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Bye-Bye For Good

Yes, I know that few people will read this, most of my friends must have already untracked me, and with all reason. In my last blog (which was a century ago) I said I was leaving, but I was too lazy to make a proper good-bye blog, so here it is.

I must thank all of you for commenting my blogs and making me laugh with your blogs. Honestly, I made very few FRIENDS here, but all of you helped with your comments when I was going through a confusing phase of my life, so I'm grateful for I had the opportunity to meet such nice people here. Hope you all have a great life.

But this wouldn't be a blog of respect if it hadn't a little rant, would it? So, L°ckerz staff, YOU ZUCK! Yea, Team International won March Radness and I was all happy because I had PTZ for any of the iPod touches and then you went and raised all the prices four times WITHOUT adding those "handful of new ways to earn PTZ" you promised. Now, now, now, you really are bad people, I hope you lose all your teeth! With that said, I shall leave GameSpot in peace.

Ladies, gentlemen. It's been a pleasure.

My first (and maybe last) GS anniversary

Hey you all! How've you been? I didn't expect to be away for so much time, sorry. I missed you guys, but lately GameSpot is not being so interesting for me... I'm someone who's always changing phases in my life, and maybe my GS phase is getting to an end... Well, I'm here for an year and met a lot of nice people here... Wait, this is not a goodbye, I might just take a while to become as active as I used to be... Or not...

But the thing that I like here the most are the users themselves, there are a lot of nice people here and I'd like to thank you all for the time that you spent reading my blogs, typing messages, commenting, etc. I'm not going to make special thanks, 'cause I think everyone know who they are. Wow, that sounded stupid... Anyway, I made a Facebook profile, so if you want to add me, feel free to. Link here: (GlitchSpot strikes again!!)

Just please identify yourselves. Except for Aiden, I don't want him in my list, he's a prick :roll: Kidding, Aiden, you're kinda nice.

See you guys and thank you again.

Busy, that's what I've been

Hey guys I'm sorry for not commenting on your blogs these days, things are kinda busy and will get even more. I'll have school in the afternoon twice a week to replenish the days we didn't have school, summing it with the IT course thrice a week, I'll have less time than never. And in my spare time I'll be playing one of the lots of games I GOT.

  • Getting a daily fix of Brain Age 2. Current Braing Age: 40 :roll: (7.5/10 so far)
  • Beating demons in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. (8.5/10 so far)
  • Carrying Mario and friends throughout the most cutest game ever, Yoshi's Island. (8.5 or 9/10 so far)
  • Beat the first chapter of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, found it very funny and cool. (8.0/10 so far)
  • Started playing but didn't go too far for now: Professor Layton and The Curious Village, Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure, Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Super Princess Peach and The World Ends With You.

So since I'm going through a lot of boring school and course, I guess the best way to relief the stress is playing games in the little spare time I got. I'll try to check your blogs, though, but I'm not promising anything.

Oh, and Yoshi (my dog) destroyed one of my Wii Remotes' Jacket... If you have pets and stuff you care for, do never leave both in the same height level :lol:

Have a nice weekend.

End of the day balance

Don't worry, I won't do this always! :lol:

Today is Monday, right? Right, if we agree on that we can be friends. Wait, if you're reading this we're probably already "friends". Whatever.

The Good

  • Had a nice first day of school. Talked to my friends, laughed with my friends, everything as usual, as I love :)
  • Read the first Artemis Fowl book just to kill time, page 145/286.
  • Aiden and Courtney's daughter is fine and so is Courtney. Okay, Aiden is fine too :roll: Welcome Lexie!
  • I'm playing Wonderwall, by Oasis very well on the keyboard. I might do a video some day. I just love this song, it's one of the best songs I ever listened to, and also the girl who I like said that this song makes her think about me, not that is much of a deal, anyway :roll:

The Bad

  • I got modded. Yeah, and my blog titled "I don't know what you heard about me..." got deleted. I received a notification saying: "Reason for moderation: Illegal Activities -- e.g. Begging and/or Providing ROM/Warez/MP3/Cracks/etc
    Action Taken: Delete Msg - No points were lost for this moderation." Did I asked or provided any illegal material on my blog? I don't think so. But I didn't lose any points, and even if I did, I was so doped about Lexie that I didn't care and still don't. I myself know that I didn't do anything wrong anyway :roll:
  • My R4 didn't arrive today as I was expecting... Well, it should arrive tomorrow, it'd better! :x The seller said 3 days, so tomorrow will be the third day :oops: (just didn't have anything better to put :lol: )
  • Getting up at 6.30 after more than a week sleeping as much as I want is always unpleasant, but I'll get used to it again, I always did.
  • My subscription ends in six days :( It was good while it lasted but I'm not subscribing again soon, let's save a little money. Also, I won't have so much spare time, so I guess I'll be fine with what I got.

