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Level 21: Rescue Ranger

...............About time! I just Hope I can "rescue" My two unions. I became leader of the Fullmetal Alchemist Fans Union and im sad to say that activity is really slow.

New Banner

What do you think of my latest Banner? Like what I did last time, I mixed Our Lady Peace and Bleach together, this time, I used Billy Talent and Naruto. Comments are nice :)

My One Year Anniversary

I've been here for one year so far and I have to say, this place has changed me. Theres been friend, enemys, blood, sweat and tears sience my comming here.This place is an incredible place, I can't explain it but it is. I'd like to thank Andi(moonfoxx), Austin(hellshreder), Paul(Paul_06) and Hiei(Demohiei) for being with. The time have been great and I hope for many more years of it.


For all you poor souls who dont know what youtube is, it is a uploading community where you can watch other peoples videos(that includes anime episodes) or share your videos with the world! its free, its legal, and AWSOME!  You know you want it.

At the Movies......................

I saw the oh so popular Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, its was pretty good but the dance was pretty lame. Hermione in pink? but overall i give it a 7.5/10 a decent movie, but die hard fans might hate it

Gas spill by my School

right by me and my brothers school there was a gas station and one of there tankers tiped over and some went into the sewers so i got the day off but,8 hours with no cable or internet