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Rant: Portal

I know I don't post on here very often anymore (if ever), but something has really been bugging me lately. The universal love for Portal (1, the original). I was reading some gaming site on their top 100 games ever and Portal was number 1. My head almost exploded at this.

Let it be said that I did not pay for Portal. I got it for free from Steam as a promotion for Portal 2 shortly after its release. Some people would think that I should be grateful for getting a game for free; no, I want the three hours I spent on the game back. Therein lies my biggest problem with the game. I was expecting the game to get better as it went along, but it ended before it improved to even my bearable level. Yeah, the concept of the game may have been revolutionary, but that doesn't make it any good. Look at the RTS Achron. Absolutely revolutionary mechanics for the genre, but it's ended with low-ish ratings and (I imagine) pretty poor sales.

How can a game of 3 hours in length be considered up there with the Final Fantasy 7's, Final Fantasy 10's, Ocarina of Time's and Knights of the Old Republic's of the world, games with depth, characters, development and even plot. Portal had portals, a silent protagonist and GLaDOS, the most over-rated villain to go with the most over-rated game. It made weak sarcastic comment and tired homicidal remarks, with no effect on me. Kefka from Final Fantasy 6 makes GLaDOS look pathetic. HK-47 from the Knights of the Old Republic series does the whole homicidal robot much better.

Sorry for this rant. I'm just annoyed that something I found to be so poor is considered by some to be the best game ever. If 3 hour games are the way of the future, God help us.

The Next 50 Days

The next 50 days are going to be collosally bad for my wallet. This seems to happen every year in the October-November period. Why can't the release dates of AAA titles be spread out over the year; I haven't bought any games for ages. Alas. Tomorrow I'll be out to get Dark Souls and NBA 2k11, back in 2 weeks for Battlefield 3, then3 weeks after that (on the 11th) for Skyrim and followinging up a couple of days later for Assassin's Creed: Revelations. I shold really get to finishing AC:B then.

The biggest issue with these dates is Uni work. I'll be getting ploughed with essays and assignments until the end of October, then I have exams, which I believe finish on the 12th November. Decisions, decisions. To play or study.

First for a while

Wow! So its been 3 and a half years since my last blog post. Can't believe how much I was banging on about Fallout 3 and GTA 4 back then. Fallout 3 was good, but I liked New Vegas much more. Perhaps because there was so much more life around in the wasteland in New Vegas; almost all of what there was in F3 was out to kill you. As for GTA 4, it lasted about a month before I traded it in for something else. I can't really fault it, but I just felt it lacked any soul or heart compared to Vice City or San Andreas.

What's been happening since early 2009 you ask? Games have come and gone with me, but only the very best remain. Of everything I've bought over the years, many have been traded in, some sit gathering dust and only the newest games or the cream of the old stuff still gets played. I'm fickle like that. The cream that I speak of are amazing games like Valkyria Chronicles (IMO the best game of this gaming generation), Mass Effect 2 and a very old favourite, Guild Wars. The many Paradox grand strategy games (Europa Universalis 3, Victoria 2, Hearts of Iron 3) still get a good run too.

As for what's keeping me going, think 2 words and a number: Guild Wars 2. I've been following this since its announcement and am starting to get sick of "when it's ready". Other games include the mainstream hits, TES: Skyrim and Battlefield 3 (won't touch MW3 with a 10-foot pole) and another Paradox GS, Crusader Kings 2.

Hopefully I'll be back in less than 3 years.

Fallout & Far Cry

It's been a while between drinks, but I decided to write another blog; it has been almost a year. I also realise that I'm doing this mainly for my own benefit, because my blog is hardly thrilling and I don't expect many (if any) to actually read it. But on topic, I have to thank the whole Gamespot community far all their praise of Fallout 3 and Far Cry 2. Everybody's good word forced me to buy these 2 games, and I've never been happier. I haven't enjoyed games like this since probably Oblivion. I've only had them a few days and they are already climbing my list af all-time favourite games. Cheers to all those who recommended these great games.

The Wait Continues.....

Still waiting for the next big thing to get on the PS3. Less than a month now until Grand Theft Auto 4. The wait is killing me. As is the wait for Civilization Revolution, which comes out in early June. The wait is almost unbareable. I want these games so much.

Love my PS3!

I've now had my PS3 for just over 3 months and I love it so much. My PSN username is General-Snag if anyone wants to add me as a friend. I have 5 games, Warhawk, Assassin's Creed, NHL '08, Call of Duty 4 and Unreal Tournament III, of which UT is my favourite. Look forward to fragging you all sometime.

Getting a PS3

I'm getting a PS3 for Christmas! And even better, my folks only paid AU$585 for it too. Can't complain about that! And it looks like I'm getting Assassin's Creed and Warhawk to go with the beast. YAY!

The FFX Union

I am trying to get a new union started (for the third time), the Final Fantasy X Union. I was disapointed when the old FFX union transformed to something else, because it leaves nothing for us FFX know-it-all's, like me. Please put your support behind this union. Please!

Level 12!

I have reached level 12 on Gamespot in less than 6 months. I should be there quicker, I know, but I have to have a life outside of the computer too. I wish life was as simple as sitting in front of a computer screen.

I have also been demoted from the officer ranks that I held in 3 unions. I have been very inactive lately, mainly because my computer has enough power to play all the games I've wanted; and I'm busy doing that. I still visit Gamespot to look at the latest games and the such, but I have quit posting for a while.