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sonic1564 Domination Continuation: Proud Member of PUSH

Oh no System Wars, I'm not betraying you since I'm still gonna go under full control of the System Wars forum, but I need a break from trolling you and continue the domination in the PUSH forums with my lembro NeonNoir that was in effect in March 12th, 2013. My victims (calves) will soon learn that they're worshipping a false diety and come to the realization that they're not playing games (interactive movies is a better term) once their real hero (me) will save them all from Sony brainwash.

Interview with the great sonic1564!

Me: So sonic, do you personally think fanboyism is a disease?

sonic: Yes, and will never go away. Diagnosis of this disease is worse than death itself.

Me: Worse than death? Do you think that there will ever be hope of a cure?

sonic: Nope. We'd work on a cure, but it is funny as s*** to read arguments between the cows and lems. Hell, even the youtube videos are funny as s*** with these fanboys.

Me: Wait the fanboys make youtube videos? Do you think they are advancing with use of technology?

sonic: They only know how to make and put videos on youtube. That's it. They don't even know how to turn on their own console.

Me: Do you think there will actually be a war?

sonic: Legend has it that the war is real at the end of the generation between the lems, cows, sheep, and hermits, but they all end up dying.

Me: How are there still fanboys for the next generation.

sonic: The fanboy that controls the body like a shell dies and the fanboy will move on to another victim.

Me: Do these shells game more than one generation?

sonic: I don't know. I would be surprised as f*** if the cows know that there was a PS1 and a PS2 before a PS3 or the lems knowing that there was an xbox before the xbox 360.

Me: What is one of the stupidest things you have ever encountered when you and your team of fanbologists read in system wars?

sonic: Apparently, there is a lemming called ForzaGearsFace who interviewed with his alt account for some reason.

Me: He interviewed himself? That is funny as s***.

sonic: I know right? Who interviews themself?

Me: Well. it was nice having you here today.

sonic: It is great and remember, there are openings for fanbology at my lab. We do medical research on fanboys and study their brain. All it takes is to be a manticore or a gamer.

I've decided to come back

The reason for this is that I need competition in my life and it is healthy for companies like Microsoft and Sony too. I also would like to tell off fanboys that are idiots and to tell them my experience with both consoles.

My gaming laptop

The only form of a gaming rig that I own.

Here it is:

CPU: AMD Dual-Core Processor C60

with Turbo CORE Technology up to 1.333 GHz

Memory: 2 GB DDR3 Memory

Battery (if you care): 6-cell Li-ion batter


Graphics: AMD Radeon(TM) HD 6290

OS: Windows 7 (R) Home Premium 64-bit SP1

Why I argue with myself

Well besides the fact that it is that funny, I do it to impersonate the fanboys that are on System Wars. Fanboys become ignorant like IGNorant (see what I did there) every day and it is starting to get stupid. What I do is impersonate them my best and respond to that with a different fanboy that belongs there. I even do a worm impression too. Best of all, I am influenced by the fanboys that blindly worship Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. I even name Tom McShea "God McPerfect" for reasons of my own and his 7.5 Skyward Sword review. If you don't like it, too bad. It is here to stay.

It's been awhile

Sorry if you find any games too "Childish," but it has been 3 years since I've been here so don't worry about it


Simple equation

deal with it

Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)

Finally that this game is released. It can also be famous for many delays. I was dissapointed that you have to unlock Snake and Sonic. At least that they're in Brawl