So that makes four good things and four bad things, but who cares? Good always wins! :lol: Have a nice week, and see you in your blogs :)

New Jack Sparrow avatar

Yes, that's my new avatar. It's a Scribblenauts-style Jack Sparrow. I made it by myself by modifying a Kakashi one that i got in NeoGAF. Seems like some guys are making a lot of those, some really cool ones.



I actually think that my Jack got more "scribblenauty" than Kakashi, but not as good as it :roll:

You'd better get used to my new avatar, 'cause I'm probably using it until I get Scribblenauts :lol:
Well, I might change it if I make a L (Death Note) one, but if I don't, you'll be seing Scribble Jack on your blogs now :P

That was actually a very silly blog, but since I don't do this so often, I'm sure you guys will excuse me :D

Now check these nice Scribblenauts versions of famous characteres :)




Ain't they fly!? :) Okay, enough for now, I'm sure you can't stand me talking about this game anymore. Next blog won't be so soon neither will it be about Scribblenauts :roll:

A huge twist in my gaming plans!

I know you guys are really tired of my gaming plans, but yesterday something unexpected happened. My grandma came over to pay us a visit and she left a small envelope with money inside on my pillow. Around U$100 :o That might not be so much for you, but it is for me. Anyway, I need your help to make a decision. The available options are:

A - Get Scribblenauts when it come out and a DS Lite.

B - Get Scribblenauts and Pokémon SoulSilver when they come out.

C - Get Scribblenauts when it come out, sell my PS2 and get a DSi.

I have my old and big original DS that we bought almost new just after it came out on 2005 or 2006 but the poor thing is getting tired. I dropped it once and it wouldn't turn on, but the surgeon saved him, but he needs some rest nevertheless. When I sound the horn of the car on GTA some dark horizontal lines appear on the upper screen. If you don't believe it, hear it from him!


I'm actually thinking about C 'cause with the DSi I could surf the web on my sofa any time I want without having to buy a cartridge for that. Also, a new DS Lite is around U$120 and a new DSi is around U$170, so I guess it's worth it... What do you guys think?

Nobunaga's Ambition is... Games!!

Yeah folks, now I'm lv. 15, AKA Nobunaga's Ambition, whatever that's supposed to mean. And before you want to play the smart, I know it's a game. Well, this was supposed to be another Top10, but it's not going to :roll:

There are some games that I'm really looking forward too, but I'll just comment the first two 'cause I've given up on a DSi for now just to have money for them :P

5th: Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (Wii)


4th: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)


3rd: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (PS3 :roll: )


2nd: Pokémon SoulSilver (DS)

Pokémon SS

In my opinion, the second generation of Pokémon games (Gold/Silver/Crystal) was the best, and it was about time for a remake of it. Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver have everything to be the best Pokémon games ever. And while some people don't bother choosing a specific version, I always chose it in all my Pokémon life :lol: Red, Silver, Sapphire, FireRed, Diamond and now SoulSilver :D

1st: Scribblenauts (DS)


Pokémon SoulSilver was my most anticipated game, but then came Scribblenauts and whoa! I WANT THIS GAME! Imagine summoning anything to help you on action/puzzle levels by just writing it down!? Man, September the 15th never seemed so far!

P.S.: When I was resizing New Super Mario Bros.' image, for some weird reason GameSpot sent me back to my profile :x That'd be really troublesome if I didn't have Lazarus. Lazarus: Form Recovery is a Firefox add-on that recovers your text if you lose it for some reason and it's great, I strongly recommend it to any of you who hates losing their text while typing on the browser.

Harry Potter finished, at last!

The Deathly Hallows

Some years ago, when I was just a little Slipknoob, my aunt gave me Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone and that was the start of the most famous book series ever. When you talk about books, Harry Potter loses only to the Bible in readers. And after having stopped reading The Deathly Hallows (or as the Brazilian titles reads, As Relíquias da Morte) on around page 100 around one year ago because of spoilers twice, I recently grabbed it and said to myself "it's time to finish this!" and that's what I did!

I finished it this afternoon and almost cried(that meaning that tears didn't actually left my eyes) while reading one of the last chapters. Yeah, I know, I'm late for the Harry Potter fan that I actually am, but yeah :roll: And I want to invite anyone who haven't read the books to do it. Unlikely some people say, Harry Potter has a deep story of murder, love, betrayal and of course, humour and it's not a childish book.

Now my reading plans are: Get and read the Artemis Fowl books that I still don't own, only two out of the six books to go, The Lost Colony and The Time Paradox. My aunt will buy them, read them and then give them to me and in this meanwhile I'll borrow Twilight from a friend of mine. It's seemingly more interesting for girls, but why not give it a go?

