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Okay, I have come to a conclusion. I cannot post in System Wars. This is an inconvenience to say the least.

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@ianhh6: ALBW I haven't finished yet. My assumption is that it falls somewhere near a Link to the Past. So it'll be in that portion of the timeline.

We really know nothing about Zelda U. I would place it in the Twilight Princess timeline.

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It does appear initially when posted. I re-enter the thread, and it's not there. I check my forum history, and my post does not show up there either. It's strange.

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I'm finding that I'm posting in the forum, and some of my messages don't show up in the thread or in my history. Is this is a common issue?

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Complete garbage

If you think your life is going too well and want to take it down a notch go ahead and play the Gamecube version.

It's not as awful as the Wii version but it's still the worst Zelda game out there.

To your credit, you haven't changed your opinion in 8 years.

To the TC, in my opinion, it's the definitive Zelda title. It's by a long shot my favorite Zelda. I found the sheer volume of dungeons to be great, the story is one of the better Zelda stories, the gameplay is superb, the items are diverse, and the world is very large and interesting to explore.

And despite some comments, I think the Wii version is by far the better version. The Wii controls although have waggle, it's an enjoyable waggle, and the IR pointer is great for hookshotting, arrow shooting, etc.

The only downside is the game is slow to get going. But once it does, amazing.

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Is Nintendo thinking this will sell 100k? I doubt it sells much more than that. I'll end up buying it, I love a good puzzle game.

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@thedude-: I'm assuming I am. I started using the site in 2001, signed up in 2003. Have been consistent on the forums over the last... wow...decade...

Although for being a member this long, I haven't entered the 5000 post club yet, lol.

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@behardy24: Thanks. Although it seems the levels don't increase anymore. Shame.

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And I think that's going to happen. The DLC is a way for Nintendo to "test the water" and see if the fanbase is receptive. It only makes sense to do this. They've exhausted the entire "Mario" universe. Bringing in some other characters from other Nintendo franchises would be great.