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I got a Wii for x-mas...sweet..Then sumtime wen microsoft has another price drop I'll get a 360 and maybe a ps3 but only if they make it backwards comp...PPl b hatin cuz ppl like the Wii well guess what it a heel of alot cheaper than 360 with $60-$50 games...


I'm soooooo happy... Tomorrow XBOX 360 comes out.... I'ma get me one how bout yall??? I got me a new truck the other day too... I'm puttin a sound system in it today and im puttin my ps2 in my car this week sometime too...well I hope everyone who gets an XBOX 360 loves it as much as I will.....

hmmm my weekend.

my weekend was pretty good...I went camping so I missed skool friday...but I went 4-wheelin most of the time and got drunk it was i danced w/some really sexy guys..them cowboys in tight jeans good lord....mmmmmmmm yummy...

Boogeyman and PSP....

I so want to go see that movie... it looks really good compared to The Grudge... and Hide and Seek.... oh yeah and White Noise... They all were CRAP... if you ask me... But I wonder how many ppl are going to get the new PSP at release??? I want to but I wont have the money and I know my parents wont buy it for me since they just got me a new car... Owell... later peps....


Okay, well I'm back at school.... and it sucks... but soccer starts soon... I have a meeting Wed. so yeah.... but I have been gaming so much beat Fable in 4 or 5 days.... plus playing NFSU:2 almost done with that GTA:III and GTA:VC... so yeah... well I hope you all had a good holiday and school is going good for you... l8er peps

Tomorrow is Christmas!!!

Yay.... finally Christmas... Im still not in the whole spirit... but ya know.... maybe I will be tomorrow I guess it's becuz I have to see my dads parents and they know nothing about me even though they see me every holiday...well almost every holiday... but still they get me the worst presents ever omg.... owell hope yall have a good Christmas and you get what you want I know I did... heh heh


YAY!! Christmas is next Saturday.... wow a whole week... I have 2 weeks till I go back to skool in January.... Christmas time is so fun.... I know some people are just like watever christmas suckz.... sometimes it does but I dunno Im not really in the mood for christmas just want some new video games.... well l8er yall


OH MY GOSH!!!(<<<<not being preppy right there)... but relationships suck....You think you care about someone but in reality you really don''s weird how things work after 11 months you realize you really don't care but during that 11 months you thought you were inlove and made for each other and everything was fine and dandy... But I think the Devil just wants to mess with pplz minds...he's weird....

my essay

wow... i have totally not worked on it till tonite and it's like 1015 words long and she wanted close to 500...oops and like it wrote it in 30 mins... then typed it in 20 mins so yeah but my aunt is an englsh teacher so ill get her to lock at it before i turn it in... good thing it isnt due till friday... owell

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