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Its all over!

Dinamo lost to Lazio 1-3 after leading with 1-0 .The team practly shatered after lazio received a penalty after Vali Nastase made a childish mistake.

KO Ionel Ganea

Ionel Ganea attacks asisent referee after a player hits Ganea and Ganea hits back.Ganea has played for Dinamo Bucharest last year and scored 14 goals in 17 maches and then moved to Rapid where he scored only 2 goals.Now he is at Poli Timisoara and rightfully attacks the refeere."Never in my life i have received 2 red cards in 2 consecutive matches.The referees are out to get me".I will upload the video right away

Picture of the year

Not Liverpool

Dinamo mets Lazio in the last preliminari round of hampions League.Both Steaua and Dinamo have high chanches of playing in Champions League this year

We lost the Supercup

Dinamo lost the Supercup yesterday at a penalty shootout.Althouth Dinamo played much better then the adversary Rapid ,we still lost .Crazy thing is that their Coach quit although he won cuz the club owner did not fufil his promises


I've been searching for a mainboard all day and i found 3 that i really like

ASRock 939Dual-SATA2




What do u recommend?

Im so jealous

Two very good games are available for the xbox and ps3 but not for the Pc.The Darkness seems like it could win the game of the year award and for the first time GTA is not for the PC

All roads lead to Rome

After AS Roma bought Chivu ,our national team captain they bought a new romanian.His name is Adrian Pit and he was not really wanted in our league but that doesnt matter .I bet Pit is gonna be a great player in a few years just like Mutu.Oh and i think he was born in this city cuz he played for our team UTA.A few months ago Celtic took a talented kid from our town and that really annoys me.I mean he was right here under our noses and nobody even saw him God do our teams need scouts

Adrian Pit

5 days from my first exam

In 5 days i have my first exam and i was supose to be studiing but instead im downloading episodes ofa comedy show.Aniway im almost certain that im gonna pass that exam but the grade matters too.Also i passed the optional english exam but im not even going to an eglish class.I didnd't have a choise cuz my english teacher made my take the test