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that new gamespot layout

by on

this here new layout confuses me, obviously because of lack of any activity, or stuff

honestly most of my absence is because of steam so don't judge me D:<

also my name on steam sfg73™

yes the ™ is there, and no i'm not advertising, though i possibly am and not notice

even if you do, tell me you're from here or something because i'll less likely check back here

so yea i'll be off then for like another 37 years


stuff, new stuff

by on

so i got myself some games the other day

half-life 2, left 4 dead 2, and g-mod to be precise

i know g-mod isn't really a game but i like to think of as so

since it features "game modes"

i just finished hl2 not too long ago

it was better than i thought it would be, especially the boat part

though i have a feeling that i'm missing a bunch of stuff aside from the achievements

and i was thinking that i might rage sometime during the game and stop playing for a couple months

as for l4d2, i only finished the first campaign though

but i will tend to the other ones later

idk when but soon, hopefully



but anyways

thats about it, if i forgot anything i'll put in next blog or so

thats if i remember


See? i didn't forget you guys

by on

well maby i did, but eh, who cares right?:|

so i got myself some games the other day

brutal legend and terraria

so yeah um...

brutal legend is good, but it lags, and i use the mouse and keybord

but i changed some settings so it runs a little faster now

terraria on the other hand i already have th molten armor set

so all i need to do now is defeat the wall of flesh to enter hard mode

speaking of wall of flesh i tried to beat him the other day but i died

they weren't kidding that it is easier with a bridge, witch i didn't do because

i tried to be pro and do it without a bridge

so other than that, TF2 is going well

i tried to craft a kritzkrieg but end up with a vaccinator:|

but honestly its also a good item

so this is the explination for my absence

so see you guys later and have a good day

Mann vs. Machine

by on

I apologize for not posting anything in a while.

So, the Mann Vs. Machine update came out for TF2.

Its somewhat similar to the "defend x from y while upgrading your states/weapons" thing.

BUT, instead of the typical 16 people on one team

and 16 on the other, itsmore of 6 people against legions of robots

any more people who join are put in spectator.

and not to brag but my longest life is 13 minutes

as the heavy

anyways that just about wraps it, see you guys later.

you know what?

by on

Hey guys just to let you know I'll revert tovideo blogs for no fortold resons.

don't worry, I'll still type blogs just not as much though.

But look at my last blog, its dated aroundApril something.

so um, good by

see you then

and have a nice day


*insert blog title for blog here*

by on

uh, insert text here?

iagaindon't know what to type, nothing new really

so, my fading in and out is due to youtube, because now i havefaster internet and stuff.

i think that's it

whatever i'm forgeting may be in next blog, ifi remember

laters people!?

(i doubt i'll remember to respond to comments if any)

this is not a blog, a blog is this

by on

i have no better title for this blog whatsoever, along with not bloging in 3-4 months.

so hows everyone?

i'm coming out of a cold, but i'm feeling a lot better now just with ocasional coughs nothing to bad.

lets see uh

i'm all out of ideas for a blog so my minds blank right now

i'll keep this one short for now