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Xbox 360

So the other day I got an Xbox 360 the 4gig version from Futureshop. I've done an unboxing of it and it should be on soon. Right off the bat I was not very impressed by its design. It looked too much like a child's toy and not a real gaming station. The long BRICK like power cord and the annoyance of adding fresh new REGULAR batteries to the controllers really turned me off. The one thing that I did like is the eject and power buttons on the game station. They were very responsive and easy to use. The other thing I liked was the game sprites which you can customize to your liking. That is a very nice touch. Scrolling through the various menus was a pain and very slow to respond. I got the feeling that Microsoft should not be in the gaming industry because they got so many things wrong. I really enjoyed the First Xbox but some reason the new 360 did not impress me at all.

Dead Space Walkthrough on youtube

What up everyone. I am doing a Dead Space Commentary Walkthrough on youtube. You are more than welcome to check it out. I did try to upload to Gamespot but I always got errors. Let me know what you think. Or go to my youtube channel here

Dead Space - Chapter 11 - Video is up

Whatup Everyone. I finally put together a small video on Dead Space - Chapter 11 on Impossible mode. I got a few emails on gamespot some time ago about how to pass Chapter 11 on Impossible mode. So here it is. Let me know if you like it. If I get enough of a response I'll make another video.

GTAV is under development

This is great News. GTA5 is under development. I hope that the next one would have better characters models and hotter looking chicks. Check out the article here.

Its Video Time...well almost...

We'll I just thought I'd update everyone on my GTA4 experience. Now that I have GTA4 Complete I thought I'd finish off the Niko saga. Today I did just that. The last mission was no different then the rest. I expected too much I guess. Anyway I am going to be starting the next chapter and that is The Ballad of Gay Tony. I was also thinking of doing a video walk-through. I don't have a PVR or anything like that but I did a test run with my Ipod 4 and it looks good. So my Q2U is. If I make a video would anyone watch?


Ok so here is a little update on GTA4. So I sold my copy for 20 CAD and went to Best Buy and got GTA4: Complete. I love this one. It is so much better than the first one. I mean it has check points. Anyway I am done with Niko and I am now playing Ballad of Gay Tony and I like it.

GTA 4 - omg

So I thought I'd give the GTA 4 game another try and see if I can finish it. I really got into it for the last few weeks playing on and off. I am at the mission where Little Jacob shot down the helicopter...and I think this is where it will end for me. I was close to throwing the game in the garbage just a few minutes before this post. THE GAME IS NOT WELL BALANCED and it annoys the heck out of me. I never felt like that before, especially to the level of throwing the game in the garbage. I hope to god that the next GTA would be better.

CHAPTER 01 - The Dust Must Flow

"My children of Dust, I stood by and watched you all grow into symbols of righteousness. You ruled your lands with an iron fist and for that I am proud. You are hope to your people. I leave you now, because I believe in your strength in unity. Stick together my children and evil shall not flourish. Accept it in your hearts and darkness will fall onto Nacronum. In time I shall wake from my slumber and I will be rejuvenated and more powerful. Remember that life is not for the swift but for those who can endure it…I shall wake…"

Five hundred years has passed and he never woke. The world fell into darkness. Arkanius, creator of the heavens, the symbol of hope was lost to the void, forever. Plummeting, burning, decaying back into dust he fell deeper into the depths of the abyss. He experienced unspeakable pain, relentless agony and a deepening hatred for the ones who bore him in the belly of torment. History turned into legend, legend turned into myth and soon after, all traces of his eminence was lost. The people of Nacronum, the children of Dust cried out to their God, "Save us…", but in his madness, the Lord of all heard nothing but his own anguish. And then, one day, the cries of his people found his ears once more. With all his might he let out a powerful scream and muttered a few words, "I wish to be free…" The world of Nacronum came to a halt and it was then, at that very moment in time, that his wish was noticed by an evil creature called Omvelina. Strange that something so divine in nature would find the mind of such an evil being. With a swift stroke of her might, she reached into the relentless abyss and found the lone soul.

