Issues is Games

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I kinda wanted to make this to talk/address some issues I have with some games and they're developers, issues like cameras controls, lock-ons and whatever comes to mind. This will mainly be on action games cause they are my favorite types of games though this could apply to other games too. Now some of these games I'll be taking about aren't bad at all, I don't really how to do this so I'm basically just gonna go through some games one by one and what the issues are like and call out the makers of the game.

Now first off DMC devil May Cry is not that bad of a game at all, in fact I think its good. But I'm sure everyone knows and thinks this game should've had a lock-on button. Now I get what they were trying to do and the thought behind it, they wanted a dodge button, OK fine, but why 2 dodge buttons? L1/R1 are dodge and L2/R2 are your Demon and Angel mode weapons if you hold them down. What they were going for was if say you were doing attacks in demon mode and want to dodge you hold R2 and press L1, same goes for angel mode, I get it but it feels weird to press them like it is. Ninja Theory fucked up when they added the option to customize you controls, so I had its as the L1/L2 as angel/demon mode and R1/R2 as dodge. But now I have one 2 dodge buttons when I only need one? So why not have a lock-on button with R1 and R2 as dodge? Well Ninja Theory just didn't thnk it through enough and thats what holds the game back, other then PS3 version is worst version cause they don't spent time with it as much as the X360 with the loading and toned down graphics...

Killer is Dead looked so promising, but what happened? Well the story mode no sense at all, but it didn't have a lock-on button. So here's the problem, R2 is used to switch between 4 different weapons when press, but the Dpad with 4 directions is not used in battles. I just don't understand why they didn't think this through at all and it just bugs me when you have all these buttons on the damn controller but they don't do anything... No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw had it so what the hell man! So really Suda51, if he had any thought behind it, was just not thinking at all...

Ninja Gaiden games just have the worst camera in modern gaming, and its been like that for almost 10 years now so really Team Ninja is just a really lazy company that just does not want to address this at all, I dunno maybe the Japanese gamers don't find it a problem at all but we western folks don't like it at all...

You probablly don't know what Senran Kagura for the Vita is but if you do cool... But the lock-on in that game is ass, touching the screen to lock-on when say buttons like Select are not used, now left and right and the Dpad for some reason rotates the camera and I just found out about this now. But you have the right stick that already does that for you so why??? So again put no lock-on on Dpad or something, and for future games being devoloped please don't use the touch screen as lock-on!!! Also updating the game to do that would be nice too, hell Street Fighter 4 with Ultra coming out updating and adding characters and what not why can't you?

Update: They added a locking to Up on Dpad via update!

Dead Rising 1 and 2 had no locking on and its understandable cause they're so many damn zombies, but the control of your character is just so bad. Firstly weapons do not break so fucking easiler, especially if its a metal pipe. And secondly have 2 buttons that do horizontal and vertical attacks, not attack depending on weapon and hold attack it do whatver it'll do like a stab or something, cause thats what I want to do when herds of zombies are around me.

Metal Gear Rising is one of the best action game I've player and one of my favorites, but the camera when against a wall or something is pretty bad, also I wish they had the different weapons on the Dpad.

Assassin's Creed 3 is worst game I've ever play, maybe its cause I never played the others to understand it but I can't forgive it for the loads of flaws it has.

So that's about all I can think about and come up with, think I lost my trail of thought somewhere but meh.

I give up...

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I'm not going to deal with learning the new layout anymore. Things like my games are unorganized and don't want to reorganized at all, viewing my ratings for my games all in own page is gone now. From what I can understand you basically make like folders with game in them, it seems alright for little things like say games I use to own buy not for giant collections... Also the site is noticeably slow so it's a real pain the organize, maybe this will be fixed but by then probably won't give. Maybe I'll right reviews or blogs whenever I feel like it if people still care about that kind of stuff at all...

Features I want in Super Smash Bros. Wii U/ 3DS that aren't just characters

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So I wanted to make a list of things I want in the new Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Now this isn't going to be a list wishlist of characters I want in the game though Sakurai if your reading this, which your not... then give me Falco and Lucina...

Anyways this is gonna be like a list of features I want added or improved or whatever so it can be the game that I think everyone would want. So in no real order I'll just write them down here.

