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Max payne

So i was searching the net and i found this about max payne 3 and i'm dissapointed about the game and where are they taking it and i think 95% of the fans will also be dissapointed .The game takes place in Sao Paolo and Max is bald and a muscleman .Mona is 100 % dead thats my opinion and because of that MAx is adicted to pain killers

The game that i most liked this year is by far Prototype .It's just cool and fun to play

Give me my pc back!!!!

My pc broke down because of the mother****ing electricity and i had to switch my power supply fortunatly i had a garantee (or warantee :roll:) so i don't have to pay a thing.But the mother****ers wont return my pc and this one is screwed up .Been two weeks now and i really miss my pc :(( i hope i get it soon cuz i want to play Prototype

finished still life 2

it was a good game but it missed the atmosfere of the first 1 :(.The game shows you the end of the fist SL and there's a new killer and alot of twists in this game

Another sequel to a great game this year

So i was searching for Indigo prophecy 2 which i dind't find anithing about and i found that Still Life 2 is coming out this august .It's a game with a deep story with alot of drama imo .I love those kind of games (Indigo prophecy ,max payne 2, prince of persia ,kind of(sand of time) and i would also say fear)

Ubisoft **** you!

I just found out about an expansion of prince of persia and i was shocked to see that it didn't come out on the PC .This is the first POP game not on the pc (rival swords is not really relevant) so **** you Ubisoft .I don't ussualy buy games but i do own Sands of time and Warrior within and was planning to buy the two thrones and the new pop because they are my favorite games but this news really maed me mad .

Prince of Persia was not bad

Though i prefer the Sands of time Series this game was not bad but it was far to easy .The game start of with the prince calling out Farah....his donkey :roll: .Before this game was released they said that they might continue the SOt series in the future but by the way this game ended i don't think so :( .I'm 100% sure that this serie will continue .Some fans hated the ending of this game but i loved it .It was better than any other ending of a POP game imo

Prince of persia marathon

So i've watched a part of the marathon and the games looks good but i'm still not happy the combat and i no time rewind :/ AT least i got a badge :roll:

Two down One to go

The Hitman and Max Payne movie both have been launched and now the last movie i am waiting for is Prince of Persia.

While Hitman made a good impression on me (don't know about other fans) the Max Payne movie totaly dissapointed me .Anyway right about now Prince of Persia is what i want either game or movie and i have high hopes for both even though i was dissapointed by the way they are going with the game:( (both the new gameplay and the storyline).

Right now i'm pretty bored i'm waiting for Fifa manager 09 and i just instaled Far Cry 2 and i'm looking foward to it although i'm not a fan