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SSBB Madness Part 6 (Review was typed - but gone)

Great, I wasted 2 hours typing my SSBB review and the stupid log-in screen came up when I tried to submit. Thanks GS!!

Now I'm lazy to type it again. If you have been reading my blogs about SSBB, my review is pretty much there in the various blog posts, so read those.

SSBB Madness Part 5 (Review will be tomorrow)

Now I have played online and witnessed the lag during various matches, I guess I can type up a review which will be tomorrow morning when I wake up. My Wolf, Snake, and Falcon did well while playing online with random people (I won some matches here and there). We'll let Spectator run right now since I need coins. (I should start betting more on Olimar).

Played Boss Rush - It does frustrating on harder difficulties. 1 Life, no continues, 10 bosses (with Tabuu last which will be a pain on Intense).

Classic and Target Smashes are done with everyone now (really grinding) - Now All-Star, Boss Rush, and 100-Man Brawl to go for everyone.

My Challenge chart is almost done to a point I should start wasting my Golden Hammers.

I'm thinking of doing that trick on GameFAQs for easier CDs (I'm desperate for some songs I don't have right now such as Calling of the Night from MGS Portable Ops).

I love the Landmaster Lift - its cheap and funny to use.

Pit is making it rain now with his Final Smash.

Another comment about online - Since its mixed at times with lag, it feels like the XBLA Street Fighter II HF with its online issues.

Surviving 15 Minute Brawl was very stressful (did it with Marth) - I had to play keep away with 2 Alloys for almost half of the time while edge hopping in the beginning.

It is going to be a long review to write trying to remember everything in the game.

Another Beta to mess with, Rock Band gets the update we have been waiting for

So I'm in another Beta, which is Battlefield: Bad Company. It's actually easy to sign up while keys are still available by just setting up a FilePlanet account and go from there. You can also already download it once u get your key, but u have to wait till Tuesday for the servers to go up. At least u can still boot it up before then to check out some things. Looks like the only mode playable is Gold Rush in two maps. I'll have impressions by Tuesday I guess. Finally, a good distraction from SSBB.

Rock Band finally gets a patch most of us have wanted with the in-game store and various fixes to Band World Tour. Other fixes are designed for vocals, but the in-game store iis more of a relief than going on Marketplace to find the track u want other than looking at New Releases. Harmonix said this update will come in the coming week, so Tuesday is the likely date when the new songs are out whatever they are (Maybe we find out tomorrow?).

Eurogamer already has a review on Mario Kart Wii (it is coming out first on Europe I think or Japan) so I'm going to read it now.

SSBB Madness Part 4 - Events done for now, All-Star mode, and Wolf owns!!

Today in SSBB Madness so far was mostly Events and All-Star mode.

Event 41 is a variation of the last event in Melee (1 on 3 with Giga Bowser, Ganondorf, and Mewtwo). This time is 1 on 3 (2 stock each) with Super Mario, Sonic, and Snake, so it is not as frustrating previously, but still can cause some frustration. My money guy Ike delivers in this event abusing lucky smash attacks and netural B specials (especially on All-Star Intense) compared to other characters that have a chance. While it is a little lame u get nothing from beating all events, that completionist attitude fits in knowing that's over with for now. Maybe I'll come back eventually to finish all of them on Hard, since I did specific ones for the trophy and music unlocks (like that Zelda 2 Great Temple / Temple mix which is now in full rotation at the Temple Melee stage).

All-Star Mode is just another mode to complete with everybody to get more trophies (specifically beating it with every character for their Final Smash Trophies). On Very Hard and Intense, it does get hard and cheesy at times losing coins left and right continuing. Like Classic, it does feel like a grind to complete it with everybody (with exceptions like Zero Suit Samus and Pokemon Trainer (for Classic) just for the completionists). Mewtwo obviously get demoted from playable character to trophy for beating All-Star on Intense.

