, but we shall see.