Well, take care and have a nice weekend :)

Umbrella Corp. strikes again!?

Umbrella Corp.

"Obedience breeds discipline, discipline breeds unity, unity breeds power, power is life."

For those who don't know Umbrella, it's a corporation from the Resident Evil series which is responsible for all biological incidents. And that's their motto above.

Seems like the T and G Virus aren't their only weapons, though. Their Influenza A (H1N1) (I hate when people say it like that) is making a little mess here in Brazil. The come back to schools was officially delayed to September the 17th but the private schools can choose what they're going to do. So my school won't open until next Monday and might even do as the public schools and open again only in September the 17th. If that actually happen we'll have cIasses until around December the 20th and that's awful, 'cause we're usually on holiday by the first days of December...

This stupid flu has killed 57 people in the country being around 50% of those in the state of Sao Paulo, that's where I live.

On the gaming side, I haven't played any game at all, except for a few minutes of Umbrella Chronicles. That's because I'm reading The Deathly Hallows like crazy, page 373 right now! And I can tell this last book is awesome so far, lots of action all around the place! I saw The World Ends With You for a surprising low price on a Brazilian e-store. That "low" price would be around U$45 with shipping, that's really low for such a good game, so I decided to take a look at prices on and found the game for around U$12!! I was going to buy it when I found out they don't ship to a lot of countries, being Brazil one of those. They have only a few products, most stupid games of no fame for us

Any of you guys know of an e-store that sells new games with good prices and ships worldwide? I want a store that sells their own products, not one like eBay.

See you and take care.

End of holiday + The poems

Yes, this is another long blog, 'cause there will be the poems, rhymes or whatever you call them. They took me some time but I had fun doing them. Some got stupid I guess, so let me know your opinion. But before them...

School resumes tomorrow and I'm so NOT-excited! Unlikely most schools in the Northern part of the globe, the school year here starts in February, so this holiday was just a break in the middle of the year. So I'm not being able to blog so often, but I'll try to keep up with your blogs as I always did :)

On the gaming side, I beat Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles for the Wii. It's really short, took less than four hours to beat the main scenarios and I had the help of my friend Renan in some parts and in other it was my sister who killed zombies with me. Meeting Nemesis again was awesome, I love that dude! :lol: Final score: 7.5/10, might translate the review I wrote and post it but I'm too lazy. And for Harry Potter, I'm on page 188, 44 pages progress since last blog :roll:

So, with no further ado, to that stuff. I had to keep them short, but hope you enjoy them and this holiday with you guys was great :)

Wallpaper (theme by Mr_Pepworth)

Thousand twenty-four per seven-hundred sixty-eight
Technologically talking, I know that I am late
My seventeen inches flat computer screen
Is now just a thumbnail of what it's already been

Wallpapers now decorate rectangular desktops
Twenty-two inches widescreens in all the shops
But as long as there are girly WPs for my resolution
I don't give a damn to monitors evolution


Menstruation (theme by CazmoV)

From around 12 until their menopause
Every month women bleed, it's cool
And everybody know it's because...
Well, you know it if you go to school

And before that God damn week
They go from mad to weak
Mad for nothing, cry for anything
And while I type this a woman is PMSsing


Happiness (theme by macrules_640)

What in the world makes me happy?
Maybe my friends, maybe my family
Sometimes I might look emotionless
But inside I'm cheerful, no less

When we're happy we're pathetic
But life also gets poetic
So from all those stupid things I said
You can assume that now I'm sad


Waiting for a new video game to come out (theme by Bluegreen17)

I'm waiting for that new game to come out
I saw a lot of screenshots, know everything about
I'm saving my money since last century
For money I had to go to a penitentiary

But it's okay 'cause I already did my pre-order
And now my agony will last for shorter
If this game dare to come out a flop
I'm sorry, but producers I'll have to chop


Girls... (them by ChildOfGaming7)

Girls... Are like blossoming trees
When they wave their leaves
Big juicy fruits, you look at them
"In heaven, that's where I am"

They're so perfect, I want one for me
Soft skin, nice hair, now I want three
Just kidding, one would be enough
But not even one accepts my love


Confusion (theme by PrincesTwilight)

Confusion, such a troublesome stat
When I get confused I'm outta combat
Chances are that you hit yourself with your own slay
So you'd better sit down and wait for it to go away

However, I never get confused
The reason for it will get you amused
When I need to, from the PokéMart I steal
A full-pack of one hundred Full Heals


Necrophilia (theme by ebbderelict)

Some people think that my job is lame
But once I had to pack a foxy dame
Her white, cold skin was calling me
And I didn't care about who was she

Guess she wouldn't complain if I put "mine"
Nobody was watching, it'd be fine
Doing a corpse felt just so prime
From now on I'll do this all the time


Wow (theme by nintedoecx, though I'm not sure if he really said "wow" as a theme suggestion)

Wow! That's amazing!
Wow! The bridge's breaking!
Wow! My phone's got a cam!
Wow! I'll put this on YouTube!

