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.... I'm hyped. I know I said I wasn't going to but I am. I'm anxiously waiting for the next 22 hours (as of writing) for the PS4 to be announced. The worse part? I'm stuck in class because its a Monday schedule on Wednesday -_-. I'm hyped at what we'll see (games!!, controller!!, XMB!!, PSN!!, etc.) but I'm worried at what I could see (motion controls/eye camera, PSN subscription, no used games, underwhelming graphics, etc.)

But who knows? Probably no one spreading these contradictory rumors...


Until then, I have DmC bloody palace, Vanquish, the God of War Ascension demo and Metal Gear Rising to tide me over for now.

Teh Future!!!1!1!!!1!!!!!

Holy **** It's been over a month since I last blogged. I sure all my old fans have killed themselves in sorrow so to any new viewers: 



So in case you were wondering why I haven't blogged in a month (and yes, I've failed every New Years Resolution btw)

1. Laziness - AKA I didn't feel like it.

2. School - I returned to school. That meant school work, social interactions, peer pressure, getting wasted and flipping cars.

3. DmC:Devil May Cry - I played it, multiple times through. I platinumed it. I enjoyed it. I thought it was good game. Say what you will about the game but don't sit there with a straight face and tell me, "DmC is a disgrace to the legacy," when you know damn well DMC2 was made, distributed and still exists to this day. But I already talked about it and I enjoy it so who cares what you think, this is my blog. Moving on...

4. Professionals/"The Future" - This is the main thing which stopped me from blogging. During my extended period of laziness a few of the things I wanted to discuss/speculate/whatever ended up becoming articles from written professionals on the internet. 

I wanted to blog about the absence of certain first-Party Sony developers including Sucker Punch but someone pretty much beat me to it: 

Pretty everything I wanted to say and then some. So I said forget it.


Even as I was writing this blog, I went over to Gametrailers and I see a video titled "Playstation Meeting: Do's & Don't's."

F**k..... I was writing practically the same **** and there it is.

This video  actually addressed the some of the same things I did in this blog. I thought it was  a good video...

Speculation on what these developers were doing led me to believe the next Playstation would be releasing hopefully this year. Then lo' and behold I see this:



I'm not going to lie, my heart kicked up a little but then I calmed myself. Why? Because hype sucks. Some games (for me Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns of the Patriots) live up to the hype. I still get goosebumps watching the trailers. Other games (ahem... Assassin's Creed 3) fall short. God... what could've been.... Anyway...

I haven't really been excited for a press conference in years. The last three E3's and other gaming conventions have done that to me. 

But this is a big meeting right? I mean, the next generation is just around the corner [Wii U is not "Next-Generation" in my opinion; no offense]. Shouldn't I get hyped? 

Admittedly, once I realized "how good it could be" (<-notice the quotations) I got a little hyped. It didn't help that nearly every day there's a report on what games could be shown. New Media Molecule game? Final Fantasy Versus XIII you say? Last Guardian, really now? Or how, the Orbis is slightly better than the Durango. Blah blah blah.


**** all the hype though. Why? Because at the end of the day they could end up not ever announcing the Playstation 4. Fortunately the history of the "Playstation Meeting" is that it is held for huge announcements. So one things for certain:

Playstation 4 or GTFO

Let's forget all the hype BS (or what "could" be there) and get to what SHOULD be there.


What SHOULD be at the Playstation Meeting on 2/20/2013?

Hey look at that, we already got the first one.

1. "Playstation 4" or GTFO.

(When I type in Playstation 4 in Google images, this is what I get)

Even if you announced free PS3's for the world, we'd still be pissed. 


2. Dual Shock 4


A new Playstation also means a new Dual Shock. I really just want my Dual shock un****ed with. I don't want the size ****ed with. I don't want the buttons ****ed with. I don't want rumble taken out. I don't want anything rearranged. If anything, make the build a bit sturdier, and improve the L2 and R2 buttons. According to rumors though, looks like Sony doesn't agree with me. It states that it is "more or less" the same size. But like I say... developers talk ****.

3. Launch - Release Date and Price

unwanted-e3-2011-announcements_130674123We want to know how it costs. I don't want to see a bunch of cool games and then have to wait to hear the release date and price. I want to see that **** right now. Seeing anything cool without knowing when it'll be released is annoying. We don't want that. We also don't want a high price. Sony is not going to get away with charging Five Hundred Ninety-Nine U.S. Dollars. But consoles are costly so I believe they'll release their console around $400 and $500. If they're smart... Also its got to release this year or don't even waste my time. If the release date and price are missing from the conference, I'll have to take everything with a grain of salt, knowing that this entire conference is merely to steal next-gen thunder from a possible new Xbox reveal.


