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Finally Level 70 in Adventure Quest!!!!!!!

After alot of hard training i made it to level 70. I'm having alot of fun getting there by killing new monsters and egtting new items, which include the Blade of Awe! I won't stop till i'm level 99, and i still won't stop after that. I encourage people who like RPG's to try this game out. go to to make ur character and get started.

Here's proof of my characters level, stats and accessories

My First Hack!!!

I was searching for Adventure Quest cheats and come accross a video about infinite HP and MP. i watch it and find out that u actually can hack AQ. I downlaod the cheat engine and i get some help from my friends. Soon after i installed the cheat engine i'm out killing unstoppable monster with unlimited HP and MP. MWUHAHAHAHA. I win