Vastly improved online play for a number of things, I don't think anyone will denie that Brawl's online play was not very good, so I want a netcode that is superior than what we had to work with in the past. Namco Bandai is developing the game and I hear that their fighting game's online is one of the best online play right now so use that please!

Custom matchmaking, quick matches, maybe ranked? I want to be able to choose to do 1v1, no items with someone on the internet instead of 4 player free for all or team battle that I had to deal with in Brawl, unless you had friends then you could 1v1 if you wanted but they're not always playing.

A lobby system with rotation and not just with friends, that means like the loser is switched out for another player waiting in lobby and they have say 10 seconds or something to join the next game or else the next guy waiting will be able to join or something like that. Have the host be able to freely change the rule set if they wish to and set a ruling where if a person has a steak of say 5 wins then they are forced to switch with another waiting. Also be able to spectate and mic/text chat matches going on while waiting. In Brawl the name edit thing was the way to chat or just say silly things before a match and its just silly doing things like that, now you might not be able to curse but at least then we'd be able to chat with eachother.

If a player disconnects, have them turn to CPU's instead of the match disband, I can't tell you how much this has pissed me off when playing Brawl. Also have the players name show up online, this only showed up in friend matches so I want too able to be like, "oh it's that guy again", or "aww man, that guy", and avoid them or kick them out.

Online tournements, now this my be just me but I want to do online tourneys. Now I don't know how many people would be willing to wait for everyones match to pass cause that will be hella long, so the way I see it is everyone plays their match at the same time and those who win go up the tree and like wait for the next person they fight and then they go at it, while the losers can either leave the tourney and do something else or stay to watch the matches or something like that. That's just my idea so that you don't have to wait so long for everyone.

Be able to do single player modes online, in Brawl you had the choice to co op with a friend to play the single player modes so why not be able to play them online too? I know you can do Home-Run and Multi-Man but let me have other options too.

Be able to play on custom stages online, now I know you'd probably all need to have the same custom stage but I'd like to see this work somehow instead of playing them offline only, maybe have it like every few days your given custom stages people made, that way everyone would have them and if you like the stage you have save it on you hard drive if you want.

Be able take photo's, upload them to social media sites like Facebook or even Twitter, and even able to save replays and upload them to Youtube. I can't stress how many replays I have sitting in my Wii and how much I want to show them but not be able to because I don't have a capturing device and I'm not going to just point a camera at the TV. So would love to have this feature in the game, hell Dead or Alive 5 does it, why not Smash Bros. too?

Customizable controls, like Brawl I want this back. I want everyone to play how they are comfortable assigned via name entire. That way you don't have to do button checks everytime before you do a match.

Now the next few are just things they could put in if they wish to do so. In Melee most characters had a meteor smash move, but in Brawl some characters meteor smash turned into divekicks but I guess it kinda did spike but put you in danger. So what I want is the choice for those characters to do a spike or divekick, maybe have it that if you press/tap say Down and A you do a meteor smash but if you press Down and hold A you do a divekick. I just think this would be better and if you kill yourself with a divekick but ment a spike it's your fault though maybe if was you controller...

Option to turn on/off stage hazards, now I like any stage really but I'm not going to lie when I do play well but the stage will turn on me and lose, just saying.

Have it so characters that have a grapple move be able to latch onto the stage instead of on the ledge much like Melee.

A fourth taunt, in Smash 64 and Melee you had one taunt. In Brawl you had 3 taunts but the 2 side ones left/right were the same so having 4 taunt buttons on the Dpad would be kinda nice to have and it adds for more.

Now of course we live in the age where things are digital and have add on's so if Nintendo really wanted to they could do DLC characters for the game, I do have mixed feelings for this of course but I think the game will last for quiet a long time till the end of the Wii U's life cycle so adding characters and such may be a good for us to come back to the game and keep playing.

Now this is just what I feel they should do for this game and hopefully if Sakurai see's this, which I doubt.. then they can add these things. Most of these come from my experience from Brawl and what other fighting games have done and had to offer. I'm probably missing more things but this is all I can think up right now. Of course there are some characters I'd like to see but it's not up me to choose what will be in the game.

