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Overlord II

I just preordered it so ill be sure to get a copy of it tommarow. The first one was so much fun i cant wait for this one. I even got the figurine that came with preorder lol. Too bad they dont have a space in home for this game or some kool overlord outfit for HOME. HOME the ps3 community for thoose that are lost.

UFC and lvl 19

UFC 2009 undefeated turns out to be alot of fun. I tend to go for more standing fighting aspect of it since i do taekwondo in real life. Im slowly getting the hang of the grappling but if i go online i get wasted. lol Im still working on career mode which is pretty fun they have too many sub menus and send a email about everything. The character custimization apperance wise is average. For standing style you can have boxing, kick boxing or muay thai. Then for ground its judo, BJJ or wrestling. I choose kickboxing and judo. The game is a blast tho wish their were more styles to choose from. As far as fighting games go id say its worth getting. Its more along the lines of fight night then some wrestling game. Anyways thought id just make a quik blog about it and being level 19 since i havent been on here in awhile.


I just got an email to join PS3 HOME beta. I DL it and its pretty kool not much to it yet but i like it. Anyone else on it yet?

First in awhile

Howdy, so i have been playing a few games here recently.

Fallout 3: Just like oblivion but with guns. If you have played oblivion tho dont waste your money on this.

Littlebigplanet: The mario of this day and age. I can not get enough of this game. There are some online issues but im sure they will be fixed.

Spyro: The newest spyro game is a ton of fun. Kinda hard to make him jump and land exactly where you want him but pretty much my only complaint about it.

Also not pictured i got the new socom game.

Socom: It is still pretty much the game i know and love but something is off about the camera angle to me and its way way too dark on some maps and night vision just makes it green distorted and dark. Tho if you like shooters it will give you something to do not to mention since its online replay value is high.

Well i hope everyone has been doing okay, hopefully ill post again soon but with work college and other things. Who knows? lol


Hey everyone sorry havent been on in awhile life just keeps me busy enough as is. So whats new with everyone and happy new years and merry christmas late lol.

Ever Quest II

Well i have gone back to playing ever quest II again. Im on nek server names Methius if any of you play it by chance. Im a level 51 dark elf sk. I still have gw installed tho too, ninja. Just incase you actually look at my blog. lol I made a guardian surnak or whatever dragon looking race dude last night too.. im so tired went to gym wore out need sleep id write more bye

Now Playing Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Well so far its pretty good. Feels like your playing a modern Indian Jones. Anyone else playing it or beat it? If so what did you think about it? Ive played it about 30 mins so far :lol: and now im gonna go back to it.

Just beat Assassin's Creed

Well the difficulty was nothing. Some of the fights were hard but i think i died 3 times at most in the entire game. Entire game was good, story everything. Till the end.. The story kinda did something i thought it would but didnt go thru with all of what i wanted it to be like. I just read we can expect Assassin's Creed 2: Assassinate Harder in 2008........ Yay i saw the first half of a movie now i have to wait to see the second half. Thats how i feal. :| But besides the ending it was worth playing. Just incase for the rats of gamespot you will notice i told nothing about the ending just how it made me feal.

playing Assassin's creed

And it is amazeing! I think i have figured out the ending already but who cares its still good. If im right it will make it even better. Anyone else playing it yet? Ive been playing it for a few hours now thought id take a break from it need to study. I still have to go to college tonight so cant let myself fall behind. The game in one word to describe it would be immersive. Atleast to me it is, kinda pulls you into the character and world. :D