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Xbox live gold

I recently updated my gamertag from silver to gold.Before i wasn't into the whole ONLINE thing, it just didn't appeal to me but that was a couple of years ago.Now i see online as the best way to play shooters and rythem games. All i have to say is i'm gonna have a lot of fun ;)

The lich king is coming.

Well it's that time of year where iget really excited for a game. This year though there have been more then one,but my most anticipated game has got to be WotLK the new WoW xpack. Northrend is shaping up to be better then th outlands and death knights are gonna be very cool as well. so these next 5 days are gonna be painful, cause i'll be waiting for te game to come out. But when the day finnally comes i will be very happy. Even with the haters and trolls.

thank you.

360 broken and new games played

well these last couple of mounths have been pretty crazy. one my 360 breaks thanks to RRoD so now i have to wait til christmas to play rockband 2 again ugh. i also got to play GH:WT and i have to say i am both a little suprised and sadly dissapointed, i'll write a reveiew soon. i have also been playing Fallout 3, SW:TFU,and WoW. i am eagerly anticipating the new WoW expantion so i can take my 70 to northrend and try out the DK's. the new calstlevania looks really cool as well.

No More Heroes

What can i say about No More Heroes? well i would ay its one of the most unique and totally weirdly awesome games i have ever played its so sereal and travis is a pervy dude with a freakin' light sword!!!!

i plan on having a reveiw as soon as i finish the game.

thank you.

somadude top 5 games of the month

Hello gamespoters i'm somadude here with my top five games of the month

#1. The witcher

#2. naruto: rise of the ninja

#3. FFT: war of the lions

#4. The world ends with you

#5. lord of the rings online: shadows of angmar

All of these games are great and i will be reviewing more games soon.

Thank you.

Game of the year:psp

Now everyone on the psp boards have been debating over what game should be GoTY for the psp and these are the top three

Crisis Core:FFVII

with amazing graphics a heart touching story this game is my number one pick for game of the year on the psp

next is patapon

a colorful world with tiny little eyeball men with one goal to reach the end of the earth this is number two on my top three.

The final game is God of War:CoO

its bloody but short,aside from that its a great 7 hours or so and makes it to number three.

now those are just the first three best games to be seen yet this year but hopefully there will be many more contenders for the GoTY award.

thank you. Yours truly, somadude

shooting,slashing,and singing

Well this year so far has been pretty great for games with CC:ffvii,patapon,and GoW:CoO all out for the psp

also rockbands DLC is still going strong and ninja gaiden 2 on its way the 360 is booming

for the wii the line up has been pretty fantastic SSBB is an amazing game also plenty of great games on the wii Vconsole

as for the Ds it now has a ninja gaiden of its own and all sorts of cool puzzle,fighting,and rpg titles now on store shelfs

plus there are tons more games on the way if 2007 was just the start of good things to come then 2008 is gonna be a truly amazing year for gameing

thank you. yours truly somadude

p.s keep on gaming!!!


Now this is one of those game's i didn't know about til the month before realease and right when i looked at it i did some quick research and found out how cool it is.Then i knew i had to play so i went to Gamestop and pre-ordered it. After they handed me my demo i put it in my psp as soon as i got home and then i played the whole 2 hour or so demo and said WOW cause this game is really fun.It's a brilliant mix of stratedgy, side scrolling and rythem in other word's its pure genius. Now i can't wait to get my full game on the 27th.

thank you. your's truly somadude

just beat half life two

and all i can say is WOW i finally rented (and i'am going to buy)the orange box and WOW half life is sooooo sweeet going to beat episode 1


today i was playing bioshock and it's the first time i've seen it on my hdtv also im trying to get all of the vidio diarie's and achievment's it's great playing bioshock again i've found so many new thing's i didn't see before and in hd that's what i call sweet.