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Ha bonus points to whoever can figure out where i got that from anyway i have been away from gamespot for a while and after looking back on it i couldnt help but get myself back into it a little bit so what im doing now is posting Playthrough of games on youtube

Ive been watching My Little Pony Latly and i gotta say its quite a good show and my favorite character by far is...........

THIS GUY!!!!!!!!

Hahaha yeah its gummy

I dont have nothing else much to say except Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year :D

lol memes

My top 10 Pixar Movies (4-1)

Hey everyone its been awhile since my last blog i havent been on for a while because of my router it was broken so No internet for me for a while till we got another one my dad had also limited my computer time so i bareley got to be on GS till now so its time to finish what started a few weeks ago as i last said if you read my previous blogs then these choices should come to no surprise so lets finish this..........

#4 Toy Story 2

Just because its my least favorite out of the trilogy that dosent mean i really enjoyed watching it.But anyway this movie was about the toys who come to life when humans arnt around one of the toys gets stolen and a small group of the ohter toys go on a quest to find it.

#3 UP

A house is hovering in the air, lifted by balloons. A dog, a boy, and an old man hang beneath on a garden hose

This movie was about an old aged man who after loses his wife decides to fufill his promise to his wife as he did when they were kids and he avoids being relocated to an elderly plce by going up in the air with his house on thousands of baloons but a Kid is also on and now the man must find a way to get the kid back home while doing his promise

#2 Toy Story 3

Many toys all close together, with Buzz Lightyear and Woody holding the top of number 3.

So awsome..........

This movie was about the Toys Yers after the events of the last movie try to get thier grown up owner to play with them but he shows no interest so after one last attempt they are accidently left at a day care center which seemed nice at first but its actually a bad place so the toys must find a way to get out and back home.

#1 Toy Story (1)

Film poster showing a toy cowboy anxiously holding onto a smiling toy astronaut (with wings) as he flies in a kid's room. Below them sitting on a bed are various smiling toys watching the pair, including a Mr. Potato Head, a piggy bank, and a toy dinosaur. In the lower right center of the image is the film's title. The background shows the cloud wallpaper featured in the bedroom.

What started it all!!!

Yeah i decided that Toy story was my favorite pixar movie mainly because for its time it was the first movie to be completly done with CG Computer Generated

This movie was about the group of toys who meet a Msterious new toy thier owner got for his Birthday and they seemed to be impressed with him making one other toy jealous and he even accidently knocks him out the window after a series of other events the 2 beomce lost and must return home

So that it thanks for reading my list from start o finish hope you enjoyed!

My Top 10 Pixar movies (7-5)

#7 Ratatoullie

This movie was about a Rat named Remy that wants to cook after a little incident he his seperated from his pack and and is alone in France he then Finds his favorite Celebrity's Restraunt who had died a little while before.Once he enters he then alters one of the Soups that one of the Humans messed up..........


WALL-E was set Years later when Earth is desolated and is inhabitable theres nobody there except A small robot and his firend a Cockroach.One Day WALL-E sees a Spaceship drop by and notices that it drops another robot EVE which he has a romatic relationship for..............

#5 The Incredibles

Was about a family of Super powered humans who cant use thier power in public due to multiple incident in a past however the Father Bob cant resist not using his powers for good and sneaks out every once in a while to seceretly help people in need One day after being fired hes invited by a mysterious group for a seceret mission that will help him get money while being a super hero...........

At this point you can figure out what the rest of the movies will be so stayed tuned for the rest since i will include the rest of the movies in the next one.

My Top 10 Pixar Movies (10-8)

With Comic-con nearing its end i realized i havent updated my blog for a while so i mooped aroun wondering what to blog about then while watching a movie it hit me.I will do a blog on my Top 10 Pixar movies Out of the 12 thats is out there only 10 will make the list.Now let me go ahead and say i freaking love Pixar they put alot of effort into thier movies so that everything is awsome Like the Characters the Plots and the Music are well above Par,Even the Credits are pretty cool.SoWithouth Further Adou lets Begin the lists


Pixar logo.svg


#10 Monsters inc.

Was about 2 Monsters who scare small children for a living (as alot of monsters do) but one day one of them finds a young Girl who isnt scared of them and when the girl follows them all the way back into the monster world they must find a way to get her back thier without anyone knowing about her exsistance.

#9 Cars

Was about a rookie Lightning Mcqueen as he after tieing in the final race of the Piston Cup gets lost on his way to the Finals and he ends up wrecking an old forgotten town which he has to fix and he ends up learning some important values in life.

#8 Finding Nemo

Was about a Clownfish Marvin who after loosing his wife and plenty of Kids but one (who he names nemo) Goes after his son after hes Kidnaped by a diver he runs into many things along the way and goes through many hardships.

My Mini Vacation

Wondering where ive been for the past few days.........i was out celebrating my moms birthday and at the same time summer since thres only a few more weeks before school starts up again (here anyway) we went to a cool Hotel called the Renaissance.We only stayed here for 2 days but that was long enough for me.We had plent of fun such has going to the mall lookin around and we went to celebration station where we got to get on bumper boats Go karts and Miniature Golf

This was the main lobby pretty nice to get out the house every now and then

Now that were back its time to get back to doing things on Gamespot which looks like alot of stuff has happened so i gotta alot of catching up to do *sigh* so thats all for my short blog.