4. Launch - Games

Is it surprising that the first thing I want to see from a console is the games? No. That's why I'm not even going to put effort in this section. You want to "win" any generation? You need games, not gimmicks. But what games should be there you ask? 

Known 1st/3rd party IP's - Seeing a familiar face on a new engine is always nice.

New IPs - A must. An absolute must. Sure, I like my franchises, but I want some new to play on my new console.

And we'd love to see this long dormant titles: (Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Last Guardian, Agent, KINGDOM HEARTS THREE GODDAMNIT and others....


5. Playstation 3 (and Vita I guess)


No I actually don't give two ****s about the PS3 or the Vita... I have more than enough games on the horizon to tide me over until PS4. What I want to know is what does the launch of the Playstation 4 mean for the PS3?

Nah, let me answer this question for Sony: It means a price cut. The PS3 is still $300. It may not be that expensive but in comparison the Wii U is $350. I'm assuming the PS3 will be supported for at least a few more years so they'll need a reason for it to sell. The price should be lowered to $199. The vita could a reduction in price as well. 

But anyway, about my blog. I'm still going to be sparsely posting as I have to do a ****load of work so too bad. And I didn't feel like proofreading or adding many pictures so... 

New Year, New Games: My Most Anticipated Games of 2013 (Part 1)

Its been almost 4 days since my last blog. Hopefully you didn't cut yourself while I was gone.

I actually made this blog two days ago but then my computer decided, "F*** your blog," and then shut down without warning. But with out further ado, here aremy(<-- peep that italicization) most anticipated games of 2013 (Part 1). The following games have a confirmed release date/window.

DmC: Devil May Cry (01/15/2013)


The newest installment of the Devil May Cry franchise is a reboot and an origin story of Dante. No other game on this list has garnered such an... emotional reaction than DmC. This is the first game in the series developed by Ninja Theory. As a fan of the series since the beginning, I've already stated that I'll be giving DmC a chance when it comes out in a few days. I enjoyed the demo and DmC has shown that it still fulfills my thirst for action. Look out for a review in the coming week.

Dead Space 3 (02/05/2013)


Dead Space 3 picks up where the second left off and I'm glad that there plenty more story to tell. I enjoyed both the first and the second for the visual style (the in-game HUD is an intelligent design), limb dismembering gameplay, and the fact that it is actually scary. However, the survival horror genre is changing and Dead Space has joined this wave by introducing co-op. The developers claim that this will not affect the horror aspect of the game and there are still plenty of moments of solitary.

As a consumer of this industry for a while I've learned something: developers talk s***. A lot of it. (This will be a theme) If they can back it up, though, its fine. When I played the DmC demo, I discovered I was having just as much fun as before. I read the interview and the idea of Issac's co-op partner Carver having dementia seems as if it can add some stress to the campaign. It's interesting and I recall playing Kane and Lynch in co-op and at one point Lynch was having an episode and some of the cops had pig heads instead of human heads. I remember playing Dead Space 1/2 and I hated the feeling that I was always trying to meet up with someone only to have them killed or separated when I did meet them, despite the fact that it assisted the feeling of despair throughout the single player campaign.

If done properly, it could turn out awesome so I'll be looking out for the demo of Dead Space 3 when it comes on the 22nd.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (02/05/2013)


Sly and the gang are back for a new adventure through time. Out of the three major platforming titles of the PS2 era (along with Jak & Daxter and Rachet & Clank) Sly was the most interesting for me. This is the first in the series not developed by Sucker Punch but instead by Sanzaru Games, the developers responsible for porting the original 3 games for the Playstation 3. Luckily from what I've seen, Sanzaru games has kept the gameplay, art style, and overall essence of Sly Cooper in tact and I'm glad to finally get to continue Sly's story. I for one will be buying this day one. Firstly because its Sly Cooper, secondly because its a game that is part of a genre (platformer) that doesn't get that much attention from gamers these days compared to others, and finally because its releasing for just $39.99. Can't go wrong there. It's also part of the cross-buy program so it comes with a version for Vita but meh, I don't have one or plan on getting one.

