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Got PS3?

Recently got one so add me people!

I've only got 2010 Fifa World Cup ATM but I've just ordered LBP GOTY edition and Infamous cheap plus some HD cables.

PSN: snake2895

Modern Warfare 2 Overhyped?

Yes we all know MW2 will be a great game but damn the hype for it is too much the fact that they're charging £10 extra in nearly all retail stores for the game tells you they know it will sell like hot cakes but I'm guessing it might be overrated I smell 10/10 reviews even from people like EDGE what do you guys think of this?

LOL @ Combatsoldier

Well he got butthurt like a month ago on XBL when I called him a PS3 fanboy and deleted and blocked me,now his using fake accounts as a failed attempt to troll me but his readded people that were already on his friends list and played the only game he plays on XBL which was MK3 xD

Nice attempt at trolling Combatsoldier with fake accounts on Xbox Live...But fail troll is fail.

Battlefield 1943

As most of you should know BF 1943 came out yesterday on Xbox Live Arcade(Today for PSN users)and its OMGASOGMAWGAWESOME so if you haven't bought it yet then buy it now even with the server problems ATM lol and check come some videos I made for the game!

It might not be as good as BF2 on the PC but who cares its fun =-P

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