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A wasted year!Thats it!After 3 consecutive draws Dinamo was humiliated at home 0-2 by Rapid .Thei're head coach was our head coach last year when we humiliated evrey1.Now its backwards .We are being humiliated by every1.The team is dead since we found out that it gonna be a champions cup final Milan-liverpool wich meant that we are not directly qualified to champions league.And then Lazio deafeated us.


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Raikonen did it!He won the F1 championship.I thought Hamilton was sure to win but my favorites the Ferrari team won both team and individual.

Romania qualified!

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Romania is qualified to euro 2008 and holland almost too.We have 2 more matches left and we need to win 1 to win group G.Bulgaria has about 1% chances to qualifi in front of holland

Lobont wanted by AC Milan!!

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Lobont is wanted by Ac milan along with Diego Lopez (Villarreal) and Abbiati (Atletico Madrid) .Dinamo values him at 7 000 000 euros but Walter Zenga mour new head coach doesnt want to let him go.The deal would be magnifisent for dinamo becuz we bought him under 1 000 000 euros from fiorentina.Lobont allready rejected offers from Benfica,Aston Villa and Dinamo's terror, Lazio.

are we back?

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We might be back in the championship fight.A 6-1 win always helps when u are knocked out of europe:P

Lazio and Benfica are still interested in our keeper but they'll have to forget about him:P

Completly humiliated

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After Lazio deafeated us now some swedish team deafeated us and we are out of the euro trofies.Thats alll T-T


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You scored as Walter Sullivan, Walter is part of the cult of silent hill. he is a murderer.He is the one killing every one but ends up getting killed by Herny in the end of the game. You are similar to him.

Walter Sullivan


Jasper Gein


Richard Braintree




Andrew DeSlavo

Which silent hill 4 victim are you (spoiler)
created with

Game of the year

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The first 3 big favorites for game of the year have been released:The Darkeness,Bioshock,Stranglehold.For now i think every1 would agree that bioshock is the best .

Also MOH:Airborne has been released and it only received a 7.0 .So i can't wait to see what BIA is bringing


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Our head coach Mircea Rednic quit his job today after we lost again at home 1-0 with Gloria Bistrita.We havent won 1 match at home this season


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CFR Cluj and Otelul Galati lost in Uefa preliminaries although they wre favorits.SO we got big problems for the uefa points cuz we only got 3 teams left and they need to make double the points last year so we can just forget about having 3 teams in champions league .Enjoy portugal.....