"Your wish is granted little soul of Nacronum." Words of magic erupted out of her black shiny lipped mouth. Sparks of all type illuminated the dark void letting loose its horrific scenery. As they were falling deeper and deeper into the belly of the abyss creatures of great horror, mindless and wicket made their presence know with a deep hateful growl. The evil creatures circled them like pray waiting to feast onto their warm lively bodies. But she was not afraid, far from it. She was home here in the darkness. But something was bothering her. The magical device on her left hand kept an eye on her depth. This was farthest she's ever been in the void. The device resisted Level 6 which is not a good thing. It felt cold to the bone and the place was trenched in the stench of decaying flesh. Whoever imprisoned this poor soul this deep in the void, did not want it found. This made her even more intrigued as to who this tiny soul was. She beamed with excitement of her discovery but before she could bask in the moment the last of the imprisonment spells were lifted and Arkanius at last was free.

The body, what was left of it, lay on a cold black marble alter. It was damaged and hardened due to prolonged exposure to the harsh void. Its armour which clung to the body released itself and fell on the cold grey stone floor below revealing a black shiny skeleton. His face however was somewhat in tact as were some organs. Omvelina studied him very carefully, wondering what this thing that looks like a man could be. She could not read his mind because there was no mind to read. She followed his left arm down to his fingers and then she got her answer. Surprised by her find she paused for a moment in deep thought. She picked up his hand and turned it over. It was a magical device much like her own. It rested on the same hand. It had the same oval shape. The only thing that was different was the color. Words of some sort were inscribed all around the device. It was a language she came across once in an ancient temple. The discovery of the magical device was very strange because she did not know of anyone ales that had the same device. Something was happening. The device began to suck in dark matter. She quickly dropped his hand and stepped back. Her eyes opened wide with amazement. Black Rubber like stings started to crawl out of the device. They were cautious at first showing sings of omniscience but it did not think, yet it had intelligence. It did not feel but, it felt pain. The first string attached itself to the black bone forming a never. An electrical spark ran from black bone to the end of the rubber like string signalling a solid connection. Then another followed suit, then another and another and soon after, millions of them gushed out in unity to form all sorts of organs, complex systems.

The rubber like substance shifted from one place to the next trying to get the transmutation completed as fast as possible. Strings of rubber became complex systems of links to and from his device of power. Body parts soon started to form and then skin white as snow formed from the complex fusion of matter. Peaces of armour on the floor lifted upwards like magnets to metal and fused themselves to Arkanius. The body is easily mend-able and the symbiotic fibres could fix any part of his body in a matter of minutes, but the mind takes far longer to wake, especially one that had been in a deranged state for so long. Memories, thought and basic functions were usually organized by very skilled mortals with extreme mental powers. Before a God would wake, they would be beside their alter and for three days and three nights they would reshape the mind of the God, organizing thought and memories. They were called the Waking Party. These were the elite few trained in the art of the mind. They were kept away from the world for various reasons. If a member of the Waking Party would touch a mortal mind it would melt all neuropaths and provoke instant death. They were mostly kept in isolation and were restricted to only the training grounds. Most chose to sleep as much as they could. Those that did so spent most of their lives in a dream state called lucid dreaming. In this state they could play out their wildest fantasies and their worst nightmares. Even when they would wake they would never fully be awake and wondered on the training grounds as mindless zombies. They did however have the basics of survival and lived in the real world as less as they possibly could. There had not been a Walking Party alive since Arkanius went into slumber. They were all hunted down. Chatter once again erupted, much angrier this time, restless and inpatient. They could not be seen or herd by anyone but their intended target and she was getting upset at their tone of voice. Ghastly figures appear and disappear like ghost in a cemetery. They were so upset at the actions of Omvelina. Arms flew in the air in disapproval, backs were turned and act of violence were displayed. She was fuming at their utter disrespect to her until she exploded with anger. "NO!!!" She screamed out loud as the chatter all of a sudden came to a halt. "He is my find…" She paused not knowing what to say next.

"What are you all so afraid of?" She asked curiously. A voice much ticker in tone asked questions in a very strange language. It was more of a ticking type with long pauses in between. Omvelina did understand but chose to ignore them.

"I will not put him back…LEAVE US…" She screamed out loud touching the top layer of the floor incinerating it upon contact. Silence fell all across the chamber. The ghastly figures lets themselves be visible for just a moment and said in an angry thick tone, "You made your decision…You are now banished…" And so they were gone. They were now alone in the world. "Very good little soul." She whispered lightly. "It is time to wake now. I need answers. Let's see what you can do." She said poking him with her finger. He did not move or made any sounds. He looked as if he was dead. But she refused to believe this and she grabbed him by his neck and pulled him back into the first layer of the void. His eyes burst with white hot fire. His teeth were as white as snow and showed him at his foe. Fear filled Arkanius's soul as he struggled to get free, but it was futile. She was far too strong and had no intentions of letting him go. Disappointed by Arkanius's weakened state, she brought him close to her face and hissed, "Pathetic!"