Crysis 3 (02/09/2013)


Like I said.... developers talk a lot of s***. And the developers of Crysis 3 (or at least just Cevat Yerli) are suspect #1 in this blog. "Crysis 3 is absolutely maxing out the consoles.There is absolutely not even 1 percent left. No game (wait how many games? None, zero)will ever look technically better than Crysis 3 on these consoles, flat out." Yeah okay buddy, I'll believe it when I see it. That being said, Crysis is a graphical marvel.... on PCs. But then I played Crysis 2 on my PS3. Yeah, I went through the campaign. The story was largely forgettable IMO but I had fun playing as a super soldier. But the graphics....


Meh. I noticed that he only mentioned Halo and Gears but not Uncharted, God of War, or Killzone. (Although it was for an interview with OXM). And yes, I put up a low-res picture of Crysis mostly because its probably more representative of how it'll look on consoles. Regardless, I'll keep my eyes open. And if they prove me wrong, by all means do so. Like I always say, I'll give it a chance.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (02/19/2013)


When this game was announced, it was in a similar boat as DmC, however if DmC was on the lower deck with all the disliked, poverty afflicted people, Rising was eating prawns with the captain. Gamer response has been mostly mixed, if not more positive than negative.

The development of this game is almost as strange as the title. Metal Gear Rising is an installment in the Metal Gear series, however it differs from Metal Gear Solid. Rising is its own branch, despite existing in the same universe. First it was canon, being helmed by Kojima Productions themselves as the story of Raiden before Metal Gear Solid 4. Then it was not after they felt that they couldn't make the game and development was handed over to Platinum Games. Then it was canon again, given the title Revengeance and chronologically occurring after Metal Gear Solid 4.

When I learned of these developments, I was disappointed. I was worried that the essence of Metal Gear (the characters, storytelling, graphics, and music) couldn't be recreated by another team. Indeed, when Metal Gear Rising reappeared, the graphics and music were the most notable changes. I the graphical qualiy from the initial trailer wasn't there, though now I hear the game runs at 60fps. An acceptable trade off. The music is utter s*** though. Not even going to lie, it sounds ridiculous and I'll probably cut the music off at certain points. Where's Harry Gregson-Williams when you need him?

However I learned to accept Rising as a spin off. If I can give DmC a chance, I can certainly give Metal Gear Rising a chance. However I was also worried about Platinum Games. Plenty of PS3 users still remember receiving crappy ports (even to this day) and Bayonetta was the worse of them. Not too long ago, Platinum Games came out revealing Bayonetta on PS3 as "their biggest failure."This along with Kojima's endorsement restored my confidence in the team. Plus if Platinum Games is good at anything, its making an enthralling action game. However, like I've said before, developers talk s***...

South Park: The Stick of Truth (03/05/2013)


I'm not the biggest fan of South Park, though I enjoy watching the show. When I first saw this game however, I was blown away with how much the characters looked exactly as they appear on the show. With extensive support from the creators of the show, I'm sure this game will be ripe with comedy so I'm looking forward to checking this game out.

Tomb Raider (03/05/2013)


Yet another reboot, however I feel this one was rather deserved. I played the first Tomb Raider but I didn't like it. I've personally never cared for the series, however I respect Lara Croft as one of the most iconic video game heroines in gaming history. I was surprised by the debut trailer and the storyline/character development could potentially be amazing.

God of War: Ascension (03/12/2013)


The other day I was thinking, "Man, its been a while since I ripped off someone's head." It won't be much long before I start tearing limbs apart as Kratos. The newest installment in the God of War series is a prequel to the entire franchise. Single player looks just as awesome as ever and from what I've seen the visuals looked improved from God of War 3. (Crysis 3's really going to have to out do this game for one.)The combat systems also been over It's also the first to feature multiplayer.

This was my reaction to the announcement of multiplayer:



This was your reaction to the announcement of multiplayer:



Firstly If you don't like it, you don't have to play it. Secondly, don't assume the single player is automatically going to be downgraded because there is multiplayer added. You're pre-judging a game before it has a chance to explain itself (by you playing it). I played the Ascension beta. Its awesome!! They pulled it off and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Finally, let me ask you something, after you beat God of War 3, what did you do? Oh you played through the campaign again? That's cool. And then what? Exactly. I platinumed God of War 3 in two playthroughs. In an age where games are $60, that's not enough content to justify that much money for me (although I enjoyed GOW 3 and never regretted my purchase). Multiplayer will add some much needed replayablity to God of War 3. Besides this is Santa Monica Studios. They're not going to let you down. So stop b***hing and give it a chance. If you don't like it, log off because you'll probably just scrub up my team anyways.

