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T- Bagging

T-Bagging........Possible the most fun thing to do while passing time in Call of Duty 4.

The fact that the players crouch is designed and laid out in the perfect angle for T-Bagging just goes to show that it is indeed alot of fun......Here are a few ways to ensure that you get the most out of your T-Bagging experience.

1. When first approaching your chosen victim (preferable someone you have just made a show of) proceed with caution as you do not want to be picked off pre bagging....

2. On approach to said victim be wary of Martydom (which will of course ruin the bagging experience again)

3. When you have reached your victim in a timely and professional fashion as to ensure that the person you have killed sees the bagging on their Killcam (Do not rush as stated in points 1 and 2) set yourself at the top of his/her head (dont want to be sexist)

4. Once at the skull commence crouching in a smooth fluid motion as to ensure you get the most out of the T-Bagging experience because rapid bagging looks rigid and unplanned and uncaring to your victim..

5. Once bagging is completed for at least up to 10 seconds you can proceed with your other duties (of course are bagging someone else)

X. This is for extreme baggers out there that having found new and exciting ways to take T-Bagging into the future....You can bag the bomb in S&D, you can cook a frag while bagging there are no limits to what you can achieve when you use your imagination......

And one last thought once you have successfully T-Bagged the same person on a number of occasions it then becomes Potato Sacking........(Keep that in mind)

Getting Banned! ! ! !

There is one thing that really annoys me about Xbox live and that is the fact that no matter what you do you always get idiots on playing games that you like.........why is it that people come into a room and the first thing that they say is abuse, something racial or something just down right stupid........

Which leads me too my next point, a friend of mine (shout out to Kennedyisdead ! ! ! ) got banned there the other week for apparently talking trash now how is it that he ends up getting banned and none of these other idiots get banned.......well the answer is plain and simple they get their a**es kicked frequently by the same dude or team......they don't like it so them and their stupid little b*m buddies sit there and file complaints on a guy merely based on the fact that they were not good enough at a tell me how f**king g*y is that ! ! !! ! ! ! I mean come on just take the beating see where you went wrong and fix it not get someone banned cause you are poor.....

Oh and by the way people that live in the Uk, Ireland or Northern Ireland when you are slagging off any american player could you please think of something better than saying 9/11......who the f**k gives someone abuse over a major disaster like that I mean how sick in the head must you be to think that giving someone abuse over something that cost the lives of so many people is funny......for that you should be removed from live all together......

And my last point is mainly for people who think they are hard as nails because the have sectarian c**p in their profile for example "up the IRA or Up the UDA" grow up for god sake.......Xbox live is about playing games with people from different countries from different backgrounds and different races so why bring that s**t with you.......Just get a life ! ! ! !

Well f**k it i've said enough........FREE KENNEDYISDEAD Xbox live POW

Call of Duty 4

So riddle me this fellow gamers, why is it that someone who can lob a frag from one said of a multiplayer map think that they are great??? Also to join that list of people that think they are great are people that use just one of two guns in this game, be it the M16 or the P90 (and sometimes the RPD). To be honest with you if all you do is use the same gun over and over and over again how does that make the game fun???

If the developers wanted you to use that same gun over and over again then why did they include other guns. To me if you take the strongest gun in the game and just camp for the whole time how can you possible get some enjoyment outta that. To me it just shows that you have no skill. You use the weakest gun in the game and still get the same numbers then by all means use what ever the hell you want!! But take either of those guns away and I'd say alot of players are going to be screwed cause they wont know what to do, (probably start lobbing frags from half way across the map I guess)

To be fair I have done it myself but I find that it only really works if you throw them all. So what do you do if you are looking to clear a room of evil mother truckers go in there with your M16 (not even thatll work) no you get a well placed frag and clear them out. A frag with a purpose now thats useful not one thats thrown as if you were Brett Favre (you dont gotta go deep all the time!!!!)

Well thats the end of that so you know what leave a comment if you could be f**ked or dont i couldnt give a s**t

lata truckers

XBOX 360 need for repairs

Having had my 360 for less than year now so far I have had to send it off for repairs twice and do you know what the rubbish thing is that when I first sent it off for repairs they sent me a new one and then what happens with it, don't answer that (it breaks down). To be fair I still like my 360 cause some of the games for it are just unreal like the likes of Call of Duty4 and other titles.

I think the thing that annoys me the most is the fact that I do use mine a good bit, I've paid anywhere between €40 and €75 for games a fortnight sometimes and not too mention the fact that you pay to use Live gold but over the busiest period (Xmas) all there was, was constant problems with it. Having had my 360 now with my live gold the amount of money I've pumped into it you would expect it to at least work. The thing was telling me everytime I stuck a disc in it was saying please insert disc into a 360 console. I mean for the love of god what did it think it was a TOASTER, A PENCIL no you are an XBOX CONSOLE you worthless thing. Well off it's gone for repair number 2 and for some reason living in Ireland means it has to go to GERMANY, GERMANY why in the blue hell does it have to go there???????

Sure screw it what can I do I ain't going to buy anything else cause everyone I know has a 360 so I'll just keep gaming till it breaks down again.