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Day 1 DLC=Greed

A while back I once asked an employee at another reputable gaming site why they defended companies who charge for day 1 dlc and the response I got was an honest one," We don't want to lose the chance of getting exclusive news before others and therefore we must sometimes say things we don't truly feel". Not shocking but sadly when certain employees at these sites lie about their feelings they make many naive followers agree.

Even on here I've seen blogs defending Bioware and pretty much picking on anyone who complained about the issue which is absurd. Last week Mass Effect 3 came out which everyone knows and on the first day From Ashes was released for an additional $10 and Mike Gamble's defense was they've done this before with dlc like Zaeed and Kasumi foe Mass Effect 2 but the issue is Zaeed was free on day 1 and Kasumi didn't come out until most people had already beaten the game. Then, Casey Hudson said that From Ashes is optional which is insulting to fans of the Mass Effect series considering the dlc is for a character from a race that has been mentioned throughout the series and it provides great insight that most fans will want to know. It would be like buying a Gears of War game and having to pay an additional $10 for Cole and his story. What's scary is that if this continues to be successful more companies will do the same thing.

All I can say is it's a good thing that when I was born my parents weren't given the option to only allow me to have 1 testicle because that's all that's necessary and the second one is optional for a fee.