UPDATE 1: If Pokemon Trainer returns have if you can switch which trainer you can be from each generation and also switch genders.

Tell me what you think of this list of things and what you'd like to see the game have to make it better?

Topic about violence and gore or whatver it is...

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So I kinda want to make this topic now since GTA V is out now. A little while ago me and a friend were watching the movie Prometheus. [SPOILERS I GUESS] There was a scene where the girl had to remove an alien creature that was in her so I kinda just left and came back. When I came back he asked why I left, one the movie was kinda boring but the other reason was I can't really handle the blood or gore that was going on. Now I'm the type of guy that don't really like horror or scary movies because I kinda like cringe when people get cut up and blood stuff coming out. Because it looks real I can't deal with it. We then had a topic about the matter.

So he stated or said like, "see films and video games don't cause the violence in the world". And I 100% agree, first off they aren't real, OK films can look really violent and real, but they're not real and is a form of entertainment. When topics like a video games caused an act of violence in the news, we will just jump in and say no that is not the case. We have been dealing with these kinda things for years on years because we know and will defend what we love. I think you all and I should know that there's a limit to what we can and can't do in life. "Your telling me I can do a million cuts at some random person in just a few seconds and they won't die?" Come on now, we know thats not possible. "I can shoot a person in the head and get away with it?" Nope you going to jail now. It's things like this that we just can't do in life, how many of you say something like "dude I'll kill you if you lose this" or "man I'd kill to get my hands on that", those are just eggagerated things we say, we're not gonna go out of our we to do something like that. Video games are like that too, guy gets stabbed and like gallons of blood just sploosh out like that, I think he should be dead by then but nope still alive. I mean it looks awesome but its eggagerated and not real. So basically there's a barrier between whats real and not and what we can't do.

When it comes to say children that play violent things that they are not old enough to play I would say it is up to the parent or guardian with them to teach them that it's not real and they can't be doing these kinda things in life. Now I played GTA San Andreas when I was 10-12 at a friend's parent's house, and their son who was probably in his 20's I think, handed me the controller and played the game, and I thought it was amazing at the time and borrowed it cause I guess he trusted that I know better. I told a friend that I was playing the game and I'd use to often go to his house and we played the game together. Now we were not old enough to play these games yet, but we knew better than to try and act it out in real life and still do. It's funny, I was playing UMVC3, which is not really very violent really, and my sister was watching me play and said, "man this game is violent", and I was like really??? Now I don't think she really played video games back then and shes like 10 years older than me. But that basically tells me that we were born in different Era's. My teacher in highschool talked about how back in the days when news hit that a person died it was really big, but now a days when it happens it not a big deal, I mean OK it's sad and we fell sorry it happened, but now because we hear about it all the time in this generation we're so use to it now and just move on in our lives.

Anyways, I'm losing track of what I'm writing right now, my friend I was talking about this with told me to write this topic so here it is I guess... My sister has 2 children so I'm an uncle of a nephew and niece now so when the time comes and they pick up the controller I'll have to step in and do my part.


Edit: So the apparently the topic was about how video games are way different because I play violent games, but I can't watch violent or gory movies cause it's more real than video games. So games are less likely to **** people up than movies so blame movies. Yeah, I don't remember the topic well at all...

I did not buy GTA V

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So I went to Eb Games and saw that there was a big line for GTA. I think I was the only guy there that wasn't there to get the game... Instead I was there to get Killer is Dead cause I saw there was a sale on it for $40. Finally made it to the counter and told the guy there I wasn't there for GTA and he seem kinda surprised, so I got the limited edition for Killer is Dead for 40 bucks which I not expecting and pre ordered the limited edition for Ys Memories of Celceta for the Vita.

So yeah, kind of an akward day but I got a win I guess... At one point I'll get GTA V but not now, maybe when its cheap.


What is most important, Gameplay, Story, Or Graphics?

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There are generally 3 elements to video games, gameplay, story and graphics. But what is most important? Now lets not lie, not all the of these 3 things are perfect. One could be shit but the other could be really good. But what would you say is the most important or even what would you choose over the other?