Bioshock: Infinite (3/26/2013)


I'm not a huge fan of the series. I bought the first Bioshock day one when it came to PS3 I enjoyed it for a bit but I never finished it because I got bored about halfway through. I even borrowed it from a friend and got bored again and never finished it. I never played the second because I couldn't access my PS Store when the second one was free for PSN. Regardless I was blown away by the trailer they debuted a few years ago. A new locale and new characters was exactly what the series and I have been anxiously awaiting this installment.

The Last of Us (05/07/2013)


The Last of Us is Naughty Dog's newest game and the first new IP since starting the Uncharted series. This game is visually stunning (I mean really Crysis, you better step your s*** up, you got some stiff competition), and is accompanied by brilliant storytelling elements. Video games really need to step their storytelling as a whole. Fortunately recent games such as L.A. Noire and Heavy Rain have been shaking up the industry. Imperfect as they may be, they made waves and showed the industry that gamers are opening up their tastes. The gameplay also looks interesting with AI that reacts to your actions and works together. There is also survival horror elements from the fact that you have can scavenge resources to form weapons and the as of yet revealed infected people. I was also surprised to hear it at multiplayer.

Again... this was my reaction to multiplayer:



This was your reaction to multiplayer:



You crybaby a** gamers need to stop whining whenever a developer announces a game has multiplayer. Especially (some of) you Sony Fans. You guys embarrass me for liking Playstation. I mean I looked at the comments of the announcement that Sly 4 would be $40 and yet some people were still whining: "Oh must mean it's a budget title." I understand that Sony fans aren't as happy as they were when everyone was rocking PS2's and its good that you guys are vocal enough to call Sony out on BS like giving us NBA Jams instead of Arkham City but you guys need to not be so negative all the damn time. You haven't even played The Last of Us. You couldn't possibly know that it doesn't need multiplayer.

Remember Me (May 2013)


This game went under my radar until recently. When my original blog post was deleted, I hadn't even heard of this game yet. I saw the debut announcement and was instantly interested. Since this is a lesser known game, I'll be going into a bit more detail so bear with me. The creative director presented it interestingly as well. He informed the crowd of how the concept of the game was created. It came from one of his favorite memories, the memory of meeting his girlfriend. (Hopefully they don't break-up). The concept comes from memories. Memories are unique to each person, even in the same experience. If you can change a memory, you can change a person, if you change a person, you can change the world. The debut trailer was amazing. It features a unique setting (futuristic Paris) and the main character Nilin has the ability to manipulate enemies to change them. At the beginning of the game, her memory is wiped, and she is trying to find the person responsible. The gameplay looked cool. There is this combo lab which allows you to make up your own combos. The director touts "50,000" possible combinations. Again developers and their s*** talking but regardless, it looked cool. You have a certain number of slots available. There is strategy to what you pick, however. There are 4 types of attacks: Regen slots (these heal Nilin), Power slots (these deal strong damage), Cooldown slots (these lower the cooldown for your special attacks) and chain slots which double the value of the previous slot. There was also a sequence where you had to hack the mind of an official. It plays out quite cleverly and also hints that the game might be open world.

It wasn't perfect, Nilin's character model strange is anorexic with probably one of the strangest a**es in gaming. I'm even not trying to be sexist, her character model honestly looks disproportionately inhuman and I originally thought she was an android of some sort. Plus its third person so I'm looking at her back for a majority of the game, I'm sure the developers don't want me paying attention to how strange her character model looks. I hope they make her look a bit more human before the final release. Also the dialogue was awful. Possibly the worst I've seen in gaming. This game has such a cool universe, visual style, and interesting story but if it is not told properly, one cannot properly get immersed into the story. They have some time, however, and I have high hopes for this game. I'm always down to support new IPs and games that do new things so I'll be looking out for this game come May.

Guacamelee (PSN) Q12013


Guacamelee is probably one of the lesser known titles and the only PSN titles in this list. I was impressed when I saw the Mexican-inspired visual style, various video game homages (including the above nod to Metroid), surprisingly deep combat, and plane shifting gameplay. There are a lot of gameplay elements mashed into this game and if done properly this could be a brilliant title. It also doesn't hurt to have co-op.