Haven't tried Boss Rush yet, likely tomorrow.

Lastly, messed around with Wolf and he is officially one of my mains now (A Star Fox character that fits my style).

So the list for my mains are Link, Snake, Wolf, Ike, and Toon Link (Falcon get demoted).

Secondary mains are now Lucario, Falcon, Yoshi (after Subspace), Pikachu, Peach, Zero Suit Samus, and Sonic.

Alright enough with SSBB talk

The next set of Halo 3 maps are out on April 15 including Ghost Town, Avalanche (aka the Sidewinder remake), and another one unannounced. Great, I will play it again for a week.

Guitar Hero DS: On Tour is official and I'm not sure about it since I don't see it working for me, but maybe it will.

Sims 3 details are out there as well.

Honestly, this blog is running out of time (I still want to start up my own blog site in the summer). Maybe I'll cook something up since I'm on Spring Break now.

SSBB Madness Part 3 (Almost 9 hours of Subspace)

I promised my opinion about Subspace after wasting 9 hours on the adventure mode (and beaten).

Well not 100% done yet - just some missing spots here and there.

Yeah the Great Maze feels like 30 to 40% of the game, and yeah it gets repetitive in the end with the same backgrounds appearing again (but in a maze...)

Yoshi is a Subspace monster (he does very well in it) and Pikachu to a degree for me.

It does feel like Melee Adventure mode but way longer than it should be (it would be fine without the Great Maze).

With Nojima at the helm for the "storyline," the cutscenes do feel Final Fantasy-ish in a way (especially when most of the characters enter Subspace by all of those air vehicles.

I wished I automatically unlocked some of the music in the earlier stages in basic brawls like the Super Mario Land Dungeon Theme and the orchestral remix of Bramble Blast, I guess luck has to come with random CDs (well less than 100 songs to go to unlock).

I'm not really sure if the stickers made a huge difference for my characters in Subspace (It feels more like an optional RPG element that casual players would not even notice using them and treat them as more to collect with the trophies).

The platforming does feel a little sketchy at times, its decent platforming, but not Super Mario Bros. quality. It may feel more like a Kirby platformer and u can thank Sakurai for that.

I didn't mind Subspace having no voice acting, and it is a Nintendo game so what u do expect.

It does make you better at blocking (timing your shield and air blocking) and dodging due to the boss battles pushing u to dodge high damage attacks.

I did unlock Toon Link, Jigglypuff, and Wolf after beating it so I set for characters and stages.

The challenge chart is almost filled up for me (plus 300 matches played so far).

Tomorrow will be Events, All-Star, and maybe Boss Battle (Boss Rush sounds better to me)

SSBB Madness Part 2 & more

Another blog about Brawl, oh good.

My review likely next week - playing Subspace either tomorrow or Wednesday.

With the whole craziness about the online being busted (still only played Spectator), a dock in points seems likely, but we'll see how my experiences will be later this week.

Played locally with friends last night - Some thoughts after playing good there.

I won with characters I should start using now like Peach, Yoshi, Zero Suit Samus

Still own with Ike, Snake, and Lucario to a degree.

Yes, spamming Pikachu's Thunder attack (Down + B) will piss people off as evidenced last night.

I wanted to do the Kirby / DDD cheap vaccum tactic where u eat them and then fall off the stage hoping u get back up and your opponent dying, but it didn't happen.

Same thing goes for the "Bowser suicide" (His Forward + B) and then fall off the stage killing yourself and your opponent.

Played it the first time with the GameCube controller and it felt good (I won't mind alternating between Classic and GCN ones). I can see why it is the controller to go with compared to the other ones. Some friends of mine were playing Wiimote/Nunchuk too.

Some good laughs and friends cursing (because of Pikachu's spam) later, good times and likely proof that playing 4 players locally is the better multiplayer experience compared to online for this game.