Professional Reviews or User Reviews

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So often times I go around looking up reviews on various video games and such. Most of the time I am reading/watching reviews from users. Sometimes times when I read/watch some of these things they are either really good or really bad, both "professional" and user. In terms of pro reviews from big gaming sites I honestly don't agree with some of the things they point out. Or in generally because its just one person doing the review, that persons one opinion is now the whole sites opinion on the game. This is where I think user reviews are alot better than a professional reviewer, because you have multiple individual consumers that went out and bought the game, whos opinions matters than that one person who is paid to do this. Then you have to understand the target addience that some of these games are marketed towards. Some games just don't appeal to others, I for one for example, don't play FPS's or MMO's, it's just not my kind of thing. Sure it may be fun to play with friends, but its usually the type of games that just don't appeal to me so I know that I'm probably not going to like or avoid it. So when I look at a review, I'm going to assume that this thing that they're reviewing is the type of game they're into. This is also where I think user reviews are better, because sometimes I think a pro doesn't seem to understand the type of game or even care of that type of genre that they are doing so often times that resorts in a low score. Honestly I think what sites should do is have multiple reviews from various reviewers and what they opinions towards a game are other than just one persons. Now sometimes user reviews do this kind of thng too, but again I just wanted to point out what I think between the 2

So what do you think? Do like one over the other? Both? I don't know your talking about? I'd like to know.

Thoughts on used games

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So over the years I've been going to EB/Gamestop, I've notice the amount of used games there are at the store. The most recent game I got used was Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 Sigma which I recently had an urge to play for some reason, pretty good stuff. So the main point I wanna point out is that whenever I walk into a store, about maybe 1/4 of the walls, maybe less then that actually, is filled with used games. This is actually really sad to look at, whenever I see it I'm just like "man just look at all these used games gradually pilling up", and just some of the conditions that they are in too. Another thing I wanna point out are gutted copies of games. This is when they take a couple of new sealed games, open them and put them on the shelve for display. Worst case is when they run out of new sealed copies and have to resort to selling the guuting copy to the customer, fpr the same price. First off, if you open a new copy of a game, its now used, I don't care what you say. Even if its "like new" its stil like used now son. Honesty I think if your going to gut copies of games you might as well just sell them used now. Another thing are prices, now 5 bucks less for used I'm fine with that I guess. But sometimes when you have a used copy that cost more than the new then there something wrong, maybe its an outdated sticker tag or they're just lazy to just change it which I can understand I guess.


But yeah, thats's mainly some of the stuff I wanted to talk about. What are your thoughts on the whole used games situations. Do you buy used games? Why do you buy them? Is it because you proably can't find them anymore or cause they're cheaper? Do you not like it? I'd like to know.

Finally Beated Ar Tonelico 2

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ar tonelico

After a long time, pretty much since the release of this game, I have finally beaten this game! This is one of the most interesting RPG's I have ever played. Though there are some flows in this game, I find that it was indeed worth playing. At first when I found this game on Gamespot I was like "This looks like @$#!" Really. Then after its release my friend told me to buy it. His reason was because it looked like 2 girls kissing, which is not true. So I went on researching about the game and found that it had elements of visual novels in it. So I figured sure why not. As time passed I grew to like the game, especially the art done by Nagi Ryou who has become one of my favorite artist. Now that I have beaten it time to move on, mainly to Ar Tonelico 3. Its been fun but its time to say goodbye.

Those wondering I went with Lady Cloche~!

Will do a review sometime.

Catherine Vs. mode at a fighting game tournement level?

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So at about last week I was watching a stream of fighting game players doing a Valkyria Chonicles playthrough when they then switched to Catherine and played Vs. mode with each other. At first I thought it was just a race to the finish, but thats only part of it. If you throw in some fighting game knowledge and commentary in it then it becomes a competitive fighting game! Really! All the stuff in the Vs mode really translates into a fighting game. Today I was watching Nocal Install, a fighting game tourney, where fighting gamers are competitively fighting each other. It's really insame but it was so hilarious, tence and enjoyable to watch, and hype also.

So is Catherine at a level where it can be played at a tournement level? I haven't tried the Vs mode with a friend yet so I can't say, but from what I and over 2000 viewers just saw I say, "CATHERINE FOR EVO 2K12"!!!~

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