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Why HD Collections and Remakes of Games are Good and Helpful for this Era

This is my first blog so if anyone does read this, bear that in mind.

I just wanted to say that there are noticeably a lot of remakes and HD versions of games being distributed. The God of War Series, Sly Cooper, Persona 4: The Golden, Metal Gear Solid, and I'm sure the highly anticipated Final Fantasy X HD, are all examples of the numerous growth. I've been hearing some people complain about how we are getting so many of these while developers should be focusing on creating new games instead of being stuck in the past. In my opinion however, sometimes diving into the past can be good for the future because it can reinvigorate the other major problem I'm seeing all over forums. It's something that I completely agree with and that is how video games have been taken down in quality, series' have been milked strictly to gain money (I'm sure you all know some of the series that I speak of), improvements aren't being made, and that so many companies are going stagnant and copying off each other that there's not a lot of risk, not a lot of oringinality. That's a topic in and of itself however.

How does the stagnation relate to HD collections? You would think honestly it would add to it because it's the same game just rehashed to look better and on an updated console and partly, that is true but what is really important is that it brings back old classics that are still incredible even to this day. People complain about how our society will settle for games like COD every year and that our youth or younger generation doesn't understand what was good gaming but the HD Collections help fix that issue. Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D was a big hit for Nintendo and kudos to them for bringing back a flawless game that even Gamespot (The mother of all review sites to always rate games "especially AAA games" a 9.0 flat) rated this game a 10 out of 10. Bringing back these games gives a good, nostalgic feeling for those that have played it but it brings something "new" to the table for people who haven't. If these remakes do make an impact and the youth (I'm 21 so i'm talking about people that are like 12-18) appreciates these games then maybe it could cause a slight flow and reinvigorate game developers to take risks and aspire to the greatness that once was. I know that's a large bet considering that game companies are more interested in money rather than doing that but hopefully it would cause at least some more companies to create something out of the ordinary. Gearbox has done a fantastic job with the Borderlands series. There's nothing like the extremely humorous and utterly gruesome gameplay that is Borderlands. They didn't make their game more like Call of Duty or Gears of War, they decided to follow their own path with a little bit of influence and created something amazing.

We need exciting and extremely memorable stories like Final Fantasy X, Crisis Core, Half-Life, and Kingdom Hearts (the original two). We need games that revolutionize like Total Annihilation, Doom, Socom II, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Halo did. I feel bringing back games like these are a way of showing what the gaming industry had done before and needs to do.

- Sojev