Grand Theft Auto V (Spring 2013)


Do I even need to say why this is on my list? I'm not going to waste your time. This wasn't confirmed, but May is a time when Rockstar tends to release games so I wouldn't be too surprised to see it sooner than later.

That is the end of part 1 (I didnt know there was a limit :roll:). I hope some of you Sony fanboys weren't too butthurt with my comments. I'm only talking to a specific whiny few. Parts 2 and 3 will be coming soon.


Hello everyone, and yes I say everyone as if anyone is reading this and gives a flying... car. Almost forgot I can't swear here:roll:. Anyway...

Yesterday, Ninja Theory released a new CGI trailer for DmC: Devil May Cry:

Before I comment on my opinions of the game, let me say this... why CGI? Personally, I do not like CGI trailers. I look at them and think, oh that's cool I guess. But if I buy the game, put the disc into my system, it will not look like that, so why even waste my time? I hate seeing CGI trailers, get rid of them. And while your at it, take live-action trailers out in the backyard and pop a few in their heads too. That being said, let's talk about DmC.

This game has incited rage amongst nearly all Devil May Cry fans when it was first announced and they showed off Dante's redesigned model smoking.


I'm pretty sure a couple of heads exploded when they saw this.

I'll admit, I raged a bit myself. I recently re-read a comment on me raging. I can't even put it up on this blog. But I was thinking... why? Why change the character model of Dante, one of the most iconic action game character ever? But the last Devil May Cry game to come out, Devil May Cry 4, came out a while ago, so I was starving for more Devil May Cry-like gameplay. As much as I disliked the new character model, I decided I'll give it a chance and wait for the gameplay to do the talking.

I learned that DmC is not just a prequel but a reboot to the entire franchise. I don't and still don't think that this series needed a reboot, however, like I said, I decided I'll give it a chance.

Then the Devil May Cry collection came out last year. Finally I could fulfill my cravings at least until this new game came out.

I played Devil May Cry 1.


A familiar face.

I never really played the first Devil May Cry because my brother played it. It was also the first violent video game I had seen and I was young when it came out, so I'll admit that was a bit scared to watch it.


I mean c'mon, this was a screwed up scene for a 10 year old to see.

I had fun playing the game, however since my most recent memory of DMC was playing #4, I struggled with the gameplay. This game had some highlights (such as different models when using a weapon during devil trigger), but it was certainly was removed from its peak. I felt as if i couldn't perform the cool combos found in the later entries in the series.

And the story.... well even though I've played it twice, its still an afterthought for me. I remember that Trish comes to Dante, asking for help to stop Mundus. You encounter Vergil and you are half Demon, half Human. (I could be wrong about some of this.) However it was never about the story for me. You could also play as Trish.

Then I played the infamous debacle that was Devil May Cry 2.


To be honest, I had fond memories of Devil May Cry 2. I remember having a lot of fun with the game. It wasn't until I started going on gaming websites did I discover that everyone hated the game. And when I replayed the game, I discovered I hated it too.

They changed Dante's personality, making him more reserved (although he wasn't really big on trash talk until the third game anyway). They also made the gameplay weaker and made every enemy a chore to defeat. They introduced another playable character, Lucia, although she was forgettable.

Story wise, Devil May Cry 2 was a bit strange and made you fight an array of odd enemies including tanks. It also occurs far ahead of 1, 3, or 4 leaving some questions as to what happened up until then. But again the story was forgettable and I found my self forcing myself to complete it.

Finally I had gotten to the crown jewel of the Devil May Cry series: #3.


Here is where the series peaked. Here is where the gameplay flourished. Here is where an interesting story was developed.

You had a wide array of weapons: Swords, triple nunchuks, even a guitar. The over the top action the series was known for really started here with that famous intro scene. I remember bringing in my PS2 in class and showing that scene off and everyone was blown away. The whole game oozed of style.My fond memories of Devil May Cry 3 were not only reinforced, but I liked the game even more so that before.

It also had an interesting story with a rivalry between Dante and Vergil as well as other fun boss fights. But even better was being able to play as Vergil when the game was re-released. Although the story was still an afterthought, I had some motivation through it in comparison to the other entries.

Then came Devil May Cry 4. The first entry of the series into the current generation.


A new challenger has appear!

The series once again made a change by introducing a new hero: Nero. The developers played it safe on his character model. He still has white hair similar to Dante as well as a large sword and a gun. Although, they did give him the Devil Bringer. Nero's right arm is a powerful weapon during combat and brought some fresh gameplay to the series. It allowed him to pull off some more brutal moves more akin to a God of War game. The best part was being able to use it on bosses and pull off devastating moves.