Frustrated by Arkanius's efforts to get free, she tossed him out and into the real realm as if he was nothing more than a dirty, old rug. She had imagined the almighty to be much more powerful but she saw was a weak mortal. This was unacceptable if he would survive the harsh new world. "You have wasted enough time… now get up." She said angry, bearing pure white teeth and evil red glowing eyes. His exit from the void was so sudden that his core systems did not have time to adapt to the new world, and it went into shock. The sheer velocity of the exit sent shockwaves throughout the chamber, destroying a large portion of the room's outer walls. Perplexed, Arkanius smiled as if he enjoyed the pain. He was disoriented and hurt, but he took a few moments to look around at his surroundings. There was not much light in the area. This made it harder to focus and so his vision was somewhat blurry. One thing was clear. It stood before him. It was a two-toned rock, half black and half natural. He touched it the black side and the rock evaporated into the thin air. This could only mean one thing. The world of dust is returning to its natural state, decaying dust. In a glimpse, the sudden reality of destruction and devastation hit him with the revelation that he was alive. His mind filled with questions and images of his past. With sudden awakening, tremors of pain washed throughout his body. A mortal would have died instantly, but he was no mortal. Somewhere, deep within his soul, if one was present, he enjoyed the pain and he yearned for it. But pain he remembered well, for it was he who inflicted pain upon others. It was his sweet beloved, who changed him into the being he is today. Histories, memories, and the sudden realization of what he was, filled his mind to the point of madness. Before he could enjoy the fruits of this new world, his body went into a temporal flux, trying desperately to find its link with the new reality. Screams and howls filled the room. Pain was written across his face, as his quicksilver-blue skin adapted to this new world of instability.

A flash, and a voice he had grown to dislike, spoke with ire. "You are weak." she said with a disappointed whisper. She had hoped that the mightiest of them all would have put up a better fight than what she had witnessed so far. The temples she had visited, the people she spoke to, all of them depicted Arkanius as a powerful God, one that demanded respect whenever his name was thought of, spoken out loud, or whispered. But this was not that God. This was a weak, feeble and degenerate version of that greatness. Doubts of desperation raced though her mind, with questions that could put an end to everything. That mere thought could end the masquerade, and leave the world to its doom. Could she have been wrong? It was possible. But the feeling she got from him put her fears to rest. He felt sorrow for his people, he felt their pain, but in his soul he could not comprehend the emergence of the new world. She would have to show him, and he would have to face it. She probed his mind and a question rose to the surface.

"…and WHO are you?" he barely asked the question, holding his chest in agony.

The Chronicles of Dust - History

--Something I've been working on - Let me know what you think - HISTORY a look back in time

In the ancient godless world called Nacronum, men were divided by war, dominance and greed. With the rise and fall of new kings, warfare rotted the lands in a struggle for control. Humanity itself was disappearing like the dust it once came from. Then one day, someone had enough and stepped into chaos. It was on the darkest night, in the deepest pits of hell where hope was finally found.

His name is Arkanius and he was a magnificent creature with shiny white armour. He wielded a glorious weapon of great deity. But not even his great power could tame the beasts that are mortals. So with him, he woke his Destiny, four sons and two daughters, Torikuma, Nactorian, Muna, Pachacuti, Shi'ai and Drac'gul'an and together they were known as The Seven Gods of Nacronum. With time the mortal savagery had subsided and peace had finally come to the world of Nacronum. But like all things in the world of Nacronum, hate would find its way back into the hearts of mortal men. Hate lead to madness and madness would give rise to an old enemy long forgotten but not dead. The world of Nacronum would soon feel its raft but unlike before they have a God on their side.

- Let me know if you like it. If you do I'll post more. -

Free Banner Design

I would like to offer my skillz to all my Gamespot friends. If you require a banner for your channel let me know and I will design it for you. Just tell me which game(s) you want featured in the background and the name/message U want displayed. This one was done for @_EliteGamer12345. Hope he likes it. Check out the banner here.
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