Wow! That did not rhyme!
Who cares anyway?
I'm not being paid!


Constipation (theme by lazyhoboguy)

I'm crapping soup, you know?
It feels so disgusting
The water splashes below
And wet my butt-ing

Was it that Easter egg
That looked so vile?
Lucky I brought a mag
This is gonna take a while...


Friendship... bonds (theme by Thug2Wasteland)

My biggest friendships
Have been destroyed to bits
Okay, it's not that much
But I like acting as such

My best friend ever went to live in Argentina
Bring the loneliness beasts into the arena
I'mma beat them like I beat cocaine
But this void in my chest will remain

P.S.: I never used cocaine. Well, I just used the WORD cocaine for rhyming purposes only.


Naruto (theme by pecan50)

Naruto, such a nice show
Lots of action, humour and oh!
There are a lot of hot girls in it
And all of them I'd surely hit

Hinata, Tsunade, Kurenai
They're so damn sexy, oh my!
Anko, Sh!zune Sakura and Ino...


Zelda (theme by ss4brolyupth)

A blond pointed-eared midget freak
Who cannot even speak
Wearing wacky clothes and a green hat
What kind of hero is that?

I mean, when Princess Zelda is in danger
Who comes to save her is this stranger!
C'mon, say something, oh "chosen one"
Draw your sword and come face me alone!


End of the world zombie apocalypse! (theme by EarthwormJohnUK)

Yeah! That's what I'm telling you!
They rose up from their graves!
Their skin is greyish blue
And they love going to raves!

Time to use what I learnt in Resident Evil
Shootin' men in the head, grabbing women by the nipple
Oops! That's not ebbderelict's theme anymore
Better run and raid a weapons store


Cheesecake (theme by Nikki-No-Credit)

I thought cakes were supposed to be sweet
There's sugar in the receipt, and so there's wheat
I never ate a proper cheesecake
For me one you'll have to make

Now I really want to taste it
Cook one for me, Nikki-No-Credit
I beg you, cook one for me, please
But is it actually made with cheese?


Hobo chase (theme by LuigiRulze)

Right now I'm in the streets
Running from a crazy man
I'm afraid he wants to kill me
But he might be just a fan

Look at those old and dirty threads
A tramp is what comes to our heads
But he's as human as we all
Why can't he go in and shop in the mall?


GameSpot (theme by Jays_Game)

The spot where gamers are
To meet each others and blog
It's a mix of club and bar
So you know that you can't bring your dog

Here I've met a lot of nice friends
And that's what really transcends
The limits of time and space
Thanks to GS, here's the place!


Termites (theme by carljohnson3456)

What's that wooden dust on the floor?
There's more of it in every drawer!
Stupid termites eating all my furniture
Moving in here spoiled my fortune

What if they eat my bed while I'm asleep?
And all the dirt I have to sweep?
OK, I'll find where those jerks hide
And flawlessly use the insecticide


Slipknot (theme by manhunter92)

Nine pairs of wicked eyes
Going crazy beneath the masks
Can you believe those guys
Going crazy beneath the masks?

An awesome band indeed
Just listen to Wait and Bleed!
Pay attention to the pitches and the tones
Slipknot is what blows up my phones


Paper (theme by shyguy1234)

Paper, oh paper
Paper of all kinds
When we're in the loo
TP takes our minds

On paper ink takes forms
And ideas can be seen
shyguy1234 said "paper"
So this poem is for him


No theme (theme by Colmillios)

With no theme there's no life
We all must have something to aim
Like I aim house kids and wife
Like small-time people aim fame

With no theme there's no rhyme
Things stop being straight
When mankind see life's sublime
I'm sure it will be too late


Aiden (them by Aiden12, oops, Aidan129)

Aiden, the most unique of all names
Aiden is to the names as Mario is to games
You say it was a typo, I say it was brilliance
Aiden is the best, others ain't got a chance

The last word is mine, it's decided
My son's name I have chosen
Whatever you say won't change my mind
I'll call him... Jack


Noob (theme by gormo4)

Noobs are like birds
Who many times have been taught
The secrets of flight
But to the ground they're still brought

Noobs never know when to give in
They always play, but never win
For me noobs equal to frag
Can kill them by shooting at the leg


Umbilical cord (theme by Xongu)

I use umbilical cords for everything
To tie my shoes and to do skipping
I sell them as erotic whips
And to lasso my woman by her hips

I also love fried umbilical cord
It tastes like squid
What about smoking it?
It's healthier than weed


With that said, bye and take care. Have a nice week you all :)