I enjoyed Devil May Cry 4 nearly as much as I enjoyed #3. You could play as Dante for about half of the story as well, but I disliked the fact that they made him go just go through the same maps but backwards. This was a design that shouldn't have been used. Plus I enjoyed played as Nero and in this game, I actually had more fun playing as him than Dante.

I will say that fighting against Dante was fun.

Storywise, again it was an afterthought, however it does start off with a "bang." Dante flies in, shooting the head of Nero's order in the face. The plot was interesting but it focused on Nero more so than Dante. I didn't mind, but one things for certain, the series changes with each entry. So after reflecting on these games, I decided I'll give this "new" Dante a chance.

That time finally came when they released the demo.


Finally, I got the chance to take this new Dante for a spin, and I'd have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I was worried about the gameplay. Ninja theory isn't known for making the best action games, however, what they done a good job at keeping some of the original gameplay intact while bringing something new. The Demon and Angel weapons allow you to pull off some cool combos on the fly. Each weapon has it advantages and disadvantages. The Angel scythe is quick and has a wide range, but it doesn't inflict much damage. Landing successive hits charges it up, however, increasing the damage output. The Demon Axe is very slow and on smaller enemies, the standard combo knocks them back with the first hit so you'll need to switch up your moves to get to them. It does a ton of damage though. Each of them also have pause combos.

There are some subtle improvements, for instance, when you do a pause combo, your sword flashes when you are able to pull it off. Its only a visual thing and doesn't affect your ability to pull them off or their feeling of fluidity, however, you can then switch to another weapon. For instance, two quick swipes with your sword and pause, then press R2/RT and you'll switch to the Axe and perform its pause combo. If you had done it by pausing when you did two Axe swipes, it would've taken longer.

Parrying is also there and makes more sense now. Before I would parry on pure chance on the other Devil May Cry games, but now its a risk that i can learn to take. For instance there are these small enemies that shoot at you from the air. There is a warning whenever an enemy attacks like in past DMC games but here the visual cue is more obvious. I learn that by using hte Pop shredder angel scythe move, if I aim it at the correct angle I can reflect the attack on the enemy.

There are also a lot of hidden combos including the Stinger, Rainstorm, Angel/Demon dodges, and more. Every move has a variant for the demon axe and angel scythe. The combat is just as good as ever and the demo gives you a ton of moves to learn.

There were some issues however: There's no lock-on. This made it weird to play at first and takes some getting used to. Because of this, you perform the stinger by pressing forward twice and then pressing triangle. You also do high rise by press circle instead of pulling back on the analog stick. I could get used to this, but there were times when I would stinger into a wall. Another thing is that it was running at 30 frames per second. It was a bit disappointing. Especially since NT was using the Unreal Engine 3. I personally think this engine looks ugly (at least on PS3), however developers have worked to make it look better throughout this generation and DmC is a good looking game. It just doesn't look good enough for them to not have it run at 60 frames per second. But its not game ruining for me and I'll get over it. This is smaller, but... no taunt? I was disappointed I couldn't taunt after I learned to dominate the enemy. Also it was easier than before to increase your Style meter, although I've never had a problem increasing my meter in past games, gaining an SSS rank was a bit too easy.

On the normal difficulty, it was easy. However there was a properly level of challenge when I raised the difficulty. NT has done a good job of making the enemies more difficult, without making it feel cheap. This increased difficulty introduces new enemies who are more resilient to your attacks. There are also enemies which must be attacked by only angel or demon attacks. Reminding my of the PSN game Outland when had you shifting to attack enemies. These enemies forced me to fully learn how to utilize my angel and demon abilities.


The demo is split into two parts, the first shows off normal gameplay. I really like the fact that the environment shifts and moves at certain parts. With the environments, NT has done something better than past DMC games, which had environments which were pretty much dead.

The second part features a boss fight with the "Secret Ingredient."


There wasn't too much unique about the boss fight and it was pretty easy. Enough for a demo to show off. The most notable thing about the boss fight is how much swearing is prevalent in their opening exchange. I'm not sure how I felt about it. Part me thought it was a bit much to have Dante swearing. But if the boss is swearing about me I definitely don't want Dante to call her a "poopyhead" or some soft ish like that. Honestly I always kind of wanted Dante to swear so hearing him swear isn't bad, its just a bit too frequent. Although the boss is very, very vulgar. Who knows, this could be the only boss Dante swears this much to.

