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Halo Reach Madness!

Just recently I took a look at Bungie's weekly update for July 16 2010 and there was so much to see that I almost exploded!


Return to Blood Gulch:

On 7/7/10, Rooserteeth released their video for Bungie day. This video would feature the whole gang returning back to Blood Gulch. Only this time, Blood Gulch would be called The Canyon. During the video, we got a little sneak peek of The Canyon as well as a new armor ablity known as the hologram. Explained by Bungie, the hologram can be the most easiest to use as well as to fall for. Using the hologram will make a duplicate of you with everything that you have to the perfect detail. From your armor to your current weapon, the hologram can be used to trick your enemy into thinking that you went left when you went right. The hologram last for 10 seconds or until you die. Other then that, where you put your cross hairs will be where your hologram will run to in a straight line.

Full Armory:

Bungie now has a new armory with more options to choose from. In the beta, people were only able to unlock the chest piece, the shoulders, and the helmet. Now, Bungie has a complete list of the armory instead of showing a few at a time.

Halo Reach Armory

What I'm really interested in is the utility and armor effect. By my predictions, I think you can actually pick what could happen to you or your armor. On another note, they also listed a few armor permutations.

-Click Here to See-

As you can see, these are some of the armor unlocks you can get in Halo Reach. What really troubles me is the last 5 pics of this list. The last four has Buck from ODST and Johnson, Cortana, and Master Chief from Halo 3. Does this mean that you can play as them in Halo Reach firefight or does that connect to the Firefight Voice? And who's the 5th guy? He looks like a new character. If you can also note that the jolly roger with the confetti and hearts as well as the helmet with a green haze and electrical background. The Jolly Rogers might be effects that could happen to you when you die and the helmet is for when your alive. You may also note that Noble Team has their helmets off (other then Emile and Noble 6). This could be the fact that you can play as them in firefight like you could in ODST. What I've said are nothing but predictions. Nothing is true until bungie confirms.

And the Award goes to...:

Finally, Bungie released the awards that would be obtainable in Halo Reach. This would be all the helmets from Noble Team. The Noble 6 helmet will only be given out for those who go to Comic Con in San Diego. (So good for you if you can meet RooserTeeth as well as get a Noble 6 Helmet from Comic Con. Count yourself on my hit list.)

Pre-order NOW!:

Now this wasn't listed in the update but Game Spot is allowing people who pre-oder Halo Reach from them will get UA Multi-Threat Mjolnir Mark V Armor.

Bonus Armor

With the fact that you can unlock Recon with any pre-order and special Elite armor with the limited edition and the flaming helmet (along with the elite armor) with the legendary edition. Now they include this new armor piece if you pre-order from Game Stop. As much of a halo freak I am, I don't see myself pre-ordering from game stop just for armor that does absolutely nothing other then making yourself look pretty when you're getting tea bagged. (Okay, maybe I might be tempted to buy from game stop especially the limited edition, but you get what I'm saying.)

Japan gone nuts!

Now I love anime. I watch it most of my life. I would even say my brain is 50% anime, 40% video games 9% manga, and 1% chocolate. If you watch anime as much as I do, you would know of all the attracted females on most shows. The way the show uses them to get viewers (or fat, lonely men) is a way not most cartoons do. If you don't understand just watch one of the listed anime that uses this technique frequently:

Salior Moon

Tokyo Mew Mew

Love Hina

And if you still don't understand, then you must care. In some animes, even young girls are used to get their views. Whether it's in a bikini or an attrative position, these girls have been used to make guys go nuts. (Welcome to the NHK) This has been going on ever since I could remember. It didn't stop there. Soon, these girls would be revealing more then whats under their skirts. I personaly thinks this ruins the anime as a whole. I wouldn't care if it's part of the show, but it's still wrong. Anyway, I recently found out that manga artists are angry over the sex and violence ban. This ban would rid alll the sex and violence in children comics and would put an age limit on sexually explicit manga. Now, I'm not sure that this is also effecting anime, but if it does then I see no harm in this.

Machiko Satonaka, manga artist, said that this proposed legislation "pertains to freedom of expression and is open to a variety of interpretations." If this law would pass, it would be limited to Tokyo, and would crackdown on any "Bad" manga. In any case, I think that this is a huge step forward and would actually make anime and manga fun again. Thats the end!

Soldier's Time Vault 10

The day has come.


Long time ago, on a channel that is long forgotten....


