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smellerbeerocks Blog

hi hi

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hi. im rei fa zu. (rae fa zu)
i like avatar.
and video games
and superheros
and talking
and looking at anime
and drawing anime
and typing
and pushing the "enter" key
im weird
and this is long
because im bored
which is actualy dangerous
it's worse when im hyper
but bored is bad to
im also of subject
i scare my self
and other people
and my friends
and most likley you

Avatar has ended....

by on

everytime i think 2 much about it i fall and start getting better bt sum how i was talkeed into buyig sozins comet book...i read 3 pages and the end imedetly tears screaming and LOTS of people saying"itll be ok" and rappers flying with me throwing all my comfort food around and running away screaming how stupid zuko is....i was REALLY takes me seriously 2 days 2 fully not allowed 2 watch avtar anymore cause no 1 wants 2 see me cry...





by on aways needing links so if u want 2 send them 2 me it would be appriciated!

1.western airtemple

2.boiling rock

3.all new 1s that come after

thanks 4 reading.:lol:

1st blog

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ummmmmmmmmmmm.........hi ima rei fa zzzzzzzzzzu.......and im bored all the time...ima obsessssed with Avatar....and this is boreing...--REI OUT