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The idea behind this game is excellent but it's a matter of regret that the idea wasn't executed as rightly as it should've been. Both the Korean nations merge together under a great leader and attack America. You take the role of a resistance group solider and fight your way through to defeat the Koreans. The way the game begins, really makes you expect a whole lot of excitement but each chapter you leave behind, your expectation takes the shape of dissatisfaction.
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Good thing about my reviews is that you've already read the first paragraph ;]

And, I've also unlocked something very special while I was playing Homefront.

Games I'm playing and EPL

Some of you already know from my previous blog that I've been playing Virtua Tennis 4. The game was very short and I've finished it 4 times already. Alsoposted my review on this game. Those who are interested, feel free to give a read.Those who are new and don't know my reviewing st*le Don't be scared. My reviews are small and only talks about the good and the bad factors of any game.

Check out the review for more sexy images :P

I've also got a copy of The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings. Installing it while I'm posting this blog. Really hoping that I'll be enjoying it as much as I did the original.

Now, EPL Fantasy league for those who follows soccer.Go this page andfter completing your team (as always, you only have 100million pounds at your disposal), go to 'leagues' and after clicking 'join a private league', enter the following code 1073833-251862 and join the mini-league me and my friends are taking part in.

Some personal updates. My high school is ending this year and I'm getting ready for college. Those of you care, I still don't have any gf ;P and I'm still playing basketball at the school team.

Tell me how have you all been :)

E3 Aftermath

You all must have predicted that I won't be around here during the E3. I'm sorry but I couldn't resist being with my IGN and NF friends since they were more in numbers. You know..the more people you have around for an event, better the fun it is.

Anyway, I'm not here to talk what went though E3 since you all know what happened. Just to give you a great Aftermath article and some expert's comments to enjoy.

On the other hand my next blog will contain the list of games I'm expecting to buy this and the coming year. The decision was made obviously after this E3. Stay tuned :D

GS Loves me!

I don't know how but GS won't just leave me away. Since my level keeps growing here even though I hardly visit or post here. Anyway, I've recently decided to visit atleast once a week and check on what you guys are upto.

As me for, I've been playing Dead Space 2 and I'm finding it kinda annoying to beat the game. My finals are also going on. I'm about the reaching 500 hours of gameplay in Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, which is going to be a record for sure. I'm also a little upset that I can't play L.A. Noire for lack of console.

Man United has won the league title for 19th time which is a record in English premier league history. I now want them to go to Wembley and win the Champions League. Nothing would please me more if they beat Barca at the final.

I like the new look of GS and it looks better and loads faster. After IGN, GS is probably the best gaming site ever. Many of my good friends are mod here now and it's strange that they don't keep in touch anymore with me. I'm not going to name them here though.

Finishing my blog with a news. is hiring moderators and reviewers. If you are interested, contact Amaya or canana there.

Thanks for reading folks. See you all around :)

The Podcast Contest

Along with the first NoobFeed podcast we have officially announced our latest contest. Users are asked to submit suggestions for podcast names and even their own original music tracks to use as the podcast intro theme as noted in the Podcast Contest Thread on our forums. Exclusive emblems will be granted to all participants with winners receiving even more NoobFeed related perks.

Find all the details about the contest here of just click the image.

There are both prizes and cookies btw :D

Game of the Year 2010

Hello guys. I know most of you have forgottem me already. But I though of pouring some updates from NoobFeed. Well not some. Just one.

The NoobFeed GOTY 2010 has been published and some of you might want to have a look.

Add me on msn if you are missing me. I know some of you are. I've been doing well and I too miss some of you. Later :)

Leaving GS

Well, most of you saw it coming long ago. I know you guys didn't like me much and neither I could spend much time here. I loved the Union I was part of but it was sad to see it fall. I probably won't be using GS anymore, expect for urgent contacts.

I know some of you liked me and wanted to stay in touch, since I'm really cool :P for those add me on MSN. My id is

I'm sorry but I have high school, NoobFeed and my GF from Greece to spend most time with.