In the year 1993, Zordon;

power rangers 2010

found out that the evil Rita Repulsa;

power rangers 2010

has escaped from her imprisonment and need a team of awesome, young martal artists to defeat her and her minions. These five would become the MIGHTY MORPHING POWER RANGERS!

power rangers 2010

Jason Lee Scot was the first red ranger and was also the leader of the Power Rangers. He would go on to be the Gold Ranger in Power Rangers: Zeo. His last apperance would be in Power Rangers: Wild Force, episode "Forever Red" as the Red Ranger once again. His megazord and power coin was the Tyrannosaurus.

power rangers 2010

Billy Cranston would be given the honor of the Blue Ranger. Although not as awesome as the Red Ranger, Billy would be a worthy friend. He would later quit being a ranger and help Zordon and Alpha 5 with new equipment. Billy's megazord and power coin was the Triceratops.

power rangers 2010

As the yellow ranger, Trini Kwan would be the cool tom boy-ish ranger. Unfortunately the actress, Thuy Trang, died in a car crash. In the episode "Circuit Unsure" of the Power Rangers: Time Force series, a dedication was made for her. Trini's megazord and power coin would be the bad azz Saber-Thooth Tiger.

power rangers 2010

The Black Ranger would be filled in by Zach Taylor. The Orginal Black Ranger might I add. Replaced by Adam Park, who got to contine being a ranger up until Turbo as the Green Ranger, and reappear as the Black Ranger in Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive. Zach would not be seen again. His megazord and power coin would be the Mastodon.

power rangers 2010

Lets not for get the Pink Ranger. The old fashion Pink Ranger, Kimberly Ann Hart, would be proof that girls can fight and still look good doing so. She, along with Jason, would reappear in the Power Rangers: Turbo movie, not as rangers, but as friendly foes. (If you get what I'm saying) Her megazord and power coin would be thePterodactyl.

power rangers 2010

Tommy Oliver would be the orginal "Evil Ranger." Summoned by Rita to fight against the Zordon's rangers, Tommy would go on to join The Might Morphing Power Ranger. As time grew on, the evil that made the green ranger was still controlling him. Alpha 5, Along with the help of Billy, would create the the newest ranger made completely of good. And thus the White Ranger was born. In later years, Tommy would go on as the Red ranger in Power Rangers: Zeo, as well as Poower Rangers: Turbo, and even LATER, The Black Ranger in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. As the Green Ranger, his megazord and power coin would be, The Dragon, and as the White Ranger, The White Tiger. (I would say this guy would be my all time favorite ranger ever.)


All in all, the Power Rangers have lasted a pretty long time. A good 20 sum seasons. Even longer in Japan as The Super Sentai. Now it will come to an end with Power Rangers: RPM, which looks like a rip off of Power Rangers: Turbo. As of the last season, ABC Kids announced that they would bring back the original Power Rangers Digitally Remastered. So in a way, there's loss and gain from this. Well, more like HUGE loss, and some-what big gain. In the end, Power Rangers will never die. Unfortunately Zordon does. (As he dies in Power Rangers in Space.) But for those who remember the good old Power Rangers, watch it on ABC Kids on Saturday mornings just like the old days. And before I close, I'll list all the power rangers theme songs from Season 1 to RPM. Enjoy.


Mighty Morphing Power Rangers

Mighty Morping Alien Rangers

Power Rangers: Zeo

Power Rangers: Turbo

Power Rangers in Space

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy

Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue

Power Rangers: Time Force

Power Rangers: Wild Force

Power Rangers: Ninja Storm

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

Power Rangers: S.P.D. (Space Patrol Delta)

Power Rangers: Mystic Force

Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive

Power Rangers: Jungle Fury

Power Rangers: RPM

Mighty Morphing Power Rangers REMIX!

Give it up, cuz now I'm back.

That's right reader. Your favorite delusional, mad man/nut job is back. And to start of my madness, a quick "hi" and another word.


Anyway, today's post will not only publish my return, but will give you a sneak peek on the next blog post:

Soldier's Time Vault 10!!!!!

In my next Time Vault, I'll talk about the almighty, all popular, all awesome in every way,

power rangers 2010

That's right. And now is the best time because:

1. It's my 10 Time Vault,

2. The year is 2010, and

3. I watched Power Rangers ever since I was born.

So in honor of Power Rangers' Rise/Fall, I will post this in memory of what is and always will be




Good Bye..... For Now!