Early July Reviews + Mid 2011 Friend Awards


Howdy everyone welcome to my next blog in July of 2011 im going to have a special thing for all of my friends on GS at the end of this blog but first ima going to review my reviews of the games i reviewed this month.

Star Fox Assualt

Star Fox: Assault Boxshot

''Best in series''

I actually rented this game a few times instead of buying it but i was able to beat it within that time so in my opinion this game is the best game in the Star fox series.The story was ok but the gameplay was awsome you got to go On foot go into the Landmaater (a tank) or the Arwing.Replay Vaule wise there was 5 hidden flags you can find all hidden pretty well and hard to find i never found all of them.The cutscenes and Voice acting was overall Well done and the soundtrack was epic! (Ahem Star Wolf theme*)

Next is Megaman Battle Network

Mega Man Battle Network Boxshot

Megaman Battle Network

First off i would like to say im a fan of the anime Megaman NT warrior ive only been watching about 16 episodes and im hooked on it even though it dosent follow the game (or the Game dosent follow the anime).Anyway the game is absolutly amazing the first time i played it which was a year ago when i found out how to get my GBA emulator working Fluent control nice music and the Battle System is Balanced to perfection.Collecting all the Chips was a pain in the neck though its like trying to catch every single Pokemon

So now with my reviews out of the way its time for The Mid 2011 Friend awards where my friends (based on how much i see and conversate with them) will earn a fake internet medal.So dont get mad at me if you arnt on here i will have another in December so try try again :P.

MID 2011 Friend Awards

Bronze Medal Friends (Friends i barely see)


sman3579 chocolate1325 MuskipMaster30 IslandBros15

Silver Medal Friends ( friernds i see a liitle more often)


SuperSmashBro1 zmanrwks pokecharm blobulus mariostar0001

Gold Medal Friends (friends i see at least once a day)


Cloud_765 kbaily sonictrainer demoman_chaos Soniczero1993 ShadowofSonic white_kunoichi sonicphc BlazikenTails64 GoogliGamer

Platinum Medal Friends (Friends i see almost every minute of everyday)


Megamannt123 Koolkat14


So that wraps everything i habve to say thanks for reading my blog and see ya next time.

My Post-June reviews + Video game Bill?


Welcome everyone to my first blog in July of 2011 first off im going to show you my 2 reviews of post july (even though one of them was today in july)

My first review is Dragonball Z Legacy of Goku I for the GBA

Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku

''Total Let Down''(Read if you want i dont care if you dont)

''This game makes me sick (Literally)

So i was actually playing this game very recently off of my GBA emulator i once saw a review of it on Youtube and its was criticised for being really bad after wtaching i decided to play it for myself since i never played it on a regular GBA but only if i knew it was really that bad.

And now for............

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the hedgehog (2005) for the Gamecube


''I beleive this game is really underrated''

Now i know what your thinking how can you possibly like this game....well i like it only when i look over the guns and think of it a regular Sonic errrrr. Shadow game and i really liked how many endings there were (almost beats Chrono Triggers count with 12 this one had 10) plus the music was awsome too.

Now with my reviews out of the way id like to talk about something that has been on my mind for a while..........

Have any of you heard about the recent Bill regarding any footage of video gameplay clips from movies or even Live Streams etc. without permmision could be terminated (or even worse.....Jailtime.....) Im not sure if this Includes users that Upload LP or Walkthough videos on Sites like Gamespot or Youtube (it could just be third party companies but still its pretty scary either way) The Bill isnt in effect in fact its still sitting there in the Senate but untill it dies Gamers Beware.......

Wow my hands are tired from typing so much i never typed a blog this big or detailed before heh heh so thats all for now

until we meet agin ~Chaio~

Planning on doing a Video Review

On Call of Duty Black Ops and maybe a few speedruns on it or Modern Warfare 2 Mainly so i can get some emblems but mainly cuz im bored.

Im going to go Camping for a Week after 4th of July.and thats about all i got to say im not really a bloging person so this will be my last Blog post unless i do a regular review on a game or something big happens near where i live so Thats all See ya on Unions!

P.S. Anyone know what my new avatar is?

Finally my First Video

Finally after much trail and error i have finally conducted and uploaded my first video to the internet i had many problems because firstly my camera cant record that much (only up to 15 mins of gameplay) then i had trouble getting the video into the right format to upload onto GS THEN i had to cut the video down because its too big to upload so instead of 9 mins i had to cut it into 5 mins so ill have to upload the other parts at another time

My reviews in Mid-June

Ive finally got back to reviewing game after about 2 years since my last review in 2009 on Resistance 2 this month so far i review Call of Duty Black Ops and Super Mario Galaxy (i always review one from PS3 and one from the Wii) I plan to Review Super Mario Galaxy 2 later this month

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

''Mixed Reactions''

Call of Duty MW2 is a great game Campagin-Wise but Multiplayer is a bit broken.

Super Mario Galaxy


An epic Mario game this time in space

So thats really all i have to talk about nothing really intresting is happening in my life except i gotta go to Summer school if thats what you call intresting.Also my video i said id be uploading is almost done i just have to get it in a specific format so i can upload it on Gamespot

So that it for now ~Chiao