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I hate microtransactions

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I'm getting angry about microtrnasactions and the new systems havn't even come out yet. This is going to suck esp. if it makes its way into first person shooters instead of being able to pick up random guns on a map you already have the most powerful gun, and that's because you paid $1.99 for it . Micro transactions are going to make the multiplayer world suck and this may cause a huge rift in the gaming community. Basicly it's the industry saying hey you like to win? do you want to be number 1? then here buiy these things and you'll be unstopable. Although I'm glad i don't play any mmorpg's because that's where I could see the biggest impact of microtransactions. Imagine buying armor weapons or other useless trinkets, but instead of using gold that your character has looted plundered collected or what ever, you have to shell out your own hard earned money. The saddes thing of all (let apologize ahead of time to these gamers) is that the people of evercrack will pay a n y t h i n g for something, they would $10,000 dollars if it meant being the only person that had something. Anyway my solution is simple lower the price of games, is the manufactures lowered the price to $20 or $25 it wouldn't be so buy heck I could accept that but to charge $50 and then the price of microtransactions now that's robbery right from the confrot of your couch.

A couple of thoughts on Chaos Theory

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I just want to take a minute here and talk about how awesome Chaos Theory is. I love the new single player and i love the new split screen co-op mode and the online play is fantastic. But what i think sets this game apart from the rest is the little touches that Ubi has added. Such things as the laser grids and the new ocp and eev vision give the game a whole new aspect. The ocp especially is awesome because now you don't have to waste bullets on shooting out lights, which brings me to my next point tha gameplay. The game play is probably the best change to this game, basically you can go about the game two ways the first is stealth where you don't kill anyone and sneak around, the second is assault in which you go in guns blazing and kill everyone on the way to your objective ( i personally prefer a mix of both, one of the things about the first 2 games was that you couldn't really kill people for most of the game it was either non-lethal or mission failed, so far except for one mission i've been able to shoot and kill and boy has it come in handy a couple of times). So even though the graphics didn't really make a dramatic change I'll give Ubi the mulligan on that one because there will be a new SC for Xbox 360 or whatever it'll be called by then. Overall a great game that between the Single and multiplayer modes I should be playing this game for a long time.