2nd quarter is about to start soon and I have a lot to catch up on. My grades aren't doing so well, so I have decided to take a little vacation from the Internet, video games, and other social activities...

???: What social activities?! You got no life!

( gun shot )

Where was I? Oh yeah. And social activities to catch up on my grades. Just taking a week off has helped me a little. Now the football is almost over, I might have better time to actually DO my homework and study. This is a big leap for me, I know, but it is a chance I'm willing to take. I'll start as soon as 2nd quarter begins. The time I get back will be when my grades are better, or if I finally caved in. I really hope that it's the grades. I cave in so easily. Before I leave for a while, I will say this...

Understand.... A Life Story

What it means I won't tell, but since I know no one will read this because it's 10:30 P.M. over here and no one reads this any way, I just wanted to say that. I also said that on my Facebook as well. If I can get the correct answer without hints, I would give them, $1 Billion in an alternate dimension. Other than that, you have understood what a life story really is and what you should do. Oh, I wasn't sappose to say that. Well, there's your hint. Good Luck!

Anime Reviews 5


Great Teacher Onizuka also know as GTO is about a ex-leader biker named Onizuka. He plans on becoming the best teacher due to the fact he has been treated as trash when he was in school. The other reason he wants to become a teacher is to hit on his female students. The way he thinks and acts are two totally different things when it comes to women. He'll either think as a pervert or as act as an awesome guy. Other then that, this is one teacher you don't want to mess with. Within the anime itself, it is filled with tons of comedy. A weird opening, but it's nothing from stupidity. If you want to watch something funny, GTO is your anime.

Moon Phase:

A little vampire girl, named Hazuki, lived in this huge castle for most of her life and she wants out. A photographer named Kohei Morioka is out looking for the best supernatural pictures out there so he decides to go visits the castle Hazuki lives in. He was told to set her free and because the story wouldn't be more interesting with them living in a huge castle for all eternity, he sets her free. For some strange reason, Hazuki loves dressing up as a cat, but she still has that little girl charm. Freaks me out a bit, but hey, that's anime. This iis siad to be a supernatural romance comedy but I really don't care. As long as it makes me laugh, I can care less about romance. Other then that, it's an amazing anime.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ( When they [the cicadas] cry ):

I know the title is confusing, but really in english is When They Cry. When The Cicadas Cry is said to be the literal term. When They Cry is my first psychological horror anime I had to watch since that insident with Shuffle! It takes place in the year 1983 and is mainly about a boy named Maebara Keiichi that comes to the small village of Hinamizawa. He then met 4 girls and became friends with them. Their names are Rena, Mion, Rika, and Satoko. There is no main story because the anime had 3 or 4 story arcs. These story arcs get confusing but can be interesting. Each story arc has it's own plot twist that makes my head spin. I had to look on Wikipedia just to look for answers. The entire web is confusing but if you look closely at times, you're able to tell what episodes connect to which. If you still don't know how the story arcs work, ( if enough people want to know ) then I'll make a visual presentation and the connections to each episodes. When I said that this anime was a psychological horror, I mean pretty girls with axes or something sharp that can kill you did try to kill of Keiichi. This might not mean anything to most of you but just watching a guy kill two girls in his room with a baseball bat and then killing himself by cutting his own neck with his fingernails kinda distubs me. The funny thing about this anime is that it was also labled as a Harem. This was basicly the main reason I watched this show. Some humor is given in this anime, but you get so into it you can care less. As for the anime itself, WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

Halo Legends: The stories

Halo Legends is the new anime short films such as The Animatrix, and Batman: Gotham Knight. Until now, the stories featured in Halo Legends has been a mystery to me, but now I know. -Here-

I also took a look at the creators of each shorts and I was surprised to not even know some of these people:

Bones is in charge with the short Prototype. Prototype is about a Marine sent to destroy a prototype power armor, but disobeys when some people are under attack by Covenant and he uses it to help them out. Bones also created Eureka Seven, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Ouran High School Host Club.

Production I.G. are creating Duel and Homecoming. Duel takes place during the formation of The Covenant and Homecoming is about the Spartan-II project and stuff. Production I.G. is well known for Ghost In The Shell, but also made FLCL and helped make the video game PaRappa The Rapper.

Studio 4*C are in the process of making two films for Halo Legends. Origins is about the Halo history, ( said to be in two parts ) and Babysitter is about the rivalry between Spartans and ODSTs. Although Studio 4*C doesn't make any famous anime, they have participated in The Animatrix and Batman: Gotham Knight. They have also created the music video for Linkin Park's "Breaking the Habit."

