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Is Nintendo thinking this will sell 100k? I doubt it sells much more than that. I'll end up buying it, I love a good puzzle game.

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@thedude-: I'm assuming I am. I started using the site in 2001, signed up in 2003. Have been consistent on the forums over the last... wow...decade...

Although for being a member this long, I haven't entered the 5000 post club yet, lol.

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@behardy24: Thanks. Although it seems the levels don't increase anymore. Shame.

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And I think that's going to happen. The DLC is a way for Nintendo to "test the water" and see if the fanbase is receptive. It only makes sense to do this. They've exhausted the entire "Mario" universe. Bringing in some other characters from other Nintendo franchises would be great.

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Do we still have levels as users? And if we do, how would I go about seeing my own level and other people's?

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@elheber: I didn't even know Xenoblade was coming to N3DS. Too bad, I was hoping it would be included with XCX ala Bayonetta.

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@farrell2k: No. Unless the game explicitly supports it. I'm unaware of any games aside from Smash that do.

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I loved motion controls for Galaxy, Zelda TP (even though waggle), Skyward Sword, and Metroid Prime Trilogy.

I would be more than happy to see Nintendo go with a console with significant horsepower and motion controls.

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I hope the original Xenoblade is included. Wouldn't that be something?