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Reviving The Wii are the Video Gamers Union!!! Need Help!!!

Me and Thiago26792 are planning on reviving my union, the Wii are the Video Gamers Union, but we need your help. Thiago came up with the idea of making the union be like a video game site in itself.

Here is part of thiagos blog about what his idea is about

I want to make this union like a videogame site by itself. How? By getting people, any of you, to make reviews of all the major Wii games and post them in the union. We will also have a game of the month, a recommendation thread, etc. The reason why I want to make this is because people constantly complain about Gamespot reviews, so I wonder if they would like to hear the opinion of other videogamers like them.

The union will also have normal union topics, such as off topic discussion and all that, to form a great community.

Now, I want to know what do you people think about it, and I would like to ask you to look for people that like to make GOOD reviews, for this union. I would really appreciate it.


Even if you dont like to review games or that kind of thing then we will have many other things for you to do like recruiting people, creating topics and also just staying active.

1000 Post!!!!!!!

Okay i know when i posted this im a little over 1000 post but i just had the time to do this


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Union Leader....

I logged on a couple days ago and i had a message saying that im now the leader of the Wii are the Video Gamers union. The thing is that i was just the temporary leader a couple of weeks ago and now im leader again and i dont even know why. And now today I got a message saying that im now the leader of the Wii Nation Union but at least the leader said why he left. So now im the leader of two union. Could you help me with ideas to get them going. Here are the links.

Wii Are The Video Gamers

Wii Nation Union