It was challenging enough and after you think you've defeated her, upon your escape, you discover that she still very much alive. Unfortunately there the demo stops so you'll have to find out when the game is released.

You get some hints at the story, however. This new DmC revolves around a conspiracy. It mirror subjects that Assassin's Creed and V for Vendetta. It's a bit odd for a DmC game but the last thing I'm worried about is the story. If NT is good at anything its character development and storytelling. Here's where the new character model could work. If NT makes it so that this "new" Dante develops into the Dante we all know and love, they could make for a compelling story. I really hope they go for this route due to the fact that when you activate Devil Trigger, he looks just like the old Dante, Red Jacket and White hair and all. So who knows?

Some of his origins has changed. For instance, Dante is a Nephilim, Half Angel (mother) and Half Demon (father). He doesn't know his family. His mother was killed and his father is currently imprisoned instead of being the legendary hero who stopped Mundus several millenia ago. He is now working with Vergil to get rid the world of the demons. (I believe)

(Side note: Why change the pronunciation of Mundus from Moondus to its phonetic spelling? Its unnecessary and only irritates fans of the series such as myself. This is minor but it reminds me of M. Night Shymalan's Avatar. Didn't even see the movie after I heard the way the pronunciation Aang.)

I don't want to go into details because well...., I don't know them that well but I learned a bit about the story from the dialogue. In the first part of the demo Dante smacks a can of soda from some overweight man's hand. This also played out in the above CGI trailer. Later he refers to the boss as the "Secret Ingredient." During the fight Dante seems to be disconnecting her from something, hinting that she is the source of the drink. This instantly reminded me of that Futurama episode in which Fry learns of the source of the popular drink, Slurm.


So I believe Vergil is making you kill demons which are controlling the population. Assassin's Creed 3 had a video (unlocked during multiplayer) which kind of touched on the same subject. So who knows, this could make for a very interesting story. Or it could fail miserably. But then again its DMC so I don't play for the story, I play for the gameplay. And the gameplay in DmC has succeeded for me.

I feel bad for Ninja Theory, no matter how good this game is, they'll never get a decent reception from fans. And its not their fault. Its not as if they woke up one day and were like, "Hey, you know what we should do? Piss off an entire fan base by changing the character they love." Actually I've read plenty of articles about DmC's development and how Capcom approach them and wanted a radical redesign. Source:


At least its far removed from this initial design.

They started with a slight redesign and (although this article doesn't have the quote) they were frankly told: "If we wanted to make a DMC5 we would've made it ourselves." Essentially telling them try again or GTFO. So vent your anger towards Capcom. I've also read plenty of articles stating that there is a reason Dante doesn't look like himself. If you look at Vergil for instance, he has white hair.



I might be a bit more excited to play as Vergil than Dante.

All in all, I had fun with the demo and I've replayed it numerous times so yes, when January 15th comes around (10 days as of writing) I will be picking it up. I have it pre-ordered so I can get Vergil's DLC as well.

All I have to say is give DmC a chance, who knows, you might actually like it. If you do, tell someone who is sending NT death threats to CTFO. If you don't that's fine, you don't have to like it. But unless your criticisms are valid (i.e. more than just about his redesign)...



Two Thousand and Thirteen

Happy New Year everyone! (Yes I'm talking to all -3 of you who are actually reading this.)

I used to blog on where I actually had a couple of eyeballs who would care view my blog but then I stopped because of school and glitches (which resulted in me losing and having to rewrite entire blogs), but mostly pure laziness/procrastination.

When I tried to start my blog back up I discovered when GT redesigned their site they decided, "Blogs? No one uses that **** Let's get rid of it." They had some interesting videos and reveals but I've been put off by many things on their site. If any of you have been on their site, how many times has "GT lost all credibility?" Exactly.

I've been on Gamespot for a while (since Dec. 28th, 2008) but I never really got involved. So today makes a change.

Who am I?

I am a 21-year old senior in college, I am graduating in May. I am a film major and aspiring screenwriter. After finishing up my second feature-length screenplay, during lecture my teacher told me, "If you're not writing, you're not a writer." These are simple words, but they have a lot of weight behind them. Both of the screenplays which I've wrote seemed to be well-received by my classmates, though admittedly, I completed each of my acts on a last minute basis. I feel that if I had spent more time on them, they could've been better. (This goes back to the laziness/procrastination I was talking about earlier. So I thought, what better moment to make a change than the coming of a New Year?)

