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hitman 5 confirmed,max payne 3 confirmed,splinter cell confirmed ,POP4?

After years of being canceled it seems that max payne 3 is gonna exist but no one really knows anything about it and the only characters alive are Bravura(to stuborn to dye XD) and Max.The developers(or whatever) are busy making Alan Wake atm but i'd rather play that than Max Payne 3 ,so they'll have more time for the story to be developed.

Hitman 5 appears as TBA in GS but i haven't heard anything about it.

Splinter Cell is confirmed as well(no secret) and i think its gonna be released this year as far as i remeber but it seems similar to DA.Double agent and now fugitive.

Prince of persia 4 is the only game that hasn't been confirmed yet but several artwork have appeared and even a video showing a model of the prince.

These 4 games are the games that really turned me into a gamer (well also GTA and CoD) and i would really love to expierence them again .

Still waiting for ASSassin's Creed:roll:

PS. this video almost makes me replay POPT2T again

Finished Timeshift ,next Perseus mandate

Yeah after playing it for 2 days i finished it and it was not that hard and very easy.The storyline is very messy so i didnt get a thing just the fact that he has a girlfriend.I also started playing Perseus Mandate again and it seems underated it pretty good and lives up to the Fear name but im more interested in the other guy from the original and i can't wait for Fear 2.Also does anybody know Max Payne 3 is confirmed or canceled cuz im getting confused:roll:

finished Kane & Lynch

Pretty ****ed up endings both suck i would have prefered that Lynch kill Kane or they kill themself than those 2 endings .Anyway next im gonna play the new Soldier of Fortune (heard its a disaster) and then get bak to plans (World in conflict,COD4,crysis ,etc...)

Finished the witcher

After playing it a week or so i finished the witcher witch seems like another underated game :roll:.Next i plan to finish Kane & Lynch and then play world in conflict and tiberium wars ,didn't have time to play them cuz of bioshock,and might even try COD4 and Crysis although thei're not my kind of games .Tried to play UT3 but its to laggy and Timeshift is to buggy.What really impressed me about Kane & Lynch and the witcher was the gameplay at both games,i mean its so fun to play haven't had this feeling since Max Payne,Hitman:SA and GTA3.Also can't wait for Assasin's creed to be released on PC:D

Haven't been on gs for a while

I've been busy with playing the witcher and trying to get Kane and Lynch .i played the first 2 levels at my friends house and i think its another underated game :roll: .Anyway i tried to play UT3 and it doesnt work also tried to buy some new parts and found out they are no longer manufactured and i need to buy a new pc finaly:D

Back from a trip

I've been gone for 3 days in Wien , Prague and Karlovy Vary .I just got home and its about 3 am so i am going to sleep

Hooligans :P:P

Dinamo fans destroied 600 seats of Ghencea stadium and 500 people were arested.Dinamo fans brought torches keeping them in their "private areas".12 000 euros worths of damage


Game over!The championship race is over for us and Walter has been kicked out of Dinamo.Dinamo lost to both Steaua and Rapid and didnt even score a goal against them.The best we can do is hope for second place.

Btw im now playing timeshift and i saw the hitman movie which was pretty cool.Now im w8ing for MAx Payne:payne and redemption (movie) which takes part between max payne 1 and 2 or after the death of max family and before max payne 1 (dont know for sure) and the new hitman game

end of 07=alot of games

November and october has beeen full with games realeases ,surpizes and dissapointments:

Crysis-seems that the gamers that have been waiting for this have not been dissapointed

COD4-not my kind of game anymore but its not been long since its been realeased and its NO.2 in Xfire list of most played games

Gears of war-im not really interested in this but a friend tells me its great

Need for speed Prostreet-a big dissapointemt if we look to the review,but i have not played it yet so i think its worth it

Painkiller:Overdose-not a really big fan but seems pretty good

Jericho-This was the game i waited for the most and wich brought me a small dissapointment

Half life ep 2-finished this in a few days

Hellgate london-a bit dissapointed about the rewiev but i havent played it yet

Unreal tournament-this game will be the reason im gonna stay in the house all winter:P

Kane & lynch (or whatever u spell it)-i think this game will be a serious contender for the best game of 07

And at last how could i forget the biggest dissapointment

FEAR Perseus Mandate - i have only played the first level but it lacks the thrill of the last 2 games and a new character in fear was not needed at all .they should have continued with the other fear guy(or whatever)

I didnt include Assassin's creed cuz its not been realeasted for the pc which is the only platform i own

And if any1 knows why i cant use the video i uploaded the last plz tell me