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Wow where have I been?

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN! Havent been on forever but I remember some of the best times in class was sitting in one of our forums. What was it called? Misfit something? Good times. well im now a father of 3 happily married and working all the time. Still a gamer though between world of warcraft and league of legends. Hope everyone is doing well! Until next time!

Baby pics!!!

KK so if you want to check out my beautiful baby girl check out my myspace. my account is under my real name Sherman Woo she is the greatest. Im so a daddy.!

Found Out what We're Having!

Its a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're going to name her Isabella Lynn Woo! The Lynn was my mothers middle name and for those who know she died last May so atleast I get a chance to honor her in this. I really thought it would be a boy. First one in my family to have a girl. My Grandfather Woo had all boys, my dad had all boys, my brother has two boys and I got a girl. My dad is really happy of the idea of having a grandaughter. Im so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Holla at your boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So whats new?

What up everybody!!!

Well Im offically engaged, got a baby on the way, moving to Indianapolis, and....Well thats it for now I think. Dont be mad but Ive gotten hooked on WOW. I play so much in my spare time that I've had to take some time off because I thought I wasnt getten anything else done! But other than that soem other new games Ive played that have been cool is Mario and Sonic at the olympics for the DS, Saints Row on 360, and FEAR on PC.

Just started reading the Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind. Im on book 5 and so far the series has been good holla.

The Worst and Best Summer Ever

So this summer has been crazy for me. It started off with the death of my mother. IT was probably the worst week of my life. From finding her dead to the whole identifying the body crap to all the funeral arrangements that fell on me. Sad to say to those who kinda know me I ended up not graduating but this semester is my last! I found out during that time who were the people that really cared about me and who was fake. It was so crazy that whole week felt like a dream. And of course the following week was mothers day. What great timing right. I like to think that I live my life with no regrets but if I regret anything it's not telling my mom I loved her more. So let me get all mushy and tell everybody to make sure you tell the people you care about how much you love them cause you never know when you wont get the chance anymore.

The good. I've meet one of the most amazing people in th e world. My new girlfriend Priscilla ia so great. She understands me and make me happy. I always knew that it would take a special kind of girl to put up with my crap but now I know that was the wrong way to look at. She doesn't put up with my "wierd things" she thinks they're cute. She loves ME for ME and wouldn't change me for anything. How great is that.

Anyway, I've missed you guys and hope everybody had a good summer.

What was it that I use to say here, that right....Holla at your boy!

Happy Holidays a bit late.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to holla at all my peeps but I hope everybody enjoyed the holiday season.

I have to say that I had one of the best and worst new years ever. I went to the Bears game on new years and it was off the hook. We were all pretty much trashed before the game even started which was a good thing. What sucked is the Bears got their asses kicked by are arch rivals the puck ass Green Bay Packers. No biggie though we're in the playoffs.

Well this is my last semester and I'm so happy that I'm finally going to graduate. It seems like there's finally some light at the end of the tunnel. Well again I'm sorry for all my fans out there for only jumping on here every couple of months.

I love you guys so hugs and kisses and all that other nice stuff.

Holla at your boy.

I promise I wasn't hiding

Ok round three is over, and my girlfriend and I got back together. I went out a few times with my friends and ran into alot of people when I went out. I forgot how damn good looking I am and how much fun it is to get hit on. There was one problem though, none of the girls I talked to were Stephanie. Funny how love can screw up a good time. Even though we were broken up at the time I still felt as though I was doing something wrong when I  was talking to those other cheekas. Anyway Steph and I worked through it again, so lets hope there isn't something new that pops up in a couple of weeks.

For those of you who are on facebook or myspace hit me up. My real name is Sherman Woo and I shouldn't be hard to find.

holla at your boy.

The Breakup, The Saga Continues Pt. 2

So once again Stephanie and I broke up. We came to the conclusion that we just don't have enough time for each other and all that other mess. I'm not so upset this time because I've done nothing but stress the relationship since the last breakup. I still live and care about Stephanie but I know it's not the same as when I first relized I was in love with her. I know that love matures but ours kinda went stagnent and then we just drifted apart.

Well the good news is I get to spend my money on myself and I think about what would have happened in May when we both graduate. I think that it's best now that we got this done and over with beside, I'm way to good looking to waste all my charm on one girl, just clownen.

Not so heartbroken,


Holla at your boy

New Job

So last week was my first week at my new job. I'm working at the Ivy Tech help desk and watching over the computer labs during the week while I'm not in class.

I love it. It's nice doing something that's pertaining to my degree and it's also good to know that I enjoy it considering that it's my career choice.

I'm still working weekends at Toys R Us but I'm so burned out there. The pay is horrible, the demand alot out of you and you only get 10% off but you can't even use it on video game systems. Yeah and $6.50 an hour sucks. Of course it really sucks for those who are just starting cause the start in pay is only $5.75.

I'm making $7.50 at my new job but it's more than that cause I get to sit and do my homework plus get the experience.

Well it looks like life is good for me this week. Lets hope the trend continues.


New Beginings

So here's the scoop. Stephanie and I are back together. There was some issues that we had to work out and we did. For those who don't know communication is without a doubt the most important thing in any relationship. Once I found out what the real problem was between us I almost laughed, of course that wouldn't have been a good call on my part, anyhow the deal was just that Stephanie was affraid to talk to me about something so she thought of taking the easy way out. So we're good now and everything is on the up and up. I made sure though that she understands that she can  talk to me about anything. Well I could go on and on about this but I'll spare you guys.

From your new relationship counselor,

Sherman Woo.

and of course....Holla at your boy.

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