Messed with Stage Builder yesterday just to complete the specific challenges for it - It seems pretty bare bones to me, but still a nice feature to mess with especially making stages with lots of spikes.

Still need 3 more characters (Toon Link, Jigglypuff, and Wolf) - Likely get SSE over with to get them.

Coin Launcher has been a good distraction from everything else just getting stickers and trophies.

I think my challenges chart is more than halfway complete (maybe 2/3) not playing SSE yet. The funny thing comparing experiences my friends have with this game is that most of them unlocked all the characters beating SSE, playing 450 matches (I'm almost at 300 myself), or evem playing 30 hours of brawls and I haven't done those yet. Maybe I'm not hardcore compared to them (well, I'm still the better player judging from last night). Or maybe my 360 achievement-whorish ways have transferred to this game doing such tasks as 10 K.Os. in Cruel Brawl (did it with Marth the cheap way by the edge method), just playing the Stadium games and events, and actually playing Classic with as many characters as I can.

I guess everyone tackles SSBB in different ways, which is neat in many ways since there is so much content in it.

That's it for SSBB for now - Now to other things.

No new XBLA game (s) this week which is 2 more games going Arcade Hits - another excuse to play SSBB I guess.

SSBB selling 1.4 million copies in its first week here is pretty crazy. I'm sure there are arguments for better selling games in a week recently like Halo 3 and Burning Crusade.

Rock Band DLC tomorrow - The Thrash Pack, I'm actually passing on this one, maybe is too metal for me (I don't know if friends want to do their best metal vocal impression).

Those new COD4 maps look good and I won't mind buying the Game of the Year Edition if priced well next month.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is out this week, which means my friends list might get busy, but then again if GRAW 2's performance is any indication, I don't see much people from my friends list playing it constantly compared to COD4.

Alright, I'm done - Next blog post likely about my thoughts on Subspace.

Capcom Digital Day recap (after reading previews and watching lots of videos)

As if Capcom had a minor setback with Rocketmen: Axis of Evil (have to mention it again), their recent press event brought me back up for excitement for Capcom games again.

I'll start with my obvious favorite they showed, which Super SFII Turbo HD Remix. I already mentioned about the beta yesterday and after watching the latest videos, I'm happy with it so far with the shown stages looking beautiful in HD and the two guys, Ryu and Ken, looking sharp as well. I can appreciate the change in terms of the art compared to some other peeps on message boards, but all in all, I still have high hopes for it (still my most anticipated downloadable game period). I know people can't wait much longer and I will agree with that to a point.

At least the good news for both SSF2THD Remix and Bionic Commando Rearmed on XBLA is that Microsoft is passing them as games over the 150 MB limit since these are special games, so people don't need to worry about gimped features anymore).

Speaking of Bionic Commando Rearmed, some new videos surfaced especially a top-down gameplay perspective in certain levels as if the normal remake, co-op, and challenge mode are enough. This still looks good to me.

One of the big reveals were 1942: Union Strike, the HD remake of 1942, and I'm pumped for that too especially with my excitement for shumps lately. Since I never played the old-school 1942, this will be all-new to me.

The same thing can be said for Commando 3 since I never played the previous ones back in the day. It seems like a twin stick shooter, but looks and plays way better than Rocketmen with more chaos and staying true to the series of constant action.

Plunder is an interesting game at least, but I'm not that interested in it even if ex-Bungie guys are making it.

The only retail game there is actually a platinum hits game, which is Lost Planet Colonies. For 30 bucks, I won't mind playing it again with all the new features there for both single-player and multiplayer (extra modes for example) along with the Akrid playable (MP) makes it a more complete package than the original release. Then again, PS3 fans to me got the shaft with this one with the original just getting out recently, and maybe Capcom should of waited to release Colonies on PS3 as well as 360 and PC at the same time. Actually with cross-platform play for 360 and PC versions, maybe it is not worth it to release Colonies on PS3.

