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SaintS Row 4


Many people say it's a dark game, but you can change that - overwrite simulation to Classic or Free in the room where Pierce chills out.

It's a parody or a mix of different games n even movies - Tron, Mass Effect, Superman, Splinter Cell, Matrix, Independence day n so on.


Really dull side missions n even primary. No radio?

Made Man & Cyborgs

Bad - super stupid tedious dumb shooter, actually there was nothing but dull shooting, no fun maybe just one interesting moment when you break down FBI tape recorder and that's it - no tricks or use of your brain capabilities, whenever you come all you gotta do is just shooting, graphic is bad but quite bearable, the most improbable thing is that actually this game is not about gangland but cyborgs and if you dare waste your time with it you will soon realize that all your enemies feel quite well after receiving a full pack of lead and all innocents react as if they were terminators when you punch or shoot them, glitches, storyline seems to be interesting at first but soon becomes boring.

Good - nice soundtrack, you can be intrigued by the fact that the storyline was written by a famous writer but just don't be deceived and stay far away from it.

True Crime: New York City

Bad - pathetic graphic, some glitches that yae can make you mad but it's not so painful as Gamespot wrote in its review, you can't look back while driving that may be inconvenient, there are no funny mini-games such as in GTA SA (e.x. basketball or billiards), somehow there are no vendors behind the stalls, the same G. Washingtonmonument thatstands in every park n square, no funky radio stations but a dope multi-genre playlist, no speedometers, time control or day-night n weather changes.

Good - in some cases it's even more funny n interesting than GTA SA especially when you interact with people, you won't see whole crowds of the same exact character as Gamespot wrote (?) n it's not the same character model used as a prostitute, you can hear not only English on the streets but Italian, Chinese, Russian n other languages as well, the game map is more like the real map of NYC with the real streets' names, when you are hit by a car you can die immediately that's a bit revolutionary in comparison with GTA.

I'm tired now

cus I have been awaken for mmm at least 15 hours I need to take a good sleep... Will get up in about 8 hours *yawn* Goodnight cruel world, I see you in the morning:|

First post... n maybe the last

Hi there! If you come across with it I can only pity you cuz I've got nothing informative on my mind right now. So I guess that's where the end of the point of my post begins and that's where the last letters come to their logical end.