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Next gen of consoles

We are heading toward the next gen of video games.which one will win?i think sony got more in mind like always.maybe some changes in controllers.resolution,graphic should do it.

New metal gear

I saw the VGA 10 and the most intersting phase was the new trailer of MGS ground zeroes.It was great, more like a action movie.I cant wait to play it guys.old snake

Resident evil 6

Finally one of my favorite will come to i cant wait anymore.this one seems really cool.three storyline and never get boring.


About this e3

What can i say? ah sony was always based on exclusive only relies on his kinect,i expected to see mgs rising and last guardian but what happened.they were absent.i think the best of e3 was MW3 and tomb rider.ghost recon future soldiers was great on kinect.raiden

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