I am also a gamer of course. My platform of choice is a Playstation 3. The first console I had was a Sega Genesis. The Sonic days were great for me, however due to the fact that the Playstation could play CD's my family got a Playstation and I've been hooked ever since. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not a fanboy. As a college student, however, I'm just not financially able to support more than one console. I definitely don't need any additional distractions in my life. Plus I have no problem calling Sony out on their BS such as them giving NBA JAMs for free on Plus days before the online features are disabled and this atrocity ( I'll give them a pass on NBA Jams because I've gotten tons of other great games but blocking used games is absolute crap and borderline illegal. That practice wouldn't be accepted for movies or music so it shouldn't be okay for games. I understand that the publishers/developers should be getting their money from sales, and rightfully so, however, this is not the way to go.

Personally, I buy a lot used games but if the game is worth it, I'll buy it new.

I enjoy getting my Halo and Gears fix every chance I get (and especially Ninja Gaiden 2!) but there is a barrier keeping me from getting an Xbox...: ( If they get rid of that, I'd definitely get one since nearly all of my friends have one.

Of course, Super Smash Bros is possibly one of the greatest franchises ever but other than that, I was never interested in getting a Wii. If they release one for the Wii U however, I might sign up.

I'd game on a PC, if I had one. I have a Macbook Pro (yeah yeah, Mac this, PC that, blah blah) as it was a gift for college so I mostly just go on Facebook, gaming websites, and take notes on it.

I was a huge portable gamer, especially after my original Playstation broke so Pokemon was my **** for a looong time. But those days have long since past. I thought about getting a Vita, but I don't travel enough to justify such an expensive purchase.

So with that being said, most of the games I'll talk about will be for the Playstation 3. Add me on PSN if you'd like: SMLiquid. I mostly play Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale but I always add games to my catalog.

Why am I writing this blog?

I am writing this blog for many reasons, but mostly:

1. To write. - Plain and simple. As an aspiring writer, I should be writing. This blog allows me to write about topics I enjoy (gaming, films, current events) while being able to share it to a larger audience by writing online. Plus I can keep some anonymity.

2.To get my ideas and opinions out - Admittedly, I am quiet, shy, reserved, etc. -Except around friends of course.- I have ideas and opinions in my mind that I would like to express, even if it falls upon deaf ears.

3.Possibly post some screenplays or short stories - I feel I need some fresh opinions on my screenplays, although I'm still undecided if I will actually post some for a few personal reasons.

Above all, I have a list of New Years Resolutions that I want to fulfill. I feel that if someone else knows about, I am more likely to get them done. These are (in no particular order):

1. Lose Weight - This is everyone's New Year's Resolution. I've lost a lot of weight last year so I'm not fat. I don't want to lose weight, rather just gain more muscle tone.

2. Write two screenplays before I graduate- Before mid-May, I want to write two screenplays. Luckily I already have the ideas, I just need to sit down, focus, and write.

3. <-M.T.-> will be acquired.- We'll get into what this means in a later blog.

4. Expand my music tastes - Kind of involves #3. I am African American and I primarily listen to rap music. Specifically the likes of Mac Dre, Eminem, N.W.A., Dirt Nasty, etc. I stray away from most of the lackluster new pop-rap artists out today. However, it wasn't always like this. For a time, I listened to only rock music. With Spotify, I've been able to listen to music from other artists such as Rage Against the Machine, Gorillaz, Justice, Bob Marley, and others. I can listen to pretty much anything and I like artists who do things that are different and possibly even off-putting (ala OFWGKTA). I'd love suggestions on some new (or old) music.

5.Cut down on my consumption of marijuana - Yes I do partake in Buddha worship, however, it's become a bit much recently.I'm not running through my money or feel a need to have it, but I smoked practically everyday last semester and nearly everytime its offered to me, I accept. It's made me late to lectures and work on occassion. This also involves #3.

6. Write everyday about everything and anything - This goes back to what I said earlier.

7. That includes writing this f****** blog that youre reading. - I hope to make regular posts here.

I'd like to thank all -4 of you for reading. I plan on putting up some reviews of Assassin's Creed III, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, and Call of Duty Black Ops as well as my most anticipated games of 2013 so check back soon.

EDIT: Didn't know you couldn't curse.... Go****it