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ThirtyThird Monthly Recap: September 2010

36 game pickups this month is not bad considering I spent half the month on the other side of the world in Mumbai, India. I am excited about picking up that batch of original Xbox games from my brother. I am also excited about all the good XBLA deals I got. Halo Reach is finally here!! Unfortunately I was in India during the launch, so I am a little behind, but so far am loving the game. Standout pickups this month are Halo: Reach, Arx Fatalis, Contact, Red Dead Revolver, Resonance of Fate, and Plants vs. Zombies. Though I found out that there is a retail copy of PvZ available on disc.. Doh, if I had known, I would have gotten that version instead.. oh well.

Forgot to mention: this month I hit 50,000 gamerscore on the dot! :D



Contact Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days The Quest Trio Syberia




Clock Tower 3


Arx Fatalis Colin McRae Rally 04 DRIV3R Hitman: Contracts Hitman 2: Silent Assassin The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders Red Dead Revolver Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams The Sims Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue


Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard Halo: Reach NHL 2K8 Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Resonance of Fate Virtua Tennis 2009 Where the Wild Things Are


BUST-A-MOVE Live! Dead Rising 2: Case Zero DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue Gyromancer Plants vs. Zombies Puzzle Chronicles


Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers Roogoo: Twisted Towers Spyborgs Trauma Center: Second Opinion

Total: 36 games