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It's been that way since Street Fighter II came out on the SNES they release dozens of updates for the same game but don't change the story just add more character the only one that never got the release Arcade Turbo Washinng Machine Edition was Street Fighter I, which i don't even think is avalable on PSN or XBLA

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Mortal Kombat Series

Street Fighter II Series (I never got to play another Street Fighter till IV came out because III was only on Dreamcast and I was a confusing mess of a tite)

Final FIght

Killler Instinct

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The Single Player on Halo 3 you have to play through at least 4 times: On Easy to get the 1st Mission and the finish campaign on Easy Achievment. You have to beat the other missions on Medium, Hardend or Legendary to get the rest and their's one achievment I believe that requires you to beat the single player campaign on Legendary.

On Transformers 2: You have to do every single mission (i.e. the side missions) in every area to get some of the achievements and you have to beat both campaigns once on easy and again on hard

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I'd go with either the 360 or PS3 since they have the most AAA games, however the 360 has a larger library and the better online service if you're an online fan.

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The Add-Ons. I mean if they couldn't run off of the Genesis's own power, why didn't they just make them stand alone consoles that were backwards compatible with the Genesis. Also the games were jokes. The Sega CD was full of boaring FMV point a click games, and the few good ones along with every Sega 32X games looked no different then games found on the Genisis itself.

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Oxford Ohio
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I used to play the Violin
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Black, Red and Yellow
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Hey just joined today
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Sega laid the foundation for Online Gameplay with Sega Channel and SegaNET, Microsoft just perfected it with Xbox LIVE, the big difference is that MS had akiller app (HALO 1 and 2) and numerous other gameswhen they launchedXbox LIVE,which wassomething Sega lacked, and we all know who to blame for that.