Last, but not least, is Toei Animation. They only have one short called, Odd One Out, which is about a Spartan with the numbers 1337. How does that sound familar? ( 1337 = Leet ) Anyway, Toei Animation is very well known for the Dragon Ball series, but also for Yu-Gi-Oh, One piece, and even Digimon. ( Isn't that just hunting me down )

There is a 5th one, but I really don't know what they do. As long as they don't suck, I'm okay with that.

H3 ODST: Review

Halo 3 ODST is certainly a game to play. The story takes place during halo 2 as the covenant went slip-space to the new halo and mater chief has to follow him. You play "The Rookie" as he crashes on New Mombasa. Separated from his squad, he looks for clues to what happen to them. To help you is the city's A.I. the Superintendent. He'll guide you to main locations throughout the city for your clues.

Because your not a spartan anymore, you have stamina. If you have no more stamina, you lose health. When you lose health, you look for health packs. Sound familiar? It should if you played the first Halo. By going back to the halo one concept it gave players the "duck n' fire" type of game they were given in Halo 1. A new visor and weapons really made it's own place in the halo crowd. Some minor changes were also made, such as a shorter character for cover, and you can hold 3 of every grenades.

Firefight is the new co-op game type on H3 ODST. With different maps and the option of a night version makes the game fun. The best way to play firefight is with friends. Because alone on Legendary sucks.

My predictions on Halo 3 ODST weren't that bad. I was wrong at some, but not all. My first prediction was that Dare and Romeo died. That was false. I'm not going to spoil so I'll skip to my next predictions. My second was Deja Vu. I was right about the secret vehicle, but I didn't know about the modded rocket launcher. The third was stupid but the fouth was dead on corret. Engineers are a new enemy that heals it's team mates. They don't kill you, but they make their team mates to the killing.

Halo 3 odst predictions

Because Halo 3 ODST is coming out tomorrow, I thought I would try to take a stab at the game and try to see if I can predict what can happen in the game based on the achievements.


2 of the achievements, Tayari Plaza and NMPD HQ, have a picture of a broken recon helmet and bent back sniper rifle. That must mean, Romeo and Dare died. Other then pointing out the obvious, one of your main missions is to find out what happen to your squad. What I think was an actual scene from the game was parts of the Halo 3 ODST vid doc "Desperate Measures." I bet Romeo died looking for those lost soldiers. Dare's death is still a mystery, but that's why I got the game pre-ordered.

The Vidmaster Challenge: Deja Vu requires you to to complete a level called Highway with 4 players co-op, iron on, legendary, and no warthogs or scorpions. This is basically the same as the Annual from the Halo 3 update. This means that you will have to go down a guided path trying to get to the end without using the main vehicles they give you, but to use a hidden vehicle in the game.

Trading down requires you to switch weapons with another character. That means one of the missions or more, you will get back up. That or your able to switch weapons with a friend.

Good Samaritan and Naughty Naughty both have something to do with Engineers. The Good Samaritan gives you 20 GP for not killing one during the night, while Naughty Naughty wants you to kill 10 during the night for 5 GP. If Naughty Naughty wants you to do that while only getting 5 GP, that must mean that engineers can harm you. That or they can just be easy to kill.


That is all I have. Until I can prove my theroies when the game comes out, these will stay posted. I will make another blog about if I was right or wrong along with my thoughts on the game.

Switch Games

This is the first post of the school year, and I don't think I want to make this a habit of mine. It recap what I did for two weeks;

I won two football games,

I hate school even more,

and I'm bringing back The Wronged back from the dead. If you want to see the prologue, it's on my website.

Back to the main reason. Switch Games is a new way to get video games. Other then selling your games back to gamestop, you can trade games with someone you don't even know for a game you want, but they don't, and all you have to do is give them the game that you have and don't want anymore. I haven's tried it out for myself yet, but it looks interesting. To be a member is free, but because it's a beta, you might have to pay later in the future. So get your games now, or be screwed. So far, as it said on their site, Switch Games have saved gamer over $300 million for games and accessories. This might be a challenge for Game Stop. For you other gamers out there, try it out and tell me how it is. So that way, I won't risk getting myself in trouble. Don't worry if you think you have to be 18 or older, the age limit is 13. So most of you can try it.