Lastly, those free Dropkick Murphys songs for Guitar Hero III require lots of strumming to a point of pain.

UPDATE - This is probably the best interview out of the major sites with SSFIITHD Remix head producer, David Sirlin. (Its 17 minutes long).

Is Nintendo asking for a death wish?, A beta for a XBLA game? & Motorstorm 2

So Nintendo revealed a "final" release date for Mario Kart Wii which is April 27, a Sunday.

The question is are they asking for a death wish with GTA4 out a day or two later?? Can they even compete sales-wise that week with the awesomeness that is GTA4?? I don't know what Nintendo is smoking here, but seeing they're hot again with Brawl racking up the millions here at the U.S., I guess they're not afraid to tackle GTA4 head-on.

Other than that, a beta for a Xbox Live Arcade game seems crazy, but if 1 game can do it, its probably Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. Capcom is doing this Crackdown style bundling a beta of SSFIITHD Remix for 8 weeks with the downloadable game Commando 3 (don't know for PSN yet, they could get the same deal). Looks like GameSpot maybe leaked this one out from a recent Capcom press event that the embargo should be up by tomorrow for everyone to go crazy about what new downloadable games Capcom has next (it better not be disappointing like Rocketmen was). Personally, I'm willing to buy Commando 3 just for this beta, but it seems limited to Ryu and Ken with some stages (assuming with the screenshots for this game). Especially with SSF2THD Remix making its tournament debut at this year's Evo, maybe a beta may help out for both Capcom (online-wise) and the pro players.

UPDATE - The long-awaited teaser for Motorstorm 2 is out at ign and looks hot (okay the teaser was CG). According to the video, the game is set in some random island mixed with jungle and mountainous elements, which means jungle tracks look like the big addition to the game (more on the ign story). It is coming out this fall on PS3 and likely be good.

SSBB Madness Part 1

As I gamble my coins with Spectator Mode, let's talk some SSBB after 12 hours of pure crazy.

Characters - Just need Toon Link, Jigglypuff, R.O.B., Game & Watch, and Wolf

Current mains - Link, Snake, Ike, Captain Falcon

Like them but not yet mains for me - Sonic, Pokemon Trainer, Luigi, Lucario, Marth

Played as them at least once - DK, Diddy, Pikachu, Mario, Samus, Kirby, Falco, Bowser, Peach, and Ganondorf

I'm huge a fan of Snake in this game, but my mains from Melee is basically the same.

Haven't played online yet - just been unlocking as much I can without playing SSE.

I did unlock Sonic by beating Classic 10 times if anyone's worried about beating SSE to get him.

Did I say I can't stop playing this, there is too much.

Stages that still need to unlock - Flat Zone 2, Spear Pillar, Great Sea, Electroplankton

Someone just got Falcon Punched online!!

I wanted the annoying Pit (from the JP version) in here, oh well.

I think I played like 120 normal brawls so far unlocking various things.

Hmmmm.... Brinstar (Melee) in Spectator Mode - u better win Kirby!!

Kind of funny I found Mew (on a Pokeball) in like the first hour.

Also a little lame I have to play SSE to unlock more events (Already beaten the first 20)

Already passing on the Mass Effect DLC that came out today, SSBB is too good (Kirby won!!!)

At least the guide came with a poster.

Things I already hate about the online just by Spectator Mode, people not playing or being idiots like Halo 3 even without voice chat.

There's that story about certain Wiis not being able to play SSBB....Luckily not me yet.

Oh man....Another Final Destination Match to watch (routs for Ike against Luigi, Kirby, and Marth) - Lag???

Haven't even touched Custom Stages yet - Cmon Ike!!!

Oh no.....Luigi Final Smash commence.

Currently my favorite stage is surprisingly Shadow Moses (Port Town, Frigate Orpheon are good too).

Sonic vs. Ice Climbers at Smashville....???

